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Mizutai Male
150 lbs
27 years old Wolvegorian
Mizutai, the water wolf
POWERS Hydrokinesis


BIRTHDAY October 23th



Mizutai is a Wolvegorian with an simple goal and motivation: to find his corrupt brother and kill him. The character was introduced in Pink Lemonade during the Galactic Tour arc, crossing paths with the main characters while on Thorn's ship. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a "hero of another story" type of character that would serve as a interesting ally/antagonist for the group.

Mizutai is a Wolvegorian hailing from the planet of Oulara, which is surrounded in a black, toxic gas that was created by his corrupted brother. Having barely gotten out alive, Mizutai feels partially responsible due to him sharing a familial connection with the fiend that did this to the planet. As such, he sets out to kill his brother to put a end to his awful spell.


Mizutai is a blue Wolvergorian with white highlights in his fur, notably in his head crest, torso, and mouth. He also has black highlights of fur at the end of his arms and tail. He wears a armored chestplate and a pair of black and red water resistant pants with a cloak around his waist. He wears a black and white scarf around his neck and carries a katana in a sheath around his back. He additionally wears two leather shoulder guards.


Mizutai is a fierce warrior who doesn't let much get in his way, although can't help himself to do favors for people in trouble. Somewhat of a traveling hero, he is searching for his brother, although usually doesn't disclose his mission to murder said brother, which has led to some interesting interactions. He has a strict no-kill rule, preserving it for his brother. This is said to be a somewhat selfish and nonsensical desire of his, but he seems unwilling to even bend on this.

Mizutai has a somewhat mysterious past. While the only thing he has stated about his past is that his brother was corrupted and has killed a ton of people on his planet, further interactions with people who have met Mizutai in the past imply there may in fact be more going on. Mizutai can't seem to get specific details consistent about what happened to his planet, stating that either he and his brother are the last of the Wolvergorians or that most were evacuated prior to the attack- often shifting between these two details in specific in the same conversation.

Mizutai also has a liking for a certain kind of mushroom known as the Angella, which he crushes into bits and chunks before using it to treat to his wounds. This is said to be some sort of drug for him, as he appears to be in a trance like state after using it.


Mizutai is a mysterious character with a odd, jumbled past. The only consistent detail he has shared publicly is that his brother was corrupted through some sort of force and shrouded the planet in a black toxic gas that either killed everyone or most were able to escape the gas's effects. Additionally, such details as to whether his parents are alive or dead, whether he himself was there when his brother was corrupted, or even what his brother looks like, seems to wildly vary all the time.


Pink Lemonade

Powers and Abilities

Mizutai has the powers of Hydrokinesis and Aura, capable of bending water to his whims and uses Aura to further enhance his abilities. He also has skill in the katana, able to use it in conjunction with his water abilities and Aura.

Specific Abilities

Innate Combat Abilities

  • Hydrokinesis - Mizutai can tap into his Hydrokenesis, able to bend or shoot out water to his whims.
    • Water Jet - Mizutai can shoot water out from his palms. By having them face the ground, he can fire off water jets to shoot off the ground, giving him a odd form of "flight".
    • Water Bubble - Mizutai can form bubbles around his opponent to prevent them from attacking, although this requires complete focus.
    • Riptide - Mizutai can spin in a spiral in the air when it is raining.
    • River Ride - Mizutai can glide across the water seamlessly, able to move much faster than he can on land.
  • Aura - An innate energy that Mizutai can tap into. He can only tap into Aura from himself. His use of it mostly pertains to his existing abilities.
    • Aura Projecting - Mizutai can create energy waves and constructs using Aura Energy.
    • Aura Sensing - Mizutai can sense others that have tapped into Aura Energy. Mizutai can view surroundings even with a blindfold, also allows him to view right through some objects.
    • Aura Barriers - Mizutai can create barriers around himself to protect himself from other attacks- the only thing that can break the shield is Aura attacks that are evolved past his power level.
    • Half-and-Half Fusion - A odd Aura technique Mizutai is familiar with is Half-and-Half fusion, which allows him to fuse with another Aura user, with half of his body and half of the other fusee's body being used to form a brand new fusion capable of using both Aura pools and abilities while providing a small power boost.
    • Meijiora - A very advanced Aura technique that allows Mizutai to boost one of his attributes, of which he has chosen to boost his strength at the cost of his speed. He is surrounded in a red glow. This can stack with Half-and-Half Fusions.
  • Katana Wielding - Mizutai is quite skilled with a katana, although not to the absurd precision level Crow is.
    • Aether Strike - Mizutai spins his katana into the air before leaping up to grab it, slamming it into ground, which releases a sneaking, glowing shockwave attack into the ground.
    • Nether Strike - Mizutai slams his katana into the ground, which releases fissures around him as he perches on the katana.


Pinku Rozen



  • Mizutai is meant to be somewhat of a parallel to Zerita.
    • Both were looking for their brothers, although Mizutai wanted to kill his but Zerita wanted to just reunite with hers.
    • Mizutai takes after wolves while Zerita takes after cat-like creatures.
    • Both trained to learn Aura.
    • Water is used to contain radiation, as it can reduce it's power.