Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Doom Dome Battle
Mode(s) Story, Co-op

Mission Alpha is an open-world rpg video game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo. It is a spin-off of Doom Dome Battle and takes place in the alternate future from which Cyberno.α comes from and focuses on her as its main character.


For the full story see: Mission Alpha/Story

It has been 15 years after Professor Pyrotic made his robot Ragnorok with which he destroyed most of Wildefort and took control of it. In this alternate future Cyberno.α was created by Denzel Pyrotic in order to stop his father by preventing him from conquering Wildefort in the first place. Alpha has to find the Paradox-and Time Machine in order to travel back to the past and restore the future.


Mission Alpha is an open-world RPG game in which you are able to move around in an open 3D-world environment. You have the underground rebellion HQ as your main hub where you keep returning to, and are send on mission to complete your main mission. At the start some locations are still locked off from Alpha but are unlocked as you progress.

Aside from the story missions there are several side quests that can be completed. NEO EXs are scattered all around Wildefort giving small missions, often to collect something in the area. Pixel also seems to roam through Wildefort, appearing in several places challenging Alpha in mini-games, in which she sucks Alpha into a database. Aside from them there are random NPC's who can give out side-quests which earns Alpha EXP.

In Mission Alpha, the player can level up by collecting EXP. These can be earned by defeating enemies, which are mainly robots, or by completing quests. Alpha receives updates when leveling up, raising her agility, power, defense and combo extension. Throughout the game she receives weaponry which she can install on her body by going to Denzel. These weapons are often earned after defeating a boss are completing a side-quest. It is the only way of learning new abilities in the game.

Alpha can perform attacks with the Ybuttonwiiu button which result into combos and jump with the BbuttonWiiU button. The XButton button allows Alpha to look around her, through objects, to spot enemies and place a mark on them. Lastly the AbuttonWiiU button will let her use her special weaponry, you can switch between these special weapons by using the control pad. The current weapon will be displayed in the bottom left corner.


This list contains three types of upgrades for Alpha. The Key Items, which are the main items Alpha has to collect in the games. The melee weapon between which Alpha can switch as her main weapon, and the special weaponry which can be used aside from the melee weapon.

Weaponry Description Obtained
Key Items
Paradox Machine Paradox Machine One of the main story items in the game. The Paradox Machine prevents Alpha from disappearing from existence when she alters the future in the past. Defeat Madarai
Time Machine Time Machine The Time Machine is one of the main story items in the game. With it Alpha can open time portals and travel to the past and future. Defeat Justin Bailey
MemoryFlask Memory Flash Drive The Memory Flash Drive is a flash drive originally belonging to Denzel Pyrotic which contains the memories of Alpha from her previous life. They were stolen before Alpha got to install them the first time. Defeat Ragnarok
Standard Weapons
Lightblade Light Blade The light blade is the main default weapon of Alpha that she uses to attack with. It is a quick blade which is made to cut through robots. Default
LightKatana Light Katana The light katana is a powerful weapon with good range, speed and power. It is considered the strongest weapon in the game. Complete Moving On
Lightax Light Ax The light ax is a heavier weapon than the blade which can be used to hack through heavier robots with stronger armor, but is slightly slower than the blade. NEO EX Quest
Lightrapier Light Rapier The light rapier is a quick and piercing weapon that Alpha can equip. The rapier is rather weak across the whole length and focuses its strength at the tip. Being a fast weapon with long range. It parries and can break through shields. NEO EX Quest
Lightsaw Light Chainsaw The light chainsaw is a heavy weapon which greatly lowers the agility of Alpha, but power comes in return. The chainsaw is similar to the axe in the stats department but the chainsaw can trap enemies in the attacks preventing them to be knocked back by, or escape the combo, allowing Alpha to rapidly deal damage. NEO EX Quest
LightWhip Light Whip The light whip is a decent long range weapon for Alpha to use. She can whip opponents at a much farther distance than with other weapons. It is also one of the more faster weapons, Alpha being able to rapidly whip with it. It however does very little damage. NEO EX Quest
Special Weapons
StunFist Stun Fist The Stun Fist is a half sphere which sends light shock to enemies to stun them shortly while fighting so Alpha can perform her combo again without interruption. Default
Grapplehook Grapple Hook The grapple hook can be equipped and used to grab and pull enemies towards Alpha, but also to grab onto ledges and pull herself up to heights she normally can't easily reach. NEO EX Quest
Xar's Lasergun Xar's Lasergun The lasergun of Xar gets installed in her and gives her the ability to shoot laser beams. They don't have much knockback but is one of Alpha's few long range weapons. Complete Good Old Hat
Pirate Bomb Pirate Bomb The pirate bomb is an endless supplies of bombs inside of Alpha which she can fire. The bombs don't shoot far but do roll away and detonate after a certain amount of time, releasing a toxic gas which effects enemies other than robots and vampires. Defeat Viviane
Regenerative Vampire Blood Regenerative Blood The regenerative blood is blood from a vampire which Alpha can use to heal herself. When activated she can't use her melee or another special weapon and leaves her vulnerable. Complete Undying
Frozen Heart Frozen Heart The frozen heart is the core of what gave Violet Snow her mutant ice powers. However it grants Alpha the ability to spray ice as her special weapon, temporarily freezing the enemies in place (time depending on the type of enemy) so she can attack them. Defeat Violet Snow
NEODrone NEODrone The drone hovers next to Alpha and occasionally shoots lasers at enemies dealing some damage, they however can be destroyed by enemies and don't have that much defense. Complete The Illuminating Pyramid
HanasBlessing Hana's Blessing Hana's blessing is a shield that protects Alpha from fatal blows. When she is hit with a blow that should destroy her, Hana's blessing restores all of her health, it has a large reload time however. Complete Transparent Love


There are a number of outfits available in the game that can be worn by Alpha and each have a special advantage. They only can be earned through the mini-games of Pixel, who also grants Alpha with these outfits. There is a total of eight outfits.

Cyberno.α - Sailor Cyberno.α - Slimsuit Cyberno.α - Gothica Cyberno.α - Arctic
Sailor Slimsuit Gothica Arctic
Endless swimming time. Boost in agility and higher jump. Boosts resistance against the undead. Cold resistance.
Cyberno.α - Kimono Cyberno.α - Alt Cyberno.α - Rubber Cyberno.α - Pixelator
Kimono First Lady Rubber Pixelator
Boosts resistance against magic attacks. Reduces reload time of special weapons. Boosts defense and electric resistance. Greatly boosts offense, defense & agility.


The game takes place in the future of the first Doom Dome Battle. The events of the second Doom Dome Battle haven't happened due to things turning out different in the first game. It is a post-apocalyptic Wildefort in which Professor Pyrotic rules supreme and his robots control society. It takes place around 15 years after the events of the first game. Wildefort is divided in two main parts, the futuristic center where Pyrotic is and a wreckage of what was where the rebellion is located.


Playable Characters

Cyberno.α is a gynoid whose origins of creation are a mystery with only knowing that Denzel Pyrotic created her to prevent his father from taking over Wildefort by travelling to the past. She embarks on a quest in this alternate future in which she was born to collect a Paradox-and Time Machine to complete her mission, but it doesn't seem to go as easy as she wants it to be and throughout her journey begins to learn more about who she used to be.

Non-Playable Characters

The non-playable characters appear in the game at certain areas. Some provide Alpha with missions, them being either story missions or side quests, while others appear as bosses in the game.

HumanIcon/RobotIconDenzel Pyrotic HumanIconCommander Wildefort
Denzel Pyrotic(Future) Mayor Wildefort(Future)
Denzel Pyrotic is the creator of Alpha. He is one of the people who leads the rebellion against his father. He was called in by Wildefort after he lost his position as mayor in the city. Denzel is person who gives out missions, install new weapons and Alpha and sends her upgrades when she levels up. Commander Wildefort is the leader of the rebellion against Führer Pyrotic. After losing his position as mayor in Wildefort he wanted to set things straight against and found a way to greatly extend his life span by putting himself in a robotic feline mech. He gives out many of the missions.
RobotIconNEO EX ComputerProgramIconPixel
NEO - Alt Pixel2.0
NEO EX are an improved version of the New Entertainment Operator, however strayed from its original design. NEO EXs an be found in all the areas and hand out side-quests, mainly to find an object in the area. Pixel still roams Wildefort from time to time especially with the chaos going on. She stays neutral but is seemingly supportive of Alpha. She plays minigames with her from time to time with a reward attached to it.
HumanIcon/RobotIconFührer Pyrotic HumanIconDolan Flump
Führer Pyrotic Dolan Flump
Führer Pyrotic is the main antagonist of the game. He didn't die during the first war but instead succeeded in letting Ragnorok destroy everything and claim control of Wildefort. He deployed robots of all kind throughout Wildefort to keep everyone in check.He has a few powerful robots which are scattered throughout Wildefort to do so. Dolan Flump is the current mayor of Wildefort, standing as Pyrotic's side. Pyrotic knew him from his younger days and needed Dolan's money to fund his new projects, which he gladly did in exchange for the position as leader in Wildefort. On Dolan's advice they build a wall around the center of Wildefort to keep rebels out.
RobotIconTerminus X9-2 RobotIconPopobot
Terminus X9-2 200x200px
Terminus X9-2 is still the loyal companion of Pyrotic, only this time around has gotten a few more upgrades. He is one of Pyrotic's strongest robots in the main rival of Alpha who fights him several times throughout the game. Popobot is one of the robots created by Professor Pyrotic. Is is a police robot who patrols the metropolis, apprehending anyone who trespasses or disobeys the laws created by Pyrotic. Unlike Terminus he doesn't have an own will and just does what he was made for.
RobotIconJeon Nam-Seok HumanIconDr. Abigail Pines
Jeon Nam-Seok 200x200px
Jeon Nam-Seok is a robot disguised as a human. He once was a NEO EX who seemed different from the others. His data-chip was taken out of him and placed in a android body by his creator which contained a special machine. Before his creator died she told him to never let anyone know who he truly is. Dr. Abigail Pines is a researcher and doctor who specialized in artificial intelligence. Once Pyrotic got the power in Wildefort she went undercover and joined Milli and Taisha. She is the creator of Jeon Nam-Seok and the Paradox Machine.
RobotIconRagnorok UnknownIconViviane
Ragnorok Viviane
Ragnorok is the biggest and strongest robot of Pyrotic who made is possible for Pyrotic to assume control in Wildefort. He is locked away by Pyrotic and only appears when Pyrotic is fought. Viviane, also known as the queen of the lake, is a deity who resides in Lake Lucas. She wields the sword Excalibur and has hydrokinesis powers. She stops anyone from reaching the research facility on the other side of the lake.
WitchIconCaptain Morgana DeceasedIconSpook
Captain Morgana Spook - Alt
Captain Morgana is a witch who formerly was a member of Giselle's coven. She left the coven when she found out about its corruption and followed her dreams of becoming a pirate. Spook who in reality is Samurai Jin, never passed on and remained in his cute ghost form. He became a crew member on the ship of Morgana, although always resides inside of the ship.
HumanIconMilli HumanIcon/ExtraterrestrialIconTaisha
Milli Taisha(Adult)
Milli became a member of the rebellion alongside Anton when Wildefort was taken over. Unfortunately Anton died during a scavenging quest which caused Milli to never return to the rebellion and instead tries to uncover the truth on her own. Taisha is a the daughter of Anton who long ago was kidnapped by the invaders and experimented on. At a certain age she returned back to Earth with her own space ship and became friends with Milli, bonding over the loss of a loved one.
HumanIconMirai DeceasedIconHanakatoba
MiraiDDB Hanakatoba
Mirai is the son of Samurai Koh who is currently deceased. Mirai is now the sole warrior of the clan, left with the task to bring justice in the world, despite his young age. Hanakatoba is a trapped spirit who assists, but mainly stalks, Mirai in his quest to bring justice. She crushes on him similarily to when she had a crush on Mirai's father, Koh.
WitchIconGiselle Pindar DeceasedIcon/WitchIconShaniqua
Giselle Pindar(Future) Shaniqua(Future)
Giselle Pindar is still the leader of her own coven, which everyone left. She now sits on the throne all day with little flying monkey minions awaiting for visitors to arrive. Shaniqua was a long time rival of Giselle inside of the coven. At some point Giselle wanted to get rid of her but instead turned her into a complete voodoo control completely under her control.
UnknownIconScarlet Blair HumanIcon/AngelIconEphraim
Scarlet Blair(Future) EphraimDDB
Scarlet Blair ascended to a higher position in the universe. She was approached by Bavarian to work together with her, to the anger of Giselle. Scarlet became his lover but eventually overthrew him and became the Illuminati deity herself, Giselle bowing down to her now. Ephraim is the son of Amaya and Joshua, a nephilim (half-angel and half-human). He is an orphan boy on the Surface who was taken in by the rebellion to fight alongside them.
HumanIconJustin Bailey ExtraterrestrialIconXar
Justin Bailey(Future) Xar(Future)
Justin Bailey is a bounty hunter who crashed with her space ship on her home planet Earth. She never was able to restore her ship and made it her base inside of the industrial area. She hunts down any rare species and either puts them on display as trophies or uses them for experimentation. Xar is one of the few extraterrestrials who was left behind on Earth after all the oter invaders escaped. He however found out his special ability, which was to KO people with one punch. He however got captured by Justin Bailey and was restrained for this reason.
VampireIconDracula VampireIconIvy Vines
Dracula - Prince Bucksalot Ivy Vines
Dracula assumed yet another new body throughout the years. This time he has claimed the vessel of Prince Bucksalot, he himself having died at the moment Dracula entered him. He is the leader of the vampires and is stationed in the Asian District, it being a hive for vampires nowadays. Ivy Vines is the lover of Dracula and always stands at his side. Even though she has an immortal body she dislikes being alive in what the world has become now, and secretly seeks release even though she still loves Dracula.
VampireIconFlint VampireIconSamurai Koh
200x200px 200x200px
Flint once was a model in Wildefort, appearing in many commercials and shows, until Pyrotic took over. His career was over and went to Dracula's castle and pleaded to make him a vampire so he could retain his youthful looks. Samurai Koh was a warrior from an ancient time who eventually settled down in our time and had a family, unfortunately it was attacked by vampires, Koh set out on a mission to eliminate them. This however failed and Koh was infected as a result, now being a loyal vampire as well.
MutantIconViolet Snow MutantIcon/HumanIconMadarai
Violet Snow(Future) Madarai(Future)
Violet Snow never enrolled in school and closed herself off even more. She build a whole castle of out ice on top of the mountain where few robots manage to survive. She has lost control over herself and became a cold-hearted killer to those who dare to approach her. Madarai was an abuser of chemicals as drugs. However no one helped him to stop this disguisting habit which caused him to overdose and turn into a hideous creature. He is locked up at the facility on the distant island, used as guard dog of the place.



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