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Mutant Riot (変異暴動 in Japan) is a RPG game by Moonlight Studios. It also falls under the Umbrella Game genre, as it contains many characters from different series that are favourites of the creator, which is Baby Yoshi (tbc). The game will be released in 2014 and it will be for the Wii U and 3DS.


The gameplay of Mutant Riot is similar to that of the Mario & Luigi series. The game follows a similar pattern of events, as the player inputs a move to fight the enemies/boss and reduces down their HP. If the player has a partner, he/she will then perform a move, if not the enemies, in succession, will perform their attacks, as will bosses. The player fights until he/she and the partner die or the enemies or boss are defeated.

Outside the battle, the locations are very simple, occasionally being similar to those from the series involved, but mainly being new and having many repetitive buildings and landmarks. The enemies appear throughout the locations, gradually increasing in difficulty as the player progresses toward the boss. The boss is usually situated within a huge fortress in an important part of the area, whether it be on the highest peak, in the centre or underground. The boss has a really high HP, and takes three times as long as too defeat.


Items appear commonly throughout the game. Items are used in battle and can be used to heal the player, or add more damage to the enemy. Items can be found when an enemy is defeated, hidden in crates and boxes or they can be bought from the shop. On rare occasions, NPC's will give the player items as a reward.

Leveling Up

As the player progresses through the game, he/she can level themselves up by gaining Bonus HP points. These can be obtained by defeating enemies and bosses, but can also be given out by NPC's. As more characters are unlocked, the player can level up more characters, up to 100 points per stat. Each character has their own stats, these consist of power, defense, health, speed, jump and magic. Every character has a set of stats to begin with. The stat points at the beginning have to add up to 120 ranged across all 6 stats.



  • Single Player
    • Adventure - Play through an exciting adventure mode.
    • Boss Chamber (Unlockable) - Fight a number of bosses from the adventure mode, in an attempt to unlock 4 hidden characters.
    • Enemy Rampage (Unlockable) - Fight an unlimited number of enemies, until the player dies.
  • Online Play - TBA


A mysterious person opens a new island up for grabs. He sends 26 tickets in chocolate bars around the world. On the date set, 25 of the winners arrive. When suddenly, everything goes pitch black and they are knocked out. A day later, Mario arrives late and finds a note. It read,

To the last competitor, you're lateness had caused much anger amidst this land, and the ruler stole the rest of the members that arrived for the chance of winning the island. You must save them and defeat the ruler. Please, come to the Town Hall, we have much to discuss.
Signed, The Mayor.

Mario set off for the Town Hall, unaware of the adventure he faces.


There are 36 characters in the game. Mario is the only default character. All characters but 4 are unlocked in Story Mode.

Name Image Series Description Starting Stats Special Moves
Mario Mario jumping.png Super Mario The loveable plumber with the red hat, is ready to take on another adventure to save people, some he doesn't even know. But, his cap will help him on his way. Mario begins as a well balanced character. He has an average jump, attack and defense. His speed and magic are a little low but his health stat is above average. Mario uses his Hammer and Fireballs for his special moves. Attack: 20

Defense: 20
Jump: 20
Speed: 15
Health: 30
Magic: 15

Hammer - Mario slams his Hammer onto the enemies heas

Fireball - Mario fires a Fireball, which defeats the enemies

Lucazs Lucazs.png Eternal Dusk The sceptre-wielding hero from the tales of Eternal Dusk, is ready to fight for the island. Lucazs is ready to help Mario and save everyone on the island. Lucazs is a speedy character an his magic stat is quite high. However, his attack and jump are his downfalls. Lucazs uses his Sceptre for his Special Attacks Attack: 10

Defense: 15
Jump: 10
Speed: 20
Health: 15
Magic: 30

Bolt - Lucazs fires a bolt from his Sceptre, which defeats the enemies

Boulder - Lucazs fires a boulder from his Sceptre, which squashes the enemies

Pit Pit2.png Kid Icarus The angel from the sky, drops down to help save an island. Pit has an array of different combat weapons.
Pichu 172Pichu.png Pokémon The pre-evolution of Pikachu is here to help the heroes. Pichu may not be with his more famous counterpart, but he can still show his might.
Silver the Hedgehog SilverWinterGames.png Sonic the Hedeghog
Krystal Krystal.jpg Star Fox
Shulk Shulk.png Xenoblade Chronicles
Bubbles BubblesPowerpuff.jpg Powerpuff Girls
Midna Midna05.png The Legend of Zelda
Mordecai Mordecai character.png Regular Show
Magnus Magnus.png Kid Icarus
Rayman Rayman.jpg Rayman
TaBooki TaBooki with Leaf.png TaBooki
Viridi Viridi.png Kid Icarus
YonenBooe 150px Apples
Donkey Kong Donkey kong1.jpg Donkey Kong
Gardevoir 282Gardevoir.png Pokémon
Lemmy Koopa Lemmy Koopa.png Super Mario
Hex Hex.jpg Skylanders
Major Burrows Major Burrows.jpg Super Mario
Sylveon 700Sylveon.png Pokémon
Bombell Bombell.png Bombell
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr.jpg Super Mario
Monkey Monkey-dexter-cartoon-network.png Dexter's Laboratory
Zoroark 571Zoroark.png Pokémon
Ghirahim Ghirahim Official.png Legend of Zelda
Baby Yoshi Baby Yoshi.png Yoshi
Dragonia Koopa DragoniaByArend.png Super Mario
Samurai Jack SamuraiJack.jpeg Samurai Jack
Geno Geno Brawl.png Super Mario


Hidden Characters are characters that can be unlocked anywhere, but Story Mode.

Name Image Series Description How to Unlock
Swiss Swiss.png Cheese Cryptor
Tyrell Golden Sun
Skull Kid Skull Kid.jpg The Legend of Zelda


These characters are non-playable. These characters can have major or minor roles in Story Mode, some are guides and some make cameos throughout the game.

Name Image Series Description
The Mayor
Diddy Kong
Morton Koopa Jr.
Minor Mole
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Baby Daisy

Starting Stats


  • Diamond Shore Creek
  • Cookie Cream Land
  • Blaze King Inferno
  • Knitted Canvas
  • Golden Moon City
  • Foggy Woods
  • Swing Pier
  • Bomb Blast Bay
  • Tyrant Marsh
  • Mutant Highlands
  • Snow Peaks
  • Platinum Mine


  • Green Shell
  • Blue Shell
  • Mushroom
  • Kong Barrel
  • Yoshi Egg
  • Gale Boomerang
  • Bomb
  • Digging Mitts
  • Guardian Potion
  • Dark Pit Staff
  • Pandora Claws
  • TaBooki Leaf
  • Pokéball
  • Sceptre


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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