Mushroom Plains is a location in the Mario (Series)


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Mushroom gorge

Mushroom Plains

Mushroom Plains is a mushroom type and based off Mushroom Gorge from Mario Kart Wii. The course is quite small and consists of only three quite big shrooms. Rocks often fall onto the course and rebound of the shroom making it bounce the character high into the air.

Role in Story Mode

Mushroom Plains is the first stadium in Story Mode. Toad and Toadette are battled here.

New Super Mario Bros. 5-Star Adventure (2)

World 1 - Mushroom Plains
Mushroom Plains is the first world (World 1) of New Super Mario Bros. 5-Star Adventure. As the first world in most NSMB games, it is a grassland world where Peach's Castle is located. Roy is the boss here.

In the sequel,? Lemmy Koopa? is the boss, and the world also has an edition feature - a statue of a Super Mushroom located near the fortress. It can also be seen on the level it is near.

New Super Mario Bros. N



Mushroom Plains also appears in New Super Mario Bros. N as the first real world, but not the first world entered. It is connected to Exit I of Peach's Castle at the begining and to Twinkledee Woods at the end. The boss of the Fortress is Boom-Boom and the boss of the Castle is Fake Bowser. The most common enemies appearing are Goombas and Koopas, and the only power-ups are the Super Mushroom and Fire Flower.
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