Monkey Race: Island Adventure
Developer(s) Power Team
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Arcade
Release Date(s)
April 2006 (Europe and Japan)
June 2006 (North America)
January 2007 (Brazil)
1-6 players
Genre(s) Racing
Series Donkey Kong
Super Monkey Ball

Monkey Race: Island Adventure is a racing game avaliable in selected arcade machines. The game is a crossover between the Donkey Kong and Super Monkey Ball series. It was first released in Europe and Japan in April 2006. The whole game is based off the Monkey Race party game in most Super Monkey Ball games.


Monkey Race: Island Adventure is a racing game, where up to six players can join in monkey racing action! All of the characters roll about in a ball and try to finish a set number of laps before their rivals.


There are a total of eight playable characters in the game, four from each series. Characters with more SPEED roll faster. Characters with more ACCEL recover and boost faster. Characters with more POWER can knock back characters with less.

Name Status Series
Donkey Kong

SPEED: 4/5
ACCEL: 1/5
POWER: 4/5

Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong

SPEED: 4/5
ACCEL: 3/5
POWER: 2/5

Speedy Kong

SPEED: 5/5
ACCEL: 3/5
POWER: 1/5

Dread Kong

SPEED: 2/5
ACCEL: 2/5
POWER: 5/5


SPEED: 3/5
ACCEL: 3/5
POWER: 3/5

Super Monkey Ball

SPEED: 2/5
ACCEL: 4/5
POWER: 3/5


SPEED: 2/5
ACCEL: 5/5
POWER: 2/5


SPEED: 3/5
ACCEL: 1/5
POWER: 5/5


There are several type of marbles avaliable that the player can pick between.

Name Description
Normal Ball
A generic marble with no properties.
Magnet Ball
This marble magnifies items towards it but can only hold one item at a time.
Handicap Ball
This marble rolls faster when further behind, but rolls slower when further in front.
Metal Ball
This marble recovers from items very quickly but cannot get boosts from speed panels.

Grand Prix

There are twenty courses in the game. Everytime, the players race on three tracks. Everybody votes on a track they want to race on and a roulette decides which track is raced on. A track cannot be selected again once it has been raced on.

Race tracks

Title Description

Point system

Rank Points
8 points
6 points
4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point
0 points


  • This is Dread Kong's second and latest appearance.
  • This is the second and latest Monkey Ball game released in the arcade.
  • After finishing a race, the characters have a happy reaction as long as they do not finish in 6th or fail to reach the end.
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