Mushroom Kingdom Hearts II: The Other Land
Logo of Mushroom Kingdom Hearts II: The Other Land
Developer(s) Mcool Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Square Enix.
Platform(s) Nintendo IC
Genre(s) Action RPG
Series Super Mario, Kingdom Hearts
Predecessor Mushroom Kingdom Hearts (by release date)
Successor Mushroom Kingdom Hearts (chronologically)
Release Date(s) Unknown
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) E10Rating
Media Included IC Mini Disc

Mushroom Kingdom Hearts II: The Other Land is a Nintendo IC game by Mcool Studios. It is the prequel to Mushroom Kingdom Hearts, taking place about 20 years before. Enemies will include the Heartless and Nobodies.


Under Reconstruction


Party Members

  • Sass - A young, pink-haired girl from the small, peaceful town, Treehut. She is the chosen wielder of Spring's Passion. She seems to have some kind of connection to Aile.
  • Link - An Ordonian goat wrangler from the great kingdom, Hyrule, chosen by the goddesses of the Triforce to save the worlds from darkness.
  • Ike

Temporary Party Members

  • Yoshi - A poor dinosaur from Yoshi's Island, who has been given the burden of helping get Baby Mario and Baby Luigi back home. His abilities include swallowing enemies whole, turning them into eggs, and hurling the eggs into other enemies.
  • Samus - A nine year old girl, raised by the chozo on Zebes. Her unique athletic abilities are the result of an infusion of chozo blood. She is armed with a paralyzer and combat training.
  • Olimar - An alien man from a far away planet called Hocotate. When Sass, Link and Ike's ship collides into Olimar's, both ships crash land on Distant Planet. Olimar can fight with hand to hand combat, but usually lets the Pikmin to do his bidding.
  • Prince Mush - Mush, the champion of the Glitz Pit, in Glitzville. He has discovered some dark secrets about the Glitz Pit, and has been receiving anonymous threats. He fights using his agility and martial arts.


  • Bly - A creation of the Ancients. Not much is known about him.
  • Beldam - A shadow bent on finding the Crystal Stars, to open the Thousand Year Door. She has an alliance with the Heartless and Doopliss.
  • Doopliss - A Duplighost who has discovered a way to gain powerful magic. The only way to gain this magic is by erasing everyone who knows his name. To accomplish this, he has allied with Beldam.


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