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An ordinary Mushroom as it appears through the Mushroom Kingdom.
Item Type Health/Boost/Status
Kind of Item Fungus
First Appearance Super Mario Bros.
Latest Appearance Super Mario Star Journey
Depends on which sub-kind the user uses. It usually is either restores health, gives a small boost or makes Mario grow.

Mushrooms are edible power-ups used by Mario, Luigi, and other playable characters in the Super Mario (series) series. They can cause such effects as size changes and other powers in the people who eat them. Mushrooms are found in many different kinds of blocks, such as Question and Brick Blocks.

Wario's Garlic is known to work similarly.


These are the many Mushroom variations.

Super Mushroom

The eater grows twice at height. In races, characters can do it in their engine to get a speed boost. Triples of Mushrooms can be found too in races, which gives the racer three speed boosts. It also restores health in the Mario & Luigi series, which are called Mushrooms, Super Mushrooms, Ultra Mushrooms, etc.

1-Up Mushroom

Gives the eater an extra life. They also have the ability to revive a player that is already dead.

Mini Mushroom

They shrink the player down to a size ever smaller than normal Mario. This gives the player the ability to run on water, jump extra high, float at the air and travel down mini Warp Pipes. But when hit by an enemy Mario/Luigi will die

Mega Mushroom

Grows the player to a giant's size, for a short time. The eater becomes unstoppable and could destroy almost anything, including Warp Pipes and other players. Not to mention the Flag pole. If you destroy it you receive three 1-up Mushrooms.

Agile 'Shroom

Causes the user to be able to run very quickly and jump much higher than normal. They are common in Twinkled Forest, where they first appear, and where they can be collected on the map.

Golden Mushroom

It gives multiple speed boosts in races, as many as the player wants. However, when used one time, the player must use it multiple times, before it disappears. In NSMB games, it gives Mario a tremendous speed boost for 4-5 sec. Mario can dash across long gaps and run over any enemy except Urchins.

Poison Mushroom

A dangerous Mushroom. Any eater can die from it. In the Super Smash Bros. series, this Mushroom has the same effect as a Mini Mushroom.

Rotten Mushroom

A variant of the Poison Mushroom that follows Mario quickly around when near him, pulsing with dark energy. It was introduced as the nocturnal counterpart of the 1-Up Mushroom.

Bee Mushroom

The eater becomes a bee, to fly upwards and safely for a short time, to stand on flower petals and clouds, and to climb on honey. The eater becomes normal if it hits water or an enemy.

Boo Mushroom

The eater becomes a Boo. It can levitate anywhere, safe for other Boos, and go through some walls. Going into light makes the eater normal.

Spring Mushroom

The eater got a spring around its body, jumping higher/forever.

Propeller Mushroom

The eater gains the Propeller Suit, which gives them the ability to hover in the air for a short time, before falling back down.

Light Mushroom

The eater gains a suit which gives the ability to lighten up dark areas and reveals a few secrets.

Bowser Mushroom

Eating one will give the player the ability to hide inside the shell, slide along the ground, and breathe fire.

Classic Mushroom

It turns Mario into Classic Mario, which has the power to let hidden ? Blocks appear everywhere he jumps.

Burning Mushroom

The eater will get fiery and could not only give light, but also burn wooden blocks and enemies. Can also melt any ice.

Frozen Mushroom

The eater becomes an ice sculpture and could freeze any part of a liquid body (e.g. water), so it can walk on it. Like the Ice Flower from Super Mario Galaxy, you can skate on ice or skate on water as it freezes.

Bomb Mushroom

If Mario eats one, he will explode and the only way to depict it is every 2 seconds it flashes from red to black, but he can spin and throw it at an enemy.

1-Down Mushroom

The user gets the exact opposite effect then a 1-Up Mushroom, he/she loses a life without dying, instead of getting one.

Thwomp Mushroom

The consumer transforms into a Thwomp, letting him/her float into the air and crush enemies below. Death can be caused by falling into the pits.

Whomp Mushroom

The user transforms into a Whomp, allowed him to falling over and try to crush the enemies.

Brick Mushroom

It makes Mario transform into Builder Mario, allowing him to grab and throw big, giant blocks. He can also stack giant blocks to get to unreachable places.

Tree Mushroom

It makes Mario transform into Forest Mario, allowing him to send small, ground-level vine attacks and climb walls.

Life Mushroom

In Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 this mushroom give three more HP points, so the eater's HP grew to six.

Marble Mushroom

In Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration and Super Mario: Elemental Journey this Mushroom allows Mario to take 10 extra hits before reverting to Small Mario and allows him to do a hard slide that crushes anything in his way with a uneasy breaking system.

RPG Mushrooms

In RPGs, Mushrooms heal a certain amount of HP. The mushrooms are known as Mushroom, Super Mushroom, Ultra Mushroom, and the newest mushroom called the Max Mushroom.


Koopa Kart series

The Mushroom appears in every game in the Koopa Kart series, serving the same role as in Mario Kart. In most games, it can be obtained from 2nd to 8th place, while in Koopa Kart Wii and Koopa Kart 8, it is obtainable from 2nd to 11th place. Koopa Kart 64 introduces the Triple Mushroom and Golden Mushroom, the former of which provides three separate speed boosts, while the latter provides infinite speed boosts for a short period of time.



  • Normal Mushrooms and Super Mushrooms look the same.
  • The Mega Mushroom looks like the retro Super Mushroom (And so Classic Mushroom as well), only with chubby cheeks, normal Mushroom colors, big hat and less gold-ish hat color.
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