Mr. Blizzard
Mr. Blizzard
Mr. Blizzard holding a snowball.
Notable Members
Storm Blizzard

Mizzter Blizzard

Mr. Blizzard (スローマン, Throwman in Japan) is a snowman that appears as an enemy in Super Mario 64. In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, it is revealed that their boss is Mizzter Blizzard


Diaper Duty Series

Mr. Blizzard appears as an enemy in the game Diaper Duty 8: The Yoshi Migration.

Super Mario MHL: Series 2

Mr. Blizzard appears playable in the game Super Mario MHL: Series 2.

Super Mario World: Wii

After a long absence, Mr. Blizzards appear in Super Mario World Wii with a re-disigned appearence. Having top hats. Mr. Blizzards only appear in World 3, in the icy terrain because of the cold weather.

New Super Mario Bros. VR

Mr. Blizzards appear as enemies in New Super Mario Bros. VR. They appear in the same game as Flurrys, that roam the map of World 6. In World 6, Mr. Blizzards still attack by throwing snowballs and by jumping. In the castle of World 6, Mr. Blizzards assist the giant Storm Blizzard in battle, being the last time they appear.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam

Mr. Blizzard appears as a playable character in Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam. He appears as a Defense QR unlockable. His Superstar Shots are Snowball Throw (offensive) and Snow Move (Defensive). He also takes his look from Super Mario World: Wii, but also has an Special Alternate of his original appearance, it costs 100 Play Coins.

Mario Party Island Tour:

Mr. Blizzard appears briefly in Mario Party: Island Tour. He is in Bowser's Minigame tower.

Super Mario GameBox Demo

Mr. Blizzards reappear, again with the power to freeze Mario in ice. They can easily be defeated by being rolled into. They only appear on Mt. Ice.


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