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Full Name Jerry Gilbert
Current Age 28 (as of 2018)
Date of Birth January 3rd, 1990
Gender Male
Species Pikachu
Location New York City Outskirts
Align Heroic
Current Status Alive
Class Misfit
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies High intelligence, technological knowledge
Vulnerable To Combat
Nationality American
Height 1'4
Mission, Jer, Four-Eyes
First Appearance Aero & Beam

Jerry Gilbert, known to most by his codename Mission, is a Pikachu in his twenties and intelligence officer for the Misfits. Grouped alongside Aero, Beam, Blizzard, and Frostburn, he was a participant in the battle against E.N.D.O.

Mission's first appearance is as a supporting character in Aero & Beam. Reception for the character has been (TBA).


Mission looks similar to any other Pikachu, besides the rather serious look on his face and the lack of red spots that most Pikachu have on their faces. He also wears square glasses and has a checkerboard tie around his neck.


Early History

Jerry was born to a poor Pikachu family, and despite any discrimination or hardships in his life, received a scholarship at Columbia University for a computer sciences program. Upon graduation, he decided to join the Misfits instead of pursuing a more lucrative career, affected by years of growing up in an environment full of crime and villainy.

Aero & Beam

Opting to join as an intelligence officer for the Misfits, Jerry was deemed Mission, due to his efficiency and skill at tracking down possible cases. Assigned to a group that consisted of Aero, Beam, Blizzard, Frostburn, and him, he didn't easily get along with them but grew to enjoy their company. Helping the team several times, he was key to destroying E.N.D.O.


Mission is anti-social and quiet, preferring not to interact with people and focus on his work. He's also rather confident in his abilities, and while he doesn't voice it often, his egotism can make him come off as rather obnoxious sometimes. Due to these traits, he doesn't easily make friends.

However, Mission does have a good heart to him and is trying to help people and bring criminals to justice. While he doesn't show these traits off often, he also has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and is a pacifist, refusing to fight but understanding that violence is necessary to solve a problem occasionally.


Mission, having graduated from a prestigious Ivy League school with high marks, is incredibly intelligent and has a knack for computer sciences. He can hack into most security systems with ease, and with the assistance of a tablet he developed with Misfits assets, disable computers, jam guns, and affect all manners of technology.

Despite this, Mission is effectively useless in combat, due to his small size, lack of combat training, and dislike of fighting. While Mission is a useful asset when paired alongside a capable fighter, he's vulnerable for attack when alone.




  • Mission's first name is a reference to the author's version of Rubber, while his last name is taken from the first man to use the Latin root of electricity, William Gilbert.
  • Mission was originally a Pichu.