American Box art of Molecule Story.
Developer(s) Play! Software Planning
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan February 14, 2012
25px-Flag of USA February 14, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe February 14, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia February 14, 2012
1 Player
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Genre(s) Action, adventure
Media Included Wii Optical Disc

Molecule Story, known in Japan as Bunshi no monogatari (分子の物語, literally "Molecule's Story"), is an adventure and action video game for the Wii Console. It was developed by Play! Software Planning and published by Nintendo in 2012. In this game, the player controls a ball-like creature through levels and worlds, for the purpose of collecting the goal molecules of each level. The game also contain power-ups that are required to complete the levels.



The player can choose one out of two control modes in the main menu. The first uses the Wii Remote only and the second one uses the Wii Remote along with the Nunchuck. Using the D-Pad or Analog Stick, the player moves the ball, and using the 2 or A buttons, the ball speed is increased. The player also must press 1 or B to use some power-ups.


The player must travel through areas and chambers in each level, using power-ups and avoiding enemies and obstacles, in order to reach the goal of each one, the Molecule Pad. Once it's recovered, the player backs to the world map and the next level is open.

The levels have a background colored according to the world's color (e.g. World 1 is oil blue, while World 6 is purple) and the objects (walls and enemies) are black silhouettes. The backgrounds usually show bubbles and molecules.





These pre-historic creatures just wander from side to side. No matter how much you're hungry, just don't be atrracted by their donut-like appearance.
Clays are small black molecule creatures surrounded by four black spikes. They attack by simply moving left and right or up and down. They appear in every level of World 1 and are common in some levels of the other worlds. Clays can be defeated by Cutter and Shock power-ups.



These slingshot objects are believed to be used by ancient folks during an attack. Yeah, they are not THAT effective.
Funders are invincible slingshot creatures that are composed by two circles in each end of a rope. They attack by slinging a small black ball in a determined direction, that bounces on walls for some seconds and then disappears. Are found in the last levels of World 1.



These heatseeking balls attemp to run after you. Forget the evil face, they're just looking for friends.
Fugents are black balls with two angry eyes. They walk randomly until the cell gets near them. Once they spot it, they run after it for some time and then, they start walking again. Are found firstly in World 1-6 and later, in World 6-3. The player can use Invisible power-up to avoid being chased by an Fugent.



This sorta bowling ball snake is what left from molecule dragons from the past. Like every of this kind of snake, it loves making some strikes with round passersby.
Angills are snakes made of black balls and an antenna on the top. They appear in small paths. They are firstly hidden in holes on walls. When the cell gets in the path, they starts running after it. Occasionally, they stop and get into other holes in the walls.



Catterballs are mysterious weapons. Even looking lifeless, they can spin forever. Are they live? Do they talk as well?
Catterballs are black spiked balls that are attached to walls by a chain. They attack by just spinning, but only the spiked ball can hurt the player. They appear World 1, World 3 and World 9. They can be defeated by the Cutter power-up.



Flowsies are the cutest kind of plant around here. But don't get fooled: behind these cute petals there is a poisonous stem and malicious intentions.
Flowsies are daisy flowers that usually appear in groups. They spin in circles or squares and must be avoided. They come in two varieties: big and small. They appear firstly in World 2. Flowsies can be defeated only by using the Burn power-up.



Speets are maniac plants and believe their task is to shoot sap at visitors. You must be thinking… Where do all that sap come from?
Speets are small plants with a big mouth and tiny eyes that are seen in some holes on the walls. Their heads follow the cell and this helps them to shoot some green-colored sap balls on its direction. They are mainly found in some levels of World 2 and World 9.



These cactus thingies seem to be stuck on walls, so they don't move. Don't get caught on their spikes: they capture their enemies as skewers get burgers.
Spikepills are round enemies with two beady eyes and eight spikes covering their bodies. They attack by simply sticking their spikes one-by-one, as they don't move. Their overall appearance resembles Gordos from the Kirby series.



Nuxes hang on ceilings and attack by falling down. Unfortunately for them, when they bump into something, they explode, unfortunately for us.
Nuxes are nut-like obstacles that are often found hanging on ceilings. They start shaking when the cell approaches them and fall down when it gets really near them. Once they touch a wall or floor, they explode and cause an earthquake.



This sleeping plant only wakes up when something disturbs it. In a fit of rage, it starts chasing the intruder. All this chasing around makes its leaves frizzy!
Caulfronses appear firstly as tiny seeds under narrow upward chambers. Once the cell gets into these chambers, they turn into a growing beanstalk that can hurt the cell. These enemies are only found in World 2. They can't be defeated, but they can be prevented from growing for some seconds with any attack power-up.



These cute crabs are often seen sunbathing is sand temples. They might use their claws to pinch viewblockers.
Clawyers are crab-like enemies. They have round eyes and a single claw. They attack by jumping on the floor towards the cell's direction. They are weak enemies that can be defeated with any attack (this doesn't apply if the player touches its claw).



These ones seem to be friends of a certain type of crab. Don't drive sunshine outta them, unless you want to be baked and cut as pizza.
Scorpies are scorpion-like enemies made by black balls and a claw. They walk on the ground and try to pinch the cell with their claws once it gets in the area they are found. They can be destroyed by any attack item and ignore the cell if it is using Invincible.



Giant rock wheels that roll down slopes. Thanks heavens for their pits, or they would aerate you.
Millers are obstacles similar to millstones that roll down from slopes, in order to crush the cell. However, most of them contain one or more holes, which the player can use to avoid being crushed. Millers are indestructible and come in many sizes.



Squids like this one keep swimming in big oceans. Did you notice how they wiggle to and fro? Surely, they got the waddle of a professional dancer.
Luls are molecule-squid creatures. They have a big forehead and four tentacles. Luls don't attack the cell. They just swim by charging and boosting foward in an area. They mainly appear in World 4, but they also appear in some levels of World 6.



Medusae are underwater jellyfish creatures. They swim in circles until the cell gets near them. When this happens, they start chasing them and, after some time, stop for some moments. They appear in the first levels of World 4 and World 5.



Pisces are fish-like enemies with a round head, a wavy back fin and small eyes. They just swim from left to right or up and down and are very weak. They can be defeated by a Bomb power up explosion. Pieboos appear firstly in World 4-1.



Pistars are starfish molecule creatures that roam in some watery areas. They have elastic arms that can extend and bend, that they use to attack the cell. Pistars can be defeated with the Bomb power-up. If the cell attacks a Stelbo's arm with Bomb, it falls and another arm grows in its stead.



Gladiusfish are swordfish-like enemies that appear in sea areas. They firstly swim calmly from side to side. When the cell approaches one of them, it charges for some time and attacks by boosting fastly on its direction. They appear in World 4 only.



Meteorons are stony things that fall from the sky. Don't touch them, or you'll go BOOM.
Meteorons are meteor obstacles that appear in open space areas. The just fall from teh sky and explode when they touch the ground. There are also some that travel through ropes or some that can change directions. They are mainly found in World 5.



Gibbas can be calm at first, but they won't give up when boosting toward you. They lack some sanity, but their obsession for hitting walls is still weird.
Gibbbas are star-like enemies that appear in chambers. They just float side to side, however, when the cell appraches them, they boost on its direction. After some time, they stop and try again, or they keep floating if the cell is not near them. They can often bump themselves on walls during the attack. They firstly appear in World 5.



Gloot are some kind of black hole. As everything around here is black, they're named in several ways by passersby... never mind.
Gloots are black hole obstacles that often appear in big open areas. They attemp to suck the cell if it approaches them, causing it to lose a life. To escape from them the player must quickly go to the opposite direction. A Gloot is not able to suck the cell if it is using the Hi-G power-up.



These obstacles are called Torkes. They are there, spinning their planets, because... it doesn't matter. They're just doing their thing, so leave them alone.
Torkes are galaxy (or system)-like obstacles that appear in space areas. They attack by simply spinning their planets, which can hurt the cell. They can come in different sizes and number of planets are are mostly found in World 5.



Splatters can be confused with inoffensive little bugs, but, when they spot trouble, they multiply like fleas. You can't do anything about that, so... RUN!
Splatters are dark matter obstacles that appear in small rooms and chambers. They keep growing and traveling to different places, so the cell must run from them. Splatters stop growing only after they cover the entire area they are found. They first appear in World 5-4 and later in World 5-8.


World Image Description
Cell Center CellCenter An oil blue-colored world. Cutter, Big and Small are the power-ups found in the area. Many molecule enemies inhabit this world.
Flora Forests FloraForests A leaf green-colored world. The main power-ups here are Cutter and Bomb. Plant-based enemies are common here.
Sunbaked Sands SunbakedSands A caramel-colored and desert-themed world. It introduces the Bulb power-up. Big and Small are also common.
Rolling Reefs RollingReefs An aquatic, turquoise-colored world. The main power-up here is the Bomb. This area contains fish and molecule enemies.
Deep Outer Space DeepOuterSpace A world in outer space. It introduces the Low-G, Hi-G and No-G power-ups. There are many star-like enemies.
Jelly Jungle JellyJungle A world with a purple background and bouncy walls. The main power-ups here are Big, Small and Bomb. It also introduces the Light Up and Invisible.
Furnace Factory FurnaceFactory A silver-colored world with metal objects and mechanical enemies. The main power-Ups used here are Shock and Cutter.
Melting Mount MeltingMount A red, lava-themed world. The Burn power-up is introduced. It has fire enemies.
Tech Thorn TechThorn Unlike previous worlds, this world has a black background and green walls, instead black silhouettes. It uses every power-up previously found.
Reverse Road ReverseRoad The final world. It contain light grey and black spaces. In every level, the player must use special molecules to warp from the light gray part to the black part, turning the light grey parts into walls and vice-versa.



Power-Up molecules
Molecule Result Functions
SpikeM SpikeR Cutter gives the cell the ability of cut blocking molecules and defeat enemies with the spikes.
BigM BigR Big makes the cell to grow up until it gets twice the size.
SmallM SmallR Small makes the cell twice smaller. This can help when it needs to go through small paths.
BombM BombR Bomb turns the cell into a bomb. It starts on five and explodes when it reaches zero. This can help to destroy blocking molecules.
BulbM BulbR Bulb appears in dark places. It makes a light circle around the cell and helps it to look for enemies and paths.
LowGM LowGR Low-G makes the cell much lighter. This makes it faster and needs more time to stop sliding.
HiGM HiGR Hi-G makes the cell very heavy. It moves slowly and suddenly stops once the player let go the D-Pad or control stick buttons.
NoGM NoGR No-G makes the cell completely gravity-less. When the player stops moving it, it still moving slowly. This can help to go through narrow paths.
LightUpM LightUpR Light Up makes the cell bright and it lights up the place for ten seconds.
InvisibleM InvisibleR Invisible makes the cell invisible. With that, the player can pass through molecule grids and glass.
ShockM ShockR Shock gives the cell the ability of shoot rays while a D-Pad direction is hold. It stops once the button is let go. This can break metallic molecules and defeat enemies.
BurnM BurnR Burn makes the cell fiery and red. While in this state, it burns until it disappears. The player must use it to burn ropes and destroy objects.
Other molecules
Molecule Function
1MoleculePad Must be touched to end a level.
2CheckPointMS The player can use these to restart from that point when they lose an extra life.
3Tightrope The player can stick to these and move from one side to other (if sideways). The player can press up or down on D-Pad (if sideways) to be launched to the opposite direction.
4Blocking These block the way and hurt the cell if it touches them. They can be destroyed with certain power-ups.
5ShockLine These rays block some paths and hurt the cell if touched. They can only be destroyed with shock rays.
6ColorWarp The player must use these to warp from white to black in Reverse Road.

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