Mobius Legend: Four Heroes is a Nintendo Wii Sonic the Hedgehog game developed by Twenty-Second Choice, based on the concept of the Legend of Zelda game Four Swords.


Sonic the Hedgehog discovers a strange-looking Chaos Emerald lying in the grass of Green Hill Zone which is multi-coloured: the top is white, the upper middle is black, the lower middle is red, and the bottom is green. He grabs it, and sudednly he splits into four versions of himself, each with differing personalities and appearances. Dr. Eggman appears and reveals his plot to make Sonic weaker by making his power split into four different beings who should be unable to work together due to their conflicting personalities (which are all different parts of Sonic himself's personality). Dr. Eggman then teleports them to the Chaotix Realm and shatters the Four Emerald, sending Paladin to the Light Dimension, Asassin to the Shadow Dimension, Barbarian to the Anger Dimension and Scholar to the Puzzle Dimension then heads off to collect the Chaos Emeralds so he can conquer the world.

After finding all 4 cores the sonics are transported to their world... but their world had been transformed into the Nega World and the sonics must find the Four Emerald. After finding the four emerald they are caught by eggman who throws them back in time...



Each of the four Sonic's correspond with one of the colours from the Four Emerald and a different aspect of Sonic's personality.

  • Paladin - The leader, he represents Sonic's sense of justice and his conscience. He appears the same as Sonic but his quills point upwards like Super Sonic and his fur is a lighter blue. His eyes are also yellow.  He is the colour white from the Four Emerald. His stages revolve around stunts.
  • Assassin - The second in command, he represents Sonic's sadness, self doubt, and other emo-like emotions. He wears a black robe and hood, concealing his face, and has red lines across his arms. He is the colour black from the Four Emerald. His stages revolve around fighting.
  • Barbarian - Barbarian represents Sonic's anger, hatred, and the way he rushes into situations without thinking about them first. He appears the same as Sonic, but his fur is red and he is more muscly. He is the colour red from the Four Emerald. His stages revolve around speeding.
  • Scholar - Scholar represents Sonic's common sense, intelligence, and his cool and collected attitude. He appears the same as Sonic, but his fur is green, he always wears glasses and he carries a book. He is the colour green from the Four Emerald. His stages revolve around puzzles.


Paladin's Story (Light Dimension)

Energy Hills

Energy Ground

Light Chasm

Light Bridge

The First Trial

The Second Trial

Light Core

Assassin's Story (Shadow Dimension)

Fighting Hills

Battle Ground

Black Chasm

Chaos Bridge

First Deathly Challenge

Second Deathly Challenge

Shadow Core

Barbarian's Story (Anger Dimension)

Speedy Hills

Speedy Ground

Speeding Chasm

Speedy Bridge

First Speedy Challenge

Second Speedy Challenge

Anger Core

Scholar's Story (Puzzle Dimension)

Puzzle Hills

Puzzle Ground

Puzzle Chasam

Puzzle Bridge

First Puzzle Challenge

Second Puzzle Challenge

Puzzle Core

Final Story (Nega World)

Nega Green Hill Zone

Nega Marble Zone

Nega Spring Yard Zone

Nega Labyrinth Zone

Nega Star Light Zone

Nega Scrap Brain Zone

Nega Core

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