Bowser Jr is one of Walnort War's unlockable characters, and is quick in movement, but is slow when he attacks. With the Koopa Clown Car, he zips around the arena, but with his weaponry, he delivers painful blows.


Hammer (credit to somebody495)

With this, Jr's attacks are very slow, but pack a punch. They can damage through shields.

  • X - Jr performs a spin attack.
  • YYYYY - Jr slams his oversized hammer down in front of him once, then once more, then strikes harder the third time, twirls around the hammer, hitting anyone with the rotary blades, and finally dragging the hammer out to uppercut anyone in front of him away from him.
  • YX - Jr slams his hammer down, leaps ahead of it, and drags it forward, bashing anyone nearby into the air.
  • YYX - Jr slams his hammer down, then slams it again, then readies himself for a baseball-like swing, before swinging horizontally.
  • YYYX - Jr slams his hammer down, then slams again, then strike it harder. Then, he jerks the weapon out with such force that he yanks out some dirt, which damages anyone nearby.
  • YYYYX - Jr slams his hammer down, the slams again, then strike it down harder, twirls around, then spins himself with enough force to yank the hammer out and spin it with him. He's moving forward while spinning as opposed to his X attack.

Cannon Set (credit to somebody495)

With this, Jr is able to move even as he attacks. He mainly fires of projectiles, though the type of projectiles he fires depends on his combo.

  • X - Jr points a single camera outwards and fires a bullet bill. This'll make Jr's main projectiles bullet bills, which fire straight ahead.
  • YYYY - Jr jabs a cannon forward and fires a projectile, then slaps it towards the side, firing another projectile. He then spins around, firing another projectile. And then slams the cannons onto the ground in front of him, firing into the ground.
  • YX - Jr jabs a cannon forward, then uppercuts it, firing a bouncy bomb into the air. This'll make the projectile into bouncy bombs, which bounce forward from where the cannons are pointed.
  • YYX - Jr jabs a cannon forward, then slaps it towards the side, then fires four Bull's Eye Bills that home in on enemies. Jr's projectiles are now Bull's Eye Bills, which fire forward and then home towards an enemy. They are slow.
  • YYYX - Jr jabs a cannon forward, then slaps it towards the side, then spins around, then holds the four cannons in front of him before firing powerful red beams forward. The projectile is now powerful laser beams that cover a long distance and fire from the cannons directly.
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