Mosaic is the first-known Glassilite, and the newest commander serving under The Threat


Mosaic's body is entirely built out of glass. She normally presents herself in a human-like form when she goes about day-to-day duties, as it's the easiest to live as. She has two eyes, one red and one blue, as well as razor-sharp black teeth inside her wide mouth, making her appear menacing to others. Her clothing usually changes sporadically based on her mood, so it's unpredictable to determine what her base clothing is. 


Due to being one of the new commanders, Mosaic is very snobby and judgemental towards other people. She feels above other people due to this title she has been bestowed, which gives her a superiority complex against most people she interacts with, apart from the Threat herself. She also speaks in a very clear accent, and it is unknown whether she fakes it or its her true vocal delivery.


Mosaic's body is completely made out of glass, which when heated up she can meld herself into different forms to aid her in various ways. This is controlled through her eyes, as the red eye controls the heating agent within her body, allowing her to morph, and the blue eye is the cooling agent, which will allow her to harden and become more rigid when she has assumed a form that works for herself.

Due to not having blood, she can snap off her own limbs at will, and use them as weapons if in a crisis. For example, she can snap off one of her arms, and use it as a bat.


The Threat

Aside from being a commander underneath her, nothing much is currently known about their relationship generally.


  • The concept for Mosaic has existed for a while, dating back to around 2015, however, she wasn't turned into a fully-fledged character until May 2017. 

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