Mudkeep is a toy Mudkip who is the main protagonist in Stelios7 (tbc)'s interactive mockumentary Mudkeep in Stilioseland.


Mudkeep is rather impatient and likes to take a risk with lots of leaping and rash decisions putting his life on the line.


Mudkeep is a plastic Mudkip toy, formerly a plushie with the same colours. He has a loose head where has a special feature of turning his head all the way around. Which he commonly uses to freak out others.

Drawn by Alange95 (tbc).

But when appearing in the Humane world, Mudkeep will switch into his Sora derp appearance which is shown in Page 142 Ore.



Mudkeep is defenseless to Stiliose's mocking as he is his God, his writer. Mudkeep has little respect for him due to his cruel jokes and antics and for ruling Stilioseland.


Mudkeep hatred of Stiliose leads him to destroy his childhood by killing him in Kill soon to be followed by the swift death of Regigigas. He leaps with more determination as shown in Pounce, furthermore giving us more hatred evidence.

He was taught as a child that Regigigas was "The Devil" as revealed in Page 38. He strongly believes in this especially after Buzzigigas gets its own back in Attempt.


Azuzu is Mudkeep's lost love, Mudkeep claims that they were and still are deeply in love. She first appears as a card in Beedoofs collection and is tried to be stolen by Mudkeep due to him dearly missing her in Take.


After initially not trusting Beedoof as much from when they met in Play.

He admires Beedoof was his success and is more of a father figure to Mudkeep. The two now have bonded to become close friends.

Ultra Racers Extreme

Mudkeep makes his debut videogaming appearance as a guest character.

Super Mudkeep Fighters

Mudkeep finally gets his own game in which he is one of the 8 default characters.


Standard - Mud Slap

Side - Stuff

Up -

Down -

BeedoofShock Infinite

Mudkeep makes his gaming appearance for the third time as he helps Beedoof to defeat an evil Prophet named (Stiliose). Mudkeep as well discoveres the truth about his liefu.


  • Ever since Page 1, Mudkeep has appeared in almost every episode.
  • A common gag was fun being poked at Mudkeep for other characters having pages before him.
  • There is a current petition to get Mudkeep into Stelios Scramble as a WTF character.
  • His significant speech impediment is bad spelling pays homage to the style of the meme "so I herd u leik Mudkipz".
  • He is a interviewer for Fantendo Football League matches from Season 3.


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