Mixx and Zero: Reploids of Dimensions
Author ToonMixxEX
PEGI: 12+

ERSB: E10+

Genre(s) Action, Slight Romance
Chapter(s) Unknown
Series Mixx and Zero
Prequel(s) None
Sequel(s) Mixx and Zero: Through a Network

Mixx and Zero: Reploids of Dimensions is the first fan fiction made by ToonMixxEX and the first in the Mixx and Zero series.


 Zero is wandering around, when he comes across an injured Reploid. After taking the Reploid back to the Resistance Base, Ciel recovers him and he wakes up, in a different dimension. He tells him his name is Mixx and that he is from an alternate dimension. In this dimension, all the inhabitants have been killed, but he, and some of his friends, were transformed into smarter versions of robots. Ciel finds out that this would be the first invention of Reploids existing. After a test against the Four Guardians, Mixx, Zero, Harpuia, Leviathan, Fefnir and Phantom are ready to fight!


Main Characters

These are characters that appear most of the time in the fan fiction.

Image Name Description First appearance
Mixx A reploid from another dimension, where they aren't called Reploids. He wields the Element Boomerang, which can use different elements, being regular, Air, Fire, Shadow and Ice. Unknown Reploid
600full-mega-man-zero-artwork.jpg Zero A legendary hero from legends. He wields the Z Saber which can embody with elements. Unknown Reploid
270px-Harpuia.png Harpuia The ex-Sage of Neo Arcadia. He uses the Wind Blades which can use Air powers. Unknown Reploid
270px-Leviathan.png Leviathan A master of water and ice elements. She wields the Aurora Halberd which can use water and ice powers. Unknown Reploid
270px-Fefnir.png Fefnir A guy obsessed with fighting and specializes in earth and fire. He wields the Flame Cannons which can are super strong. Unknown Reploid
270px-HPhantom.png Phantom An over-excited guy who his appareantly a ninja. He uses the Night Shuriken which can be thrown multiple times. Unknown Reploid
Skitz Mixx's best friend. He doesn't wield a weapon. but can fight with his speed. Some Relaxation
Ciel.jpg Ciel A scientist who appareantly has a crush on Zero, which is weird, as she is human and Zero is a reploid. Unknown Reploid
XSpirit.png X Spirit The spirit of X, the warrior who fought along side of Zero a century ago. He can sometimes possess our heroes to give them extraordinary extents to power.

Gemstone Mission

MMXtreme2Iris.png Iris A reploid from Zero's past, brought to life again by an experiment by Ciel.

Some Relaxation (No Talking)

Beach Party (Talking)


  1. Unknown Reploid
  2. Gemstone Mission
  3. Some Relaxation
  4. Beach Party


  • Though unintended, the last letters of the two fan characters in this series, Mixx and Skitz, match the heroes of the X series and the Zero series. If you take the last letter of Mixx, you get X. And if you take the last letter of Skitz, you get Z, which can also be linked to Zero.
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