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Developer(s) AlpacaSoft
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Steam
Genre(s) Metroidvania, Adventure, Platformer
Age Rating(s) E10+ (ESBR)

7 (PEGI)


Mothflame is a Metroidvania platformer developed by AlpacaSoft for Steam, it follows a robot moth called "LISA" who must traverse the underground and stop the Kabuto clan from destroying the world with an ancient demon.

The game takes place in a world of humanoid bugs who live underground, there are various upgrades, locations and characters to find and meet in the adventure, along with an achievement system.


Main Article: Mothflame/Story

The game begins with a gray and purple robot moth laying down in a patch of grass in a weird cave, she only remembers that her name is LISA and she can jump with something called an "X button", LISA gets up and explores, she reaches a town called Lilliburg and talks to the locals before the place is attacked by bugs in light brown armor, who chase LISA and the residents straight out, a beetle named Chase meets up with Lisa in a cave when she hides from the villains, he gives her a chip that allows her to double jump and she leaves to explore the underground, uncover her past and defeat the Kabuto clan, saving everyone.


Mothflame plays like most other Metroivania games, the player, as LISA, explores a large interconnected world, doing certain things and collecting certain items triggers events that progress the story and unlock other parts of the underground.

The game can be played with the keyboard, the X button jumps, the Z button attacks, the Enter key pauses and accesses the menu and the arrow keys are used to move, duck and interact with doors, it can also be played with a Dualshock controller or an Xbox controller, if one of those is plugged in.

With certain upgrades collected, certain button combinations can be used to activate the special abilities, for example, with the Glide upgrade, the player presses X and Down to use the ability, with the Dash upgrade, running for a moment (Left or right twice) and pressing Z will perform a dash that can break cracked walls.


The underground has various different characters to talk to and interact with, some of them are key characters that are seen various times and are or become important to the plot, while others appear in a location or two and serve no real purpose.


Name Description
LISA A curious little robot moth that wants to find out about her past and save everone in the underground from the Kabuto clan
Chase A tall and strong beetle that occasioanlly helps LISA along her adventure, such as pushing a boulder for her to proceed. Before the final battle with The World, Chase sacrifices himself to make the foe vulnerable to LISA's attacks.
Willard The elder of Lilliburg, he is an ant with a cane and beard who appears around the game to give LISA some cryptic advice on how to go on with her adventure, he also tells bad jokes if spoken to more than necessary.


Name Description
Juice Juice, as he likes to be called, is a small spider who can often be found messing with the environment, he often triggers story events with his mindless wandering, but he isn't really that important otherwise.
The Bee Empire The Bee Empire consists of the proud inhabitants of the Honey Caverns, they start off as villains who don't want anyone near their honey, but after their false ruler, King Horlet, is defeated, they become allies.
Shop Keepers The Shop Keepers seem to be a guild of cloaked bugs that guard the item shops of the game, they can be stolen from, but be warned, they don't take kindly to that.


Name Description
King Horlet A big hornet who disguised himself as a bee to rule over the Honey Caverns, keeping all of the honey for himself, he is later defeated by LISA.
Luke Luke is a scorpion who leads the Kabuto clan, the main antagonists of the game, he is fought various times throughout the adventure.
The World The World is Luke's evolved form that he takes at the end of the game, he looks like Luke but glowing white with black eyes, when his armor is broken, he's just a golden Luke.
Edrius An ancient demon summoned by the Kabuto clan to destroy the world, at the end of the game, it resembles a scorpion's gray head with a body of dark fog.


Name Description
Grassy Caves A cave system with various plants and grass growing all around, it is the first area that LISA explores after waking up. LISA returns here and fights The High Priestess around the middle of the game.
Lilliburg A small town in the Grassy Caves, it is where LISA gets her Sword upgrade and meets Chase and Willard for the first time. The second battle with Russell takes place here.
Crystal Forest A beautiful landscape covered in colorful crystals that reflect light from the surface, the Double Jump upgrade is collected here and Russell is fought for the first time.
Deserted Plains An underground desert covered in sand, dust and rocks, the Kabuto Tower is located here, The Magician is fought in the desert and this place contains the entrance into the Honey Caverns.
Honey Caverns The home of the Bee Empire, ruled (temporarily) by King Horlet until LISA sneaked through the guards and defeated the "king", the Dash upgrade is found here and The Fool is a mini-boss in this area.
Ruins of Edrius A lost temple in the Crystal Forest, it contains the Key of Edrius, an orb that allows one to bring its namesake monster into the world, Luke is fought here for the second time.
Citadel of Flowers A fortress made out of vines and other plants, the Parachute upgrade is found here and Floros is fought to destroy the citadel, saving the underground.
Kabuto Tower The final area of the game, a tall tower that goes from the Deserted Plains to the surface, a boss rush of Russell and the Arcana Knights is fought here, along with the three final bosses, Luke, The World and Edrius.


There are a few upgrades to be found throughout the game, below is the list of them:

Sword - Given to LISA by Chase, it allows her to project a sword from her arm and attack enemies.

Double Jump - Found in the Crystal Forest, if the player presses X twice, LISA will jump again in mid-air.

Glide - Given to LISA by an Juice at the Deserted Plains, if the player jumps and presses down, LISA will glide to reach another platform.

Dash - Found in the Honey Caverns, if the player runs for a moment and presses Z, LISA wil dash forward and can destroy cracked walls.

Parachute - Found in the Citadel of Flowers, this upgrade allows LISA to be lifted by gusts of wind.


Bosses are, as one may know, the big bad enemies guarding a certain area in the game, below are all the bosses in Mothflame.

Name Description Location
Russell (1) A big pill-bug who is fought a few times through the game, in his first fight, he just rolls from side to side and LISA must jump onot higher ground to not be hit. Crystal Forest
Luke (1) The powerful leader of the Kabuto clan, he has a large pole in this fight. Luke is unbeatable for now, as LISA is too weak to fight him. Crystal Forest
The Magician The Magician is an Atlas Moth with the number 1 painted on his wings with red paint, he, of course, also wears armor. He is able to throw his wings' scales at LISA to damage her, as they are razor sharp. Deserted Plains
The Fool A black butterfly with a 0 carved into her armor. The Fool can create gusts of wind with her wings and she also fights with a sword. Honey Caverns
King Horlet The false ruler of the bees, he disguise himself as a bee but is, in fact, a hornet, he attacks by flying around the arena and stinging LISA or dashing at her with his trident. Honey Caverns
The Tower The Tower is a dragonfly with the roman number 16 carved on his armor, he is extremely strong and uses certain pieces of the environment to attack LISA. Birdstone
Russell (2) The large pill-bug, Russell, returns attacking Lilliburg, he attacks the same as the first battle, except he can also slash at LISA with his broad sword. Lilliburg
The High Priestess A caterpillar with a roman 2 carved on her armor, High Priestess can swing her tail at LISA and try to shoot her with a small rail gun. Grassy Caves
The Chariot The Chariot is a wasp with a roman 7 carved on his armor, his fight is almost identical to King Horlet's, except he is much faster and attacks with two rapiers. Crystal Forest
Luke (2) Luke is fought again at the Ruins of Edrius, where he tries to find the artifact that allows him to summon Edrius into the world, for this fight, he brings in a spear, and he is finally beatable. Ruins of Edrius
Floros A huge carnivorous plant that spits a type of acid, it is the supposed lord of the plants in the underground. Citadel of Flowers
Wheel of Fortune A beetle with an X carved on his armor, he has a pair of sabers that he uses to attack LISA. What type of saber move he'll use depends on the roll of two large dice. Deserted Plains
Boss Rush Russell and all of the Arcana are fought again, except they are stronger and have new attacks Kabuto Tower
Luke (3) Luke is fought at the top of the Kabuto tower, where he uses two swords, he is very fast and the battle is, basically, unbeatable. Kabuto Tower
The World After his apparent defeat, Luke damages LISA and touches the glowing Key of Edrius, gaining a shining white armor with a black visor. After Chase dies for him to be vulnerable, he attacks with energy orbs, sabers and other weapons. Kabuto Tower
Edrius The final boss of the game is Luke in the form of the beast he wanted to use as the destroyer of worlds, he ends up being consumed and becomes Edrius' new vessel. Edrius uses large array of dark attacks, such as dark swords, orbs, lasers, etc. Kabuto Tower


Main Article: Mothflame/Achievements

The game has several feats to accomplish, from basic "Defeat this boss" to "Find a certain easter egg".



Below are all of the tracks heard in the game.

Start of an Adventure (Title Screen)

LISA (LISA's theme)

Never Fear... (Juice's theme)

Adventurer in Peril (Danger theme)

More TBA

Tough Guys Ahead (Boss theme)

Lord Luke (Luke's battle theme)

Power of The World (The World's battle theme)

Eater of Worlds (Edrius' battle theme)


  • Mothflame is very similar to Hollow Knight and Cave Story, the former being a Metroidvania with many insect characters, while the latter is a Metroidvania with a robot exploring underground and fighting off monsters and villains.
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