Galinichta, Mac!
Moose taunting Mac.

Moose Akka is a boxer in Punch-Out!: VR. He is a Greek boxer, who is always trying to imitate a moose.

Moose Akka
Weight 127lbs
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Nationality Greek
Birthplace Athens, Greece
Age 27


A experienced boxer hailing from Greece who is trying to be a moose. Influenced with moose stances and punches, he is rather fast, but a unorganised and rather sloppy dodger. Knock off the mask for a weak point. His theme is a sped up version of Zorba the Greek mixed with other Greek sounds.


Underneath his furry dark brown mask, he has tanned skin and black hair and green eyes. He has brown shorts and maroon shoes with a small Greek flag engraved on them.


Moose is slightly cocky, but can go over the top. He never lacks self-confidence, but blames hiself for his mistakes.


Pre-Fight, Moose is shown dancing outside The Parthanon to some Greek music. Then shown putting his moose outfit on in the ring.

Round 1 (If the he is losing): Mask is reajusted, he mutters some Greek.

Round 1 (If he is winning): Strikes a victory pose and shouts "OPA"!

Round 2 (If he is losing): Corrects back posture, and moans about how his level is on par with the Greek economy.

Round 2 (If he is winning): Twirls around his antlers and says "Kali nita, Mac"

Victory: Dances

Losing: Hangs his head in shame and slams his mask to the ground in a rage.


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