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Mondo, Chief Dongorios son.
GENDER Male (formerly)

Female (currently)

BIRTHPLACE Peaceful Plains
Honestly, I'm really quite grand. I am the key to the success of the series in general. In fact, most of the games without me in them are really boring. Well, not really, but they would be better if I was in them.

Mondo is one of the main characters of That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember. He is Chief Dongorio's biological son and Unten's adoptive "brother". He is also a member of the Baraenion Tribe and can be quite cowardly at times, but eventually comes through in the end, in one way or another.

In the Prodigy series, he appears in the first game and left Zeon during the events of Underground (2014) before returning in Tragedy under a new identity as Mioda.


Fissure (2014)


Underground (2014)

He doesn't quite appear in this, mentioned in passing. He apparently told people about the prophecy and got Boare and Sia to believe that they were the ones being talked about in the prophecy. He seems to have left Zeon and would not return until just a bit prior to Tragedy (2015) under a new alias called Mioda.


Mondo is shown to be quite an arrogant person and as such always thinks of himself as better than everyone else,while in reality he does it because nobody really cares about him,aside from Unten and his father. He has also been shown to have a sort of a grudge against Unten aswell, mainly because he seems to get more attention then he does with the triumphant feats he's accomplished. Despite this, he still loves and accepts him as a brother, despite not showing it.



Mondo is a skinny,yet slightly chubbychild with with a fairly tan skin tone,and brown hair in an unkept "Bowl-Cut-esque" style. He sports crimson colored shorts and a red headband with a feather would allow him to float for extended periods of time if he knew how to use it properly . He also has a rounded nose and his eyes are black.

Fissure 2014

Similar to that of the original Mondo, 2014 Mondo has the same crimson shorts,red-headband with the feather and brown hair,however in this incarnation,he is a lighter skin tone,sports red war paint on his chest,has no semblance of a nose and now has bandages on his right arm,left leg and both feet.


Physically and mentally speaking, Mondo has no abilities whatsoever, but the feather on his headband does. It could grant him the power, to float for however long he wanted to, but it's fueled by compassion, a trait which Mondo severely lacks. He occasionally floats at random times, but still doesn't realize the feather's full potential.






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