Ms. Pac Man Plus
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Developer(s) Camwoodstock, inspired by his mother
Publisher(s)  ???
Platform(s) Arcade, but was ported to a plug and play and the wii/wii U.
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Classic, Action
Media Included A soundtrack disk.
Ms. Pac Man Plus is a game based after Camwoodstock's mother's ideas. It's a special version of Ms. Pac Man.


The game plays out much like Ms. Pac Man, but, because of it's plus part, this acts much like Pac-Man Plus whereas the game is more challenging and dynamic.


Item Points Level(s)
Blue Ring 100 1
Red Ring 200 2
Orange 400 3-4
Cherry 500 5-6
Taco 750 7-10
Nacho 1000 11-13
French Fries 1200 14-17
Cookie 1500 18-20
Cotton Candy 2000 Pink on 21-22, Blue on 23-25
Golden Taco 3000 26-35, after that, it loops back to the blue ring on level 36 and the cycle repeats.


Name Personality Color Pic.
Diva Likes fashion, likes music. She is a pop star. Hot Pink
Divaspr mpmp
Princess Likes to be loyal and royal! Light Pink
Princessspr mpmp
Baby Girl Shy, curious. Pure Pink
Babygirlspr mpmp
Queen Like princess, she's loyal and royal. Blue
Queenspr mpmp

List of ports

The game, for being simple, is ported to a lot of things.


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