The Mr. Chilli series is a platforming/simulation gaming series by Steli Entertainment. It stars a cocky lawyer, Douglas Chilli, trying to find his feet in life.



The gameplay in both games is a first person platformer, where you try to dodge enemies and get to work. But, the second game offers simulation in life, and court cases. A new addition in the second game is the option to view the game as a first person, third person or sidescroller in the platforming mode.


  • Mr. Chilli (Game) - The 2011 Hybrid Delta simulation long awaited sequel, but still with elements of the original game implanted when going to work.


Major Characters

  • Mr. Chilli - The playable newly-trained lawyer, who is trying to make a impact onto the scene.
  • Lance Darville - Ever since being playable in the Original he was shown to be Chilli's parallel rival.


  • The series came about from roleplying trials in the #FantendoTournabouts roleplaying chatroom. Which accused users of fake crimes. Mr. Chilli was a always late new lawyer, roughly based off his character today.
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