Mortal Kombat 3DS
Mortal kombat 2011 3DSbox
Developer(s) Fantendo EAD
Publisher(s) Warner Bros. games, Konami(Japan only)
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS(port from PS3)
Release Date(s)
TBA 2013
single player, multiplayer(2-4 players)
Age Rating(s)

D-CERO 16-PEGI(blood violence, Gore, brief nudity)

Genre(s) fighting
Media Included Game card

Mortal Kombat 3DS is a fighting game, created by Ed Boon and John Tobias and ported by JimmyNeutronFan98. It contains characters from Mortal Kombat and some Warner Bros. products.


Gameplay is similar to classic Mortal Kombat 2011. Player controls game character with 3DS pad and 4 buttons instead 6. every player has combo meter. When the combo meter is fully charged , the player complete his X-ray hit to opponent's body. During the attack X-ray shows opponent's breaking bones and organs. after victory in match player must finish his opponent with Fatality, Stage Fatality, Babality and Friendship. Mini-games between won matches are "Test your might" where the player must break a block, "Test your sight", where player must find object in cup.



(in alphabetical order)
*Cyber Sub-Zero
*Finn The Human(Downloadable)
*Freddy Krueger(Downloadable)
*Harry Potter
*Johnny Cage
*Kung Lao
*Liu Kang
*Noob Saibot
*Quan Chi
*Scorpion (Sasori in Japanese version)
*Shang Tsung
*Solid Snake
*Sonya Blade


Goro, Kintaro, Shao Kahn


  • Shang Tsung's courtyard
  • Pit
  • Throne room
  • Goro lair
  • Dead pool
  • Kombat Tomb
  • Wastelands
  • Armory
  • Evil Monastery
  • Pit II
  • Pit III
  • Living Forest
  • Kahn's colloseum
  • Shang Tsung's Lab
  • Bridge
  • Subway
  • Bank
  • Rooftop
  • Balcony
  • Soul chamber
  • Kahn Tower
  • Temple
  • Cemetery
  • Portal
  • Dorfen
  • Hell
  • Desert
  • Throne room
  • Training room
  • Hogwarts rooftop
  • Finn's treehouse
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