Mario D'Angelo
AGE 35
BIRTHPLACE Colony 17, Mars
ALIGNMENT Good (Fantendo - Side Stories season 3)
Amy Jackson (former enemy), Krystal Pérez (former enemy), F.A.N.T (RTAverse) (former enemy, later ally), Special Ops (enemies), Theo D'Angelo (ancestor)
CLASS CEO, Rank 6 Cyborg
SERIES SSB TayshaunandAmy

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Mr. D'Angelo was a villainous cyborg from Mars. He is from the future and tries to take Amy Jackson back to her own time.


Mr. D'Angelo was an average height 35-year-old male and has brown buzzcut hair. Facially, D'Angelo has hazel eyes, a scar on his forehead, near his right eyebrow and a scar on his left cheek in the shape of a six. He wears a black business suit with black loafers. He has a robotic arm usually hidden by his suit and on the back of his right hand, he has an imprint that says "Colony 17".


Mr. D'Angelo was born on Mars, into a family with lots of corporate success. He grew up in the main "colony", which were like cities and towns, or generally rural areas. When D'Angelo was only 17, he was given the CEO position in his family's business. Being young and uncertain, D'Angelo did what he thought was right, but ended up doing all the wrong things. As a result, the economy on Mars crashed, resulting in serious inflation on the planet.

Even though D'Angelo was trying to right his wrongs, the money he was bringing in all got to his head, and he got greedy, causing problems around Mars. By 3001, he had full control of the planet, but didn't have control over himself. He was determined to turn a young girl named Amy Jackson into the "perfect robot", for reasons never explained. He came close to robotising her, but she was sent back in time before he could get his hands on her.

D'Angelo forced research to get time travel again, but there were multiple failed attempts. During his attempts to perfect time travel, D'Angelo sent people out to collect supplies from other worlds, including the ruins of Earth. In 3013, D'Angelo sent out a supply mission to a planet called Sectro, and inadvertently started a war with them. Mars eventually won the war after two years of fighting, and D'Angelo was arrested.

During his trial, D'Angelo's scientists perfected time travel, and D'Angelo convinced the Mars court to give him a chance to capture and robotise Amy again. The court begrudgingly said yes and D'Angelo went back. Thinking Amy would be unprepared and that he could beat her easily, D'Angelo attacked with his army in Los Angeles, but was ultimately unsuccessful, and almost had his life ended by Krystal Pérez. D'Angelo still sends soldiers back to capture Amy to this day.


Mr. D'Angelo is self-centered, cruel, and generally a psycho. He cares about nobody but himself and what all the things he does could do for his own personal gain.

Towards the end of Mr. D'Angelo's life, he'd started to see the error of his ways. He'd started to try and work towards fixing the future that he himself had broken and started working to amend relationships that he had shattered in the present day and had become considerably more held back in what he was doing.



  • In terms of date of birth, D'Angelo was the third youngest character, behind Amy Jackson and Cindy Matthews.
  • Mr. D'Angelo had aquaphobia.
  • D'Angelo was frightened of the former Director of the RTAverse's F.A.N.T., Naomi Richards. He is mostly frightened of her minute fuse, and usually sends Marie Warner to do work that involves facing Naomi. In the end, Naomi ended up being the one to mortally wound D'Anngelo right before his death.
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