Mosre is a Normal-type fanon Moose Pokemon. It's rather similiar to Eevee in evolution, as it evolves into Fire, Water and Electric Pokemon via stones. They are rare in the Tanfo region, as you can get only one during course of the whole game, when excluding breeding and trading. They feed with berries and with food created by Humans, like Poffins and Pokeblocks. It also know a new move called Ram.




  • Start: Tackle
  • Start: Leer
  • Lv 8: Quick Attack
  • Lv 14: Flail
  • Lv 23: Minimize
  • Lv 28: Ram
  • Lv 35: Swift
  • Lv 42: Bounce
  • Lv 48: Stomp
  • Lv 56: Hyper Beam
  • Lv 64: Giga Impact

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