Moose Meadows is the first world of Super Mario Moose. It is mainly a grass world, like in past Mario games.



The first level of the game. This level has several hills with Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Moose Mushrooms are common here.


The second level of the game. This level is mainly underground, with Goomba Towers and many Piranha Plants. Fire Flowers are more abundant here.


The third level of the game is another plains level. There are many gaps in this stage, and several Koopa Paratroopas, Biddybuds, and Para Biddybuds.


The fourth level of the game, which is the first underwater level. There are several Cheep Cheeps and spikes, and three Deep Cheeps.


The fifth level of the game consists of many floating platforms. The player needs to time their jumps just right while dodging many flying enemies.


The sixth level of the game, as well as the first castle level. There are a lot of Thwomps in tricky places in this level. Near the end of the course Is a pipe, where the player goes into to fight Larry Koopa.

Enemies and Bosses



Power-Ups, Items, and Objects


Items and Objects


  • Moose Meadows is seen in the intro of the game, where Mario and co. are walking when Peach is kidnapped.
  • Moose are the native creatures to Moose Meadows.
  • Despite the names of all the other worlds, moose are the only real life creatures in the Mushroom Kingdom.
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