Morph Bubble
Morph Bubble - Helicopter
A Morph Bubble that transforms a Yoshi into Helicopter Yoshi.
Item Type Status
Transforms Yoshi into the vehicle displayed in the bubble.

Morph Bubbles, also called Metamorphosis Bubbles, are items found throughout the Yoshi's Island games. They resemble bubbles that have a picture of a vehicle in them. When Yoshi and his species touch one, they will be able to transform into the vehicle displayed in the bubble for a short time. While transformed, Yoshi must hit a Yoshi Block to change back to his original state, or an unseen timer will run out and return him to the original Morph Bubble's position. Yoshi is, however, able to touch another Morph Bubble to remain in the form for awhile longer.

While transformed, the baby Yoshi is carrying will remain in a bubble where the Morph Bubble was. Once a Yoshi Block is hit, this bubble will reappear, allowing Yoshi to get the baby back.



  • Helicopter Yoshi: Allows Yoshi to fly through the air.
  • Submarine Yoshi: Allows Yoshi to swim underwater, as well as fire homing torpedoes at enemies.
  • Mole Tank Yoshi: Allows Yoshi to move up walls and ceilings, as well as dig through soft ground.
  • Car Yoshi: Allows Yoshi to move at quick speed, as well as extend his wheels to reach higher platforms and dodge enemies.
  • Train Yoshi: Allows Yoshi to move on train tracks drawn in the background.



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