サンボワーム Sanbo Wāmu
Mummipokey by Computerboy64 (tbc)
Spitting projectiles
New Super Mario Bros.

Mummipokey is a recurring boss in the Mario series, first appearing in New Super Mario Bros. As his name suggests, he is a mummified Pokey, wrapped in bandages and covered in red spikes. He has red glowing eyes that show from an opening in the bandages on his head, and he has a bear trap-like mouth that he uses to spit projectiles from.

Mummipokey serves as the boss of World 2, the desert world, and is battled in World 2-Castle. Bowser Jr. will taunt Mario before he flees, summoning Mummipokey. Throughout the battle, he will submerge himself in the sand and reappear in a random area on the arena. He will usually spit a white projectile from his mouth that is aimed at Mario before submerging again. The amount of segments present on the arena indicates how long he will remain before submerging once more, with one segment having him submerge almost immediately and all three segments having him stay surfaced for some time. Mario must defeat Mummipokey by jumping on his head three times, fire 15 fireballs as Fire Mario, or crush him as Mega Mario. Once defeated, Mario will proceed to World 3. However, if he is defeated as Mini Mario, he instead goes to World 4.

Similarly-named enemies called Pokey Mummies appear in Paper Mario, though the two are not related.


Mario and the Jambastions

After a long absence from New Super Mario Bros., Mummipokey returns in Mario and the Jambastions as a minor antagonist in the game, serving as the secondary antagonist of World of the Desert - Ancient Egypt, appearing as a boss of the Pyramid Castle, where he holds the Orange Tourmaline Key in which will unlock the Sandship. He now roars before the battle starts. When his health is in half, he will enter the second phase and take no damage during the transition. Once defeated, he will drop the Orange Tourmaline Key that will unlock the Sandship.

Attacks in Mario and the Jambastions

The following table lists all of Mummipokey's attacks in Mario and the Jambastions. Attacks in italics are used during the second phase only.

Mummipokey's Attacks in Mario and the Jambastions
Attack Description
Mummipokey Projectile Spit Mummipokey usually spits a sand projectile from his mouth that is aimed at the player before the Sand Submerge.
Pokey Summon Mummipokey summons two Pokeys submerging themselves and will increase by one of them when getting hit.
Sand Submerge Mummipokey submerges himself in the sand and reappears in a random area of the arena.


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