Mushroom Kingdom Warriors is a Dynasty warriors spinoff and thingoverse game.


Playable Characters

Starting Character

Character Descripton Weapons
Mario The famous hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Frequently, he battles the forces of evil, and just as frequently saves the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princes Peach. He is usually described as the jack of all trades.
  • Fire Flower
  • Cape Feather
  • Frog suit

Unlockable Characters

Character Descripton Weapons
Luigi The cowardly brother of the famous hero. He's participated in plenty of quests, and has even saved Mario from time to time. He's a quick and slippery guy, but he's low on defenses.
  • Poltergust
  • Ice Flower
  • Kitsune leaf
Bowser Koopa The infamous villain "King Koopa" that frequently attacks the Mushroom Kingdom. He's always trying to capture Princess Peach and defeat the Mario bros. His size makes him a slow character, but he has high defenses and boasts terrifying power. His default weapon, the axe, is mainly a grapple fighting style, which typically involves grabbing foes, bashing them against other enemies, and will throw them onto other foes.
  • Axe
  • Chomp and Chain
  • Bill launcher*
  • Rainbow Star*
Captain Toad The most brave of all the toads. He loves adventure and he alongside his crew are always ready to defend the princess.
  • Back pack
  • Propeller suit
Princess Peach The lovable princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She has been kidnapped so many times that some people joke about them being staged. In fact some people DO think they're staged. However, there have been times she has proven herself to be capable of holding her own.
  • Parasol
  • Cat Bell*
Rosalina The protector of the Lumas and the owner of a massive star ship/home. Despite not knowing much about her parents she still makes a great one for the Lumas.
  • Wand
Bowser Jr King Bowser's bratty son. He tried to kidnap Peach, believing she was her mother, but he was stopped. Ever since, Bowser's been giving him all sorts of toys. Junior's has started using the Clown Car for all sorts of mischief.
  • Hammer
  • Cannon Set
Wario The notorious treasure hunter and Mario's rival/cousin. He's very rude, very greedy, and will do whatever it takes to steal some coins from someone. He's slow, sturdy, and powerful, but his attacks don't have too terribly much range.
  • Coin Bag
  • Jetpack
Waluigi The sidekick to the notorious Wario. He's more often than not seen teaming up with Wario in some sort of sports tournament. He is just as mischievous as Wario, but he's much faster. He can blitz across the field and strike foes with a quick series of hits.
  • Tennis Racket
Yoshi TBA
  • Eggs
Daisy TBA
  • Flower Wand
Donkey Kong TBA
  • Coconut Gun
  • Boxing Glove
Diddy Kong TBA
  • Peanut Popgun
  • Jetpack
Cranky Kong TBA
  • Barrel
King K. Rool TBA
  • Blunderbuss
Scapelli Spike TBA
  • Wrecking Hammer
Tatanga TBA
  • Ship canons

Amiibo exclusive*


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