This page is about the series as a whole, spoilers may follow so if you wish to start the story, click here.

Mudkeep in Stilioseland or less commonly Mudkip in Steliosland is a black mockumentary interactive comic by Stelios7 (tbc).


A newly-rogue Mudkip wakes up in a strange land much smaller and... plasticky. Unsettled and missing home, he must find his way out and the shy Mudkip will have to contact along the way after losing his own friends and family.

Mudkeep finds friends and is less shy of discovering the environment when he concludes that it is Stilioseland. He defeats the Eight Gaim Leaders to prove that he isn't the measly Mudkeep and he is brave enough to be normal again.

Writing Style

A notable feature of the story is the common switching between first and third person. Recurring themes involve sarcasm, death and leaping. It is a mockumentary with commands to how Mudkeep will live his life next.

Other themes involve speech indicated by different features to help distinguish main characters; with bad spelling for Mudkeep, Murrican-esque accental talk for Beedoof, italics for Stiliose and CAPITALS for Scut. More minor characters speak normally with the exception of the rather posh Mahchamp.


Image Name Description Introduced in
Mudkeep A small Mudkip toy stuck in a big world. He has a speech impediment is trying to find his way out of a strange land. Page 1
Stiliose The writer who is one of the many brutal massacred in Page 11 Britain, but he is speaking later on when that path is revealed to be Game Over and Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 11 Stilioseland is the right answer. He appears in a picture in Page 7... oddly without Mudkeep in. Page 1
Buzzigigas A minor recurring villain and the first Gaim Leader created from Reggigias and Buzz Lightyear. It only appears in a few episodes in the wrong place at the wrong time. Carry
Beedoof A record dealer superstitious country-raised Bidoof who is Mudkeep's first companion and more of a father figure to Mudkeep. Play
Magirina Dubbed Magikrap, Mudkeep's loving mother can kick some Beedoof and be a loving mother. Casual
Azuzu Mudkeep's lost love. She first appears as a card and is tried to be stolen by Mudkeep due to him dearly missing her in Take. OH NOES. Mudkeep is always searching for his damsel in distress. Page 36