Ditzy Koopa
Mitzy's current appearance
AGE 18
Karmagikoopa (boss/father), Ditzy Koopa (brother/partner)

Mitzy Koopa is the 6th boss of Super Yoshi Babies and Karmagikoopa’s “daughter”. She was created by accident when Karmagikoopa chanted the wrong words to a life form spell, birthing Mitzy and her brother, Ditzy Koopa. She was the boss of The Sweet Fruit Garden in Super Yoshi Babies.

Physical Appearance

Mitzy is a short, plump koopa with a tan snout, lavender eyes, and feathered paratroopa wings. She has a mole on her left cheek and poofy gold hair, and a small, blue bow on her head. She has long eyelashes and her shell is bright red and is covered with short, stubby spikes with purple rings around them. She wears bright red lipstick, and her skin is bright yellow.


Mitzy is shown to love playing jokes and pranks, and is quite clever and crafty. She is incredibly smart, even smarter than her brother, which she knows, but is humble about. She loves being cruel to Yoshis, but is known to be friends with Red Yoshi, who has a secret crush on her. She usually hangs out with Ditzy andScrewball. Mitzy likes to give herself makeovers and is always trying to invent fashion deviation. She says herself that she thinks she’s ugly, but simply laughed at herself.

Super Yoshi Babies

Mitzy made her debut in the game Super Yoshi Babies. She was the boss of The Sweet Fruit Garden where she kept Baby Orange Yoshi captive. She was defeated ny Yoshi and Baby Bowser. She later appeared beat up from battle in Karmagikoopa Klobber with the other bosses, and she gave all her power to Karmagikoopa to transform him into Super Karmagikoopa. She appeared again in the game’s credits.

Relationship with other characters


Karmagikoopa favors Mitzy and is always spoiling her to the point of doing whatever she says. He takes her to be a genius, always asking her opinion and giving her major roles in battle.  He always puts her ideas to use and preserves each bit of advice from her. Karmagikoopa cares about her the most, and never thinks she could screw up. Mitzy says, “[She] loves [her] dad and all, but he’s too hot-headed. He needs to stop acting like such a whiny, stuck- up loony tune.” Otherwise, Mitzy appreciates Karmagikoopa’s evil.


Mitzy enjoys pulling pranks with her brother, but finds he can go a bit too far on certain occasions. She likes to humor him when he is pretending to be better than her, though eventually tells him to “just knock it off”. She also says that he needs to “stop thinking it’s all about him”. Besides that, they’re very close friends.

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