The world map of the planet Mobius.
Greater Location SEG-17
Current Capital N/A

Capital of Mobius: Mobotropolis

First Appearance Mario VS Sonic: Battle Royale
Current Ruler N/A

Mobius: Nigel Acorn

Current Inhabitant(s)
  • Antropomorphic animals
  • Eggman Family
Location Type Hyperverse
Included Environment(s)
Depends on multiverses and planets
Various multiverses, galaxies, solar systems and planet groups
Notable Resident(s)
Various Sonic characters

Mobius-6613 is a hyperverse where the events of Withersoul 235's Sonic fanfictions are set. It has many differences from the canon Sonic series. The franchise also regularly crosses over with the Mario series. Various comic characters (from both STC and Archie) appear as well.

It encompasses all sorts of media, ranging from comic books and video games to films, anime and manga to TV shows and graphic novels.

Differences from the canon series

  • Several characters' ages are different. Sonic is now 14 years old, Blaze and Silver are now 13, Tails is 11, Vector and Rouge are both 17, Charmy is 9, Marine is 8 and Cream is 7. Sally Acorn is also 14, as is Bunnie D'Coolette. Rotor Walrus is 21.
  • Eggman's real name is now actually Eggman and his middle name is Julian, resulting in the new full name of Ivo Julian Eggman/Ivo J. Eggman.
    • The name Robotnik is kept as a self-proclaimed nickname and as part of the name of Eggman's company, Robotnik International.
  • Eggman is also largely different in himself. Eggman was initially from the human world (our own universe) but discovered Mobius-6613 via a spatial manipulation machine and was tasked with colonizing it by the president of the USA. After two years of doing this, Eggman ultimately betrayed his commanders and worked independently.
  • Several main characters die at many points, but they're nearly always resurrected.
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