Moon Coins
A Moon Coin from Super Mario Finale
Item Type Collectible
Kind of Item Coin
First Appearance Super Mario Finale
Summons a Power Moon
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Moon Coins are items from the Super Mario series, first appearing in Super Mario Finale. Their main purpose is summoning Power Moons through being collected by Mario. They resemble Star Coins in that they are coins that have a celestial object embedded onto them. Although Power Moons appear in many colours, Moon Coins have only appeared so far in green, due to the only game they appear in only having green Power Moons.

The Power Moon Radar Power-Up gives Mario the ability to track Moon Coins via the titular radar.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Finale

Moon Coins first appeared in Super Mario Finale. Most Power Moons in the game only appear after an objective has been cleared, and many of these objectives require collecting all of the Moon Coins around an area. In some cases, these Moon Coins only appear for a small amount of time after a P-Switch has been pressed, requiring quick timing in order to collect them all.



  • Beta footage for Finale shows that Studio Lillie (tbc) was originally planning on including different colours of Moon Coins in the game. It is unknown if this would have meant that other colours of Power Moon would also appear.
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