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Monkey is a recurring character from the Rhythm Heaven franchise, particularly Rhythm Heaven Fever. A sub-species is the MAN-K, a purple punk monkey.


Canon appearances

Rhythm Tengoku

  • The Monkey's first appearance is in Showtime, where he hits a switch to launch a ball for penguins to catch mid-air.
  • In Tap Trial, there are 2 monkeys who instruct you on when to tap, double tap, triple tap, or jump.

Rhythm Heaven

  • In Fan Club, there are three monkeys, where one in which is the player. Per the actions you are supposed to follow in this game, the monkeys do the clapping, or otherwise "cheering."
  • Three orange monkeys (and many more in Megamix) made cameos in the sight-hindering section of Freeze Frame. They're cheering on the racers, along with The Clappy Trio, Rap Men, and 4 Space Dancers.

Rhythm Heaven Fever

  • In Hole in One, the Monkey is seen as one of the two main characters. It is the one on the right side of the screen tossing the golf balls at you to hit.
  • The Monkey is the leader in Tambourine. It plays the tambourine as the player must repeat them.
  • In Monkey Watch, there are dozens of monkeys. The player, a monkey as well, rides the watch's clock hand and "high fives" the other monkeys as the player passes by them. There is a pink monkey that will be followed every few monkeys, which high fives off-beat.
  • In the Board Meeting sections of Remix 2, instead of a woman assistant there is a small female monkey wearing glasses and a small pink dress. Instead of saying "One, two, three!" the monkey says "Oo-ookii!".
  • Before the last ball is thrown in Exhibition Match, The curtain in the middle of the arena rises to reveal a monkey, who is catching the pitcher's baseballs and dropping the to Slugger.
  • A yellow monkey from Monkey Watch can make an cameo in Clap Trap, where it can be seen hanging off of an branch.

WarioWare series

  • Some Monkeys made cameos in Warioware: Smooth Moves and Game & Wario, as both series had the same creators.

Fanon appearances

  • All of the games with monkeys reappear in Rhythm Heaven Ultimate, including Exhibition Match & Clap Trap.
  • Some games from Rhythm Heaven Max have monkeys, including Monkey Meteors.
  • A monkey named Simon is one of the main characters of Rhythm Heaven Superstar. Also, one of games (Primary Primates) has a red monkey as one of the Colorful Primates.