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Movie Melee is a 2D Fighting game developed by Spellbound Studios and published by Nintendo for the Wii U. It was released February 12th 2016 Worldwide. The game is themed around movies, introducing a Cinema Audience mechanic, which can change the outcome of battles.


Main Gameplay

Movie Melee's gameplay is similar to most 2D Fighting games. Like most fighting games, the goal of a match is to deplete the opponent's health bar by performing powerful attacks and combos. Every fighter in the game has their own playstyle, weaknesses and strengths. Two characters are set against eachother in arenas based on different film genres and must K.O. their opponents. The game has multiple modes which do change the gameplay slightly, but the core elements remain the same in every mode.

Cinema Audience

A major feature of Movie Melee is the Cinema Audience. The battles are actually films being watched in a cinema and the fighters are essentially actors. The audience can get excited or bored by these matches. Every battle has a title or genre that has different requirements to please the audience, for example the audience will cause stat boosts to fighters who play very offensively in Action movies. However, the audience can also get bored of the match, if the players aren't reaching the requirement or using the same moves all the time. If the audience become bored, they will try to throw items at the fighter resulting in damage. This promotes that players always have good performances. When the battle is over, the battle gains a star rating based on how pleased the audience were and all fighters recieve a rating based on how well they performed. Actors (the players) can receive awards (the achievement system of the game) for their performances.

Moves & Fighting Styles

Every fighter in Movie Melee has a unique moveset and fighting style. They are all based on different film genres and their movesets are also based around that genre. Each fighter has a special ability and a special move called a Blockbuster. There are three different types of attacks: Light, Medium and Strong, all of which have directional inputs and aerial forms. Combos are an important aspect of the game and most moves are quite easy to combo into. Blocking is another action that can be performed by the player, but it should not be done too often as it can bore the audience in most situations, however sometimes it is encouraged.









Beta Elements


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