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Mistress Nell
Mistress Nell, one of The Threat's many mooks.
AGE Unknown (Infinite)
The Threat (former girlfriend, leader)

Feint (fellow commander)
Avirl (fellow commander)
Querius (fellow commander)

Volt (enemy)
CLASS Threat Force Commander

Mistress Nell is one of The Threat's commanders and ex-girlfriend of The Threat. Unlike Feint, Nell never really got over the relationship and is still madly in love with The Threat to levels that make Leah Needlenam feel uncomfortable. Overly violent and compulsive, Nell will attempt kill anyone who tries to harm the Threat, or worse, get her attention.


Nell is a humanoid alien in a space suit. She has green hair that has two pinkish purple horns sticking out. She has black scleroses and yellow pupils, a clear nod to The Threat's own yellow eyes. She has three gooey tentacles sticking out of both her arms. She also has a oxygen mask that can be deployed if she is sent out into space, allowing her to breathe in space and not be harmed by space's effects.


Nell is driven by The Threat's well-being, placing The Threat before herself in any given situation and gets incredibly excited when she is acknowledged by The Threat. She becomes very upset if someone else catches her attention and will kill anyone that is also in love with The Threat, stating that she is the only one who can be with her. Harm to The Threat also merits this reaction, but maybe not as brash.


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Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Mistress Nell appears as a playable unlockable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory and was revealed on January 14th, 2018, making her the last addition to the base roster. She plays a key role in Act 2 and Act 3 of Days of Victory, with more details to come later.


The Threat

Former girlfriend, but still madly in love. It's implied that The Threat knows that Nell is still obsessed over her but as long it doesn't harm anyone she likes she doesn't care. Although Nell has attempted to call The Threat by her real name, The Threat tells Nell to use "The Threat" because that's what her enemies are more accustomed to, much to the appall of Nell.





  • Just as The Threat appears in three different outfits over the course of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, so does Nell, but on a lesser level. She appears in her normal outfit in Act 1, her cooking outfit in Act 2, and in her winter wear in Act 3.