Misfits - Deadeye is an attempt at bringing the main Misfit's story to a close, and brings the main team back together with several new characters as they fight a new threat. The story takes place on the Bermuda city of Xeno after their close friend, Jared, is abducted. This character introduces new characters such as Niamh and Brooke Joyce, and is the first true introduction to the Joyce Family.

The story also depicts the supposed redemption of Former Four, after warring against the Misfits for years, however, he lost his reason to during the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory after he learns The Threat no longer cares for him. The story shows how he groups up with the Misfits to take down a threat to both of them.


Prologue Part I

The sound of heels clicking against a polished floor are heard, the scene rising up from the ground to reveal a woman with crimson-red skin and bright blue hair tied neatly up into a bun. She is carrying a suitcase and a satchel bag at her side. She walks across a hall filled with artifacts, approaching a large door. Without hesitation, she knocks, a slight smirk on her face. The door opens, and she walks towards a desk with a middle-aged man, with artifacts lined up against the walls. Two guards stand beside him, his office containg grand windows overlooking a large city. She swings the suitcase onto his desk, spinning it around and pushing it towards him.

???: I believe I have something that you might be interested in.

The man grins, wiggling his fingers, touching them against the bookcase and grinning.

Man: Thank you very much.. Brooke, isn't it?

The girl nods, her eyes focused on the suitcase.

Brooke: You can open it.. Can't you?

The man nods, opening his desk and pulling out a weird key. He pushes it into the suitcase, the top of the suitcase suddenly dissolving, revealing two glowing red knives with a set of circular objects beside them. The man gasps.

Man: Well, would you look at th-

Before he can finish his sentence, Brooke pulls a silenced pistol out of her bag, loading three bullets into his head. The man instantly collapses, a pool of blood pooling on his desk. The guards react, but Brooke fires at the first guard, who dies before he even hits the ground. The second man, hasty to react, pulls his gun out, Brooke firing a bullet into his arm. His gun drops to the floor, the main moaning in pain. She walks over to him, putting her foot into his chest, kicking him into the window, which instantly shatters, the man flying out of the window, screaming.

Brooke: Idiots.

She chuckles, walking over to the two knives. Suddenly, the two circular objects attach to her palms, gloves forming around them, the knives instantly flying into her hands. She grins, spinning one knife around.

Brooke: Phoenixean tech, that's always a nice surprise.

She looks around the room, wide-eyed.

Brooke: I can't just leave all these artifacts to be destroyed.

She walks over to a black and red facemask, smashing through the glass and taking it off of its pedestal, grinning.

Brooke: This idiot, flaunting all of his artifacts. Rich bastard never thought that someone would come and take it all, huh?

She puts the facemask on, the mask making a loud popping sound as an exosuit surrounds Brooke, primarily black, with a coursing red lines going down. She puts her hand back on the facemask, the exosuit quickly retracting back into the facemask. She nods, throwing the mask into her bag.

Brooke: One more thing..

She walks over to a set of two glowing vials, filled with a bright blue rock of sorts. She chuckles, holding them up.

Brooke: Raw Sentelenium, huh? This could be sold a lot on the market.

She grabs them without second thoughts, throwing them into her bag with the mask.

Brooke: I think that's it.

She walks back out the door, walking back down the walkway, everything quiet. Suddenly, she stops, quickly turning around, Former Four standing behind her.

Former Four: I see, you had the same idea that I had.
Brooke: And, I had gotten here before you. I've already gotten everything I need, I'm done here.
Former Four: I'm not.

Former Four bangs his staff on the ground, a shockwave sending Brooke flying backwards. She lands on her feet, barely catching herself. She grunts, grabbing the facemask from her bag and putting it on, the exosuit wrapping around her.

Brooke: Should've known it wouldn't be easy.

Brooke sighs, pulling out her pistol. She loads the rest of her magazine into Former Four, the bullets simply hitting him, seemingly leaving no mark.

Former Four: I'm not made out of tin foil, you idiot.

He raises the bottom of his staff towards her, an electric pulse slamming into her chest, sending her flying backwards. This time, she falls back, not rolling in time to recover. She calls out in pain, looking as Former Four leaps toward her. Instantly, the glowing red knives fly to her hands. She slams her hands together, the knives forming a regular-sized sword, just in time to block Former Four's overhand swipe with the staff.

Former Four: Oh! Phoenixean tech, clever.

Brooke leaps back upwards, swiping several times at Former Four, who swiftly backs up, dodging the attack. Former Four swings the staff around, swiping at her mercilessly, however, she finds a flaw in his attack, pushing her sword through the line, slightly jabbing him in the arm. He jumps backwards, barely keeping his grip on the staff. He grunts, swinging his scythe around to the back side, pushing it towards Brooke.

Brooke: Oh, I don't think so.

She pushes her sword into the scythe, the lightning not even effecting it. Former Four backs up, giving Brooke just enough time to get a slice in. She successfully slices at him, the sword going clean through his right eye, leaving a cut across his face. He grunts, backing up and swinging his staff alarmingly at Brooke. She blocks one of his hits, leaving him off guard, his chest exposed, just enough time for her to bring her blade right into his chest, the other side bursting out from Former Four's back.

Brooke: Good fight.

Former Four looks at her, then collapsing to his hands and knees, his staff dropping to the ground with a metallic clang.

Brooke: I like how you fight, Former Four. I don't think you deserve to die, but you do need a fair warning to tell you to stay the fuck away from my work. I do, however, want one thing from you.

She smiles, grabbing his staff and spinning it around, nodding.

Brooke: This is a nice weapon, I'll be taking it. Hell, maybe I'll even flaunt it like these idiots.

She slams the bottom of the staff on the ground, electricity exploding outward, sending Former Four flying back, landing with a thud. He raises his head, looking up to her.

Former Four: You.. you piece of shit.
Brooke: Until we meet again.

Brooke grins, walking away, ignoring Former Four's insults. She presses something on her chest.

Brooke: I'm ready, detonate the charges.

It cuts to the outside of the building, where a large explosion bursts outward, shrapnel falling to the ground below. It then cuts back to the hallway, where the door at the end explodes outward, the hallway filling with smoke and fragments of metal. Former Four covers his head, yelling out. It cuts to Brooke, walking out on the street. People look at her, whispering to others as she carries Former Four's staff on her back. It then cuts back to Former Four, who limps out of the building, collapsing to the steps and leaning back, shaking his head.

Former Four: That's not the best outcome I could've had.

He sighs, putting his hand to the hole in his chest, then slamming his fist on the concrete. It cuts to black.

Prologue Part II

Brooke walks through a large club, carrying a small suitcase with guards walking beside her. She looks around, seeing all the people talking and dancing.

Brooke: What kind of shitty idea was it to make the deal here?

She sighs, looking over to a table, a blue sticky note lying on the side of the table.

Brooke: There it is.

She points to the table, walking over to it and sitting down, the man, finishing a drink, sets it down and sighs, looking up at her, a hoodie over his head.

Man: You have what I requested?

Brooke nods, popping open the suitcase and showing him the two vials of raw sentelenium. He chuckles, pulling two spherical objects out and setting them on the center of the table. They start flashing light blue.

Man: There's your payment.

She looks at him, puzzled. Suddenly, the objects explode, sending everyone around the table flying. The man flies over a railing, stumbling over. Brooke flies out, slamming into a table, stumbling upward and growling. All of her guards aiming at the railing. Suddenly, a group of people sitting at a table stand up, pulling out guns and aiming at the guards.

Brooke: It's a setup!

The man takes his hoodie off, revealing Jared. He sighs, pulling out his desert eagle and shooting down two of the guards. Before he can get shot, he drops downwards, bullets whizzing past his head.

Jared: This isn't gonna be easy, is it?

He shakes his head, reloading his weapon. It cuts to Brooke, who pulls out her two knives, throwing it at one enemy who rushes towards her. She leaps towards him, kicking him back and grabbing his weapon. She guns down two more guards, looking to her side, and throwing a knife at an oncoming guard, who is dead before he even hits the ground.

Brooke: God, this is pathetic.

It goes back to Jared, who stands back up, firing at several guards, dropping them. He then looks to Brooke, who begins running towards him. She puts her facemask on, the exosuit instantly covering her whole body. Jared attempts to fire at her, realizing his gun is out of ammo. He groans, reaching into the back of his jacket and pulling out a bright gold sword.

Jared: Nope, not gonna be easy at all.

Brooke brings her hands together, the knives forming into a sword, she leaps over the railing, landing beside Jared, and swinging at him. Jared parries the shot kicking her in the gut and causing her to lurch backward. He swings vertically at Brooke, who leaps back, bringing her sword around and nearly hitting Jared in the face.

Brooke: You fraud! This could've been an easy trade, but you had to pull off some kind of trick.

Brooke begins violently swinging at Jared, who continually leaps backwards. She grunts, the sword splitting back into two knives. Jared ducks as she lobs the knives at him. They fly past his head, embedding themselves deep into a wall. She reaches out for the knives, but they're stuck in the wall. She shakes her head, ducking as Jared swings at her.

Jared: Looks like you've messed up!

Brooke smirks, kicking Jared in the side of the chest, then tackling him to the ground, causing him to drop his sword, which skids across the floor. Jared looks back at his sword in panic, looking back at Brooke.

Brooke: Not this time, no.

Jared swings his fist right into the side of Brooke's head, knocking her to the side. She leaps back up, slightly dazed, giving enough time for Jared to stand back up, punching her right in the gut. She grunts, pushing him back, and punching him in the chest with enough force to send him over the railing. She leaps over the railing, pivoting to face him.

Jared: Just can't give me a break, huh?
Brooke: Not when you tried to steal from me.

Jared, now standing up, weakly throws a punch at Brooke, who dodges it, then punching Jared square in the face, knocking him to the ground instantly. He looks around, dazed.

Brooke: The best part was, that you thought you could win.

She chuckles, taking her facemask off, the exosuit dissapearing. She spits out blood, looking down and chuckling.

Brooke: You got a few good hits on me, though.

She kneels down, looking at him

Brooke: But now, you're gonna sit in a cell for a long time. Ever been to the Bermuda?

It cuts to Brooke and her surviving guards walking ontop of a roof, with a large quadcopter sitting there. A platform drops down, and she walks up, with guards, carrying a restrained Jared, into the ship. The ship then takes off.

Brooke: Lets get out of this shitshow.

It cuts to black, then cutting back to the inside of the ship, where Jared is tied up, sitting in a chair. He looks around, noticing his sword, and Four's staff, in a box. He raises an eyebrow, looking around. Brooke looks over to him, laughing.

Brooke: You're awake! I guess I should show you my place.

She presses a button, and Jared's chair moves out to the front of the helicopter, Jared looking out the window to see a massive island, filled with black and blue skyscrapers.

Brooke: My humble abode, welcome to Reon, Bermuda.

The quadcopter lands on one of the highest buildings. It cuts to a black woman with goggles on, and a crossbow on her back. She raises an eyebrow, the goggles zoomed into Brooke escorting Jared down into the building.

Woman: Isn't that..?

Suddenly, she turns around, and a guard is pointing a gun at her head, she sighs. It cuts back to Brooke, who is rolling Jared around in a chair.

Brooke: I'm the president of this small.. country of sorts, and this is my grand building. You're gonna be one of the lucky people to stay here, it's gonna be fun. Maybe not for you, but it will for me.

She grins, pressing her hand against a door that almost instantly opens. She pushes him into a room, putting him right in the middle.

Brooke: You're gonna stay here. We'll feed you, don't worry about that. However, you'll have a long time to think about what you've done.

She pats him on the back, walking away, waving at him before she leaves. He groans, leaning his head back. It then cuts back to the girl, who is still at gunpoint.

Woman: Hold up! I have permission to be up here, just let me get it.

The man nods, and the woman reaches for something in her pocket, pulling it out.

Woman: Here.

She throws the small sack at the man, and the sack explodes outward into a net, tangling the man up and shocking it. He falls down, electrocuted. The woman chuckles, looking at him.

Woman: Nice.

Suddenly, someone starts talking through an ear-piece

???: Niamh, you almost done scouting?
Niamh: Yeah, yeah, I'll be back soon.

She sighs, looking back at where the quadcopter was.

Niamh: Mrs. Leverletto would probably like to know about that.

Act I

Chapter I

Melissa walks through the Misfits headquarters hallway, wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants, looking dazed. She knocks on a door, someone yelling for her to come in. She walks in, looking at Birnstone, who is sitting there. Birnstone suddenly straightens up, looking at her.

Birnstone: Melissa! What are you doing here?

Melissa sits down, leaning back.

Melissa: I've gotten a few tips from a friend in the Bermuda that that one alien chick is holding a specific phoenixean hostage.
Birnstone: A friend in the Bermuda?
Melissa: Yeah? Just because I'm not a Misfit anymore doesn't mean I'm not keeping track of things. Because of some bullshit time zone differences, Niamh, my friend, woke me up at 3 AM to tell me about this.

Birnstone nods, looking over to her monitor.

Birnstone: So, that "alien chick".. Brooke?
Melissa: Yeah, I think so, at least. I doubt there's another alien that owns an empire in the Bermuda.

Birnstone shrugs, tapping at the monitor.

Birnstone: You never know.

Birnstone leans towards the monitor, looking towards Melissa.

Birnstone: What are we supposed to do about this, though?
Melissa: Well, I was hoping you all could just get a team together and just pillage the whole town and get our idiotic friend back.
Birnstone: You didn't plan on helping?
Melissa: I gave you the tip, didn't I? I'm done being a hero.
Birnstone: ..You're not even gonna save a friend, huh?
Melissa: We all agreed we'd part ways.
Birnstone: And yet, you're here, helping me, but you're gonna just leave another friend?

Melissa sighs, crossing her arms.

Melissa: You're not gonna let me get out of this, huh?

Birnstone shakes her head. Melissa shrugs.

Melissa: I'm doing this reluctantly, I don't like being the hero anymore.
Birnstone: I know.
Melissa: Whatever, you gonna get a plan together?
Birnstone: We need to get the original team back together, I'd say.
Melissa: That's cliche, and it's not gonna work out.
Birnstone: Why? Why so negative?
Melissa: I don't wanna be negative, but Topzy is basically off the grid, and Aran's in jail.
Birnstone: Why the hell is he in jail?
Melissa: I don't know the specifics, he's been in there for a week or so and, I kind of want him back. Gets lonely in the house. Nobody else knows about it but me, I told him I'd keep it secret.
Birnstone: I'll.. see if I can get him out. And, Topzy isn't technically off the grid, I'm still tracking her.
Melissa: ..Seriously, Birnstone? That's fucked up.

Birnstone shrugs.

Birnstone: I never know what she will do, but it seems like she's become a bartender, trying to live a normal life.
Melissa: That's weird for Topzy.
Birnstone: That's what I thought.
Melissa: Whatever. So, I'll try to get Topzy, and you can get Aran out of jail?

Birnstone nods.

Birnstone: I have my ways.
Melissa: Best of luck, I guess.

Birnstone nods. Melissa stands up and walks out, walking away. As she walks, blue particles fly around her, transforming her casual wear into her normal apparel. Sunglasses form in her hand and she puts them on, sighing.

Melissa: This is gonna suck, huh?

It cuts back to Birnstone, sitting in her office. She looks up, and Former Four is standing there, towering over her. She looks around, alarmed.

Former Four: Wait. I'm not here to kill you. I'm done doing that. I overheard your guys' conversation.
Birnstone: ..Why the hell are you here?
Former Four: Calm down. That.. Brooke.. she stole my staff, I want it back. I'm not helping you because I like you, but I do want my staff back. I'm offering my assistance to you.
Birnstone looks up at him, confused.
Former Four: I'm trying to be sort of nice, it seems this isn't working out.

Birnstone shakes her head.

Birnstone: No, no. It's just weird, you once wanted us all dead, and now.. you want to help us?
Former Four: Not because I like you guys, I'm doing it because its beneficial to me.

Birnstone chuckles, looking up at him.

Birnstone: We've got ourselves a deal. The second you do something against us, the whole team will turn against you.
Former Four: Haha, like you guys could stop me.
Birnstone: We've done it, many times.

Former Four stops laughing, looking at her coldly.

Birnstone: Truth hurts, Four.

Melissa walks into a bar, looking around. Music is faintly playing in the background, basically drowned out by talking. Melissa is wearing glasses, hiding her bright blue eyes behind dark lenses. She walks over to the bar table, sitting at a bar stool and looking around. Suddenly, Topzy, who had grown her hair out a bit longer, walks over, her hair tied up into a ponytail. She is also wearing glasses. She looks at Melissa unknowingly.

Topzy: Hello there.

Melissa lowers her glasses down, looking at Topzy and smirking. Topzy steps back, alarmed.

Melissa: Hey.
Topzy: What the.. Melissa? Why.. why the hell are you here?
Melissa: Several reasons, but before we talk, I kind of want a drink.

Melissa chuckles, leaning on the table. It cuts to Melissa, with a drink in her hand. She sets her sunglasses down, looking at Topzy.

Melissa: We, uhh, kind of need your help.
Topzy: No, no no. You told us that we were done, I'm done with all that bullshit.
Melissa: As am I, but this is much more urgent.

Topzy raises an eyebrow.

Melissa: That Brooke bitch, Jared got himself into trouble with her, and now it seems like she's taking him hostage.

Topzy groans.

Topzy: Oh! Leave it to Jared to fuck things up, what an idiot.
Melissa: Seriously, Topzy. We're outnumbered, we need your help.
Topzy: I don't know about you fuckers, but I have a real life now, I have a girlfriend, I have a job, I have FUCKING priorities now, so why should I throw this all away to save some idiot? Here I was, thinking you'd be the one person to support this, seeing as you "don't want to be the hero", but that's just some bullshit, isn't it, Melissa?
Melissa: Topzy.
Topzy: How does this benefit me whatsoever, Melissa. Just, enlighten me.
Melissa: You're helping a good friend! This won't even get any publicity, we're saving someone WE care about. And, I'd say its an obligation to help people out that have saved you COUNTLESS times.

Topzy sighs, leaning behind her and taking her glasses off. She wipes her eyes.

Topzy: I'll get fired from my job, and I don't want to leave my girlfriend all alone.. I..
Melissa: We'll get the job thing worked out. And I'm absolutely sure your girlfriend will be fine. The team needs you, we all need your help.

Topzy looks at her, wiping her eyes once again.

Topzy: Fine, but I need one day to get ready, I can't just leave instantly. I just need some time with my girlfriend, I have no idea how long we'll be away.

Melissa nods, grinning.

Melissa: I guess we're back together. Topzy and Melissa, going out and trying to save our dumb friend.

Melissa chuckles, putting her hand up. Topzy faintly smiles, giving her a high five.

Chapter 2

Aran is sitting in a jail cell, his robotic arm missing. He looks around the room blandly.

???: So, why are you in here again?

Aran looks over to the man sitting on the other side of the room shrugging.

Aran: Reasons.

The man rolls his eyes, Aran ignoring him, continuing to watch the outside of the cell.

Aran: Well, this sucks.
Man: Mhm.

Suddenly, an alarm rings for a few seconds and Aran's cell door opens up. He looks to the man beside him, puzzled. A guard peers in and points to Aran.

Guard: Leverletto, c'mon.
Aran: ..What?

It cuts to Aran walking through a hallway, the guard behind him.

Guard: Have no idea what happened, but you're out of here. Don't do anything stupid again.

Aran nods, still confused. He walks out a door, seeing Birnstone standing around.

Aran: Birnstone.. What the hell?
Birnstone: It's your lucky day, Aran.

She holds up his robotic arm, tossing it to him. He grabs it, putting it on.

Aran: Why, though?
Birnstone: There's a good reason.

It then cuts to them driving in a car, Aran driving.

Birnstone: So, you wanna explain why you were in jail?
Aran: No, not really.

Birnstone shakes her head.

Aran: Anyways, why do you want to get me out of prison?
Birnstone: Jared got into a bit of trouble in the Bermuda, and we need to get him out. A little Misfits get-together, I guess.
Aran: ..And you got Melissa in on this?
Birnstone: Very reluctantly, yes, but she's ready. We're seeing if we can get Topzy.
Aran: Huh. I guess I'm obligated to join, I can't just let my wife go on a mission without me.
Birnstone: Yeah, I expected that. You're not one to shy away from a battle, either.

Aran grins, chuckling.

Aran: So.. Do we have a plan?
Birnstone: Not.. exactly?

Aran raises an eyebrow

Topzy is looking through her clothes, holding her old black robe. She throws it to the side, opening her closet and looking at her other clothes, grinning. She grabs a red coat and a utility belt. It then cuts to Melissa sitting in Topzy's house, drinking a cup of coffee and leaning on the side of a table. She watches Topzy, as she talks to her girlfriend.

Topzy: I'm really sorry I have to leave, Skylar.

Skylar hugs Topzy tight, both of them sighing.

Skylar: No, you have to do this. I'll just miss you.. Keep yourself safe, alright, Rachel?

Topzy nods, hugging her once again. Melissa sits there, trying not to look awkward. Topzy stops hugging her, patting her on the shoulder, trying to hold back tears.

Topzy: I'm gonna miss you.

Skylar looks at her, smiling as much as she can. It then cuts to Melissa and Topzy walking out the door, both of them silent. Melissa looks to her to say something, but stops. They get in the car, and it cuts to them driving.

Melissa: Sorry that you had to do that.

Topzy doesn't reply. Melissa sighs, looking back to the road.

Topzy: Who knew, you could get bored of saving people.
Melissa: Yeah..
Topzy: This.. sucks.

Melissa nods.

Melissa: And it's not gonna get any better.

Brooke spins her knife around, grabbing Jared's shoulder and pressing the knife to his arm, pushing it in. Jared winces, Brooke staring him straight in the eyes, a sinister grin across her face.

Brooke: Jared, Orlevo, King and final survivor of the Phoenixean race, huh?

She slowly drags the knife down his skin, still grinning at him.

Brooke: You don't fight, nor do you act, like a king.

She retracts the knife, admiring the blood on it.

Brooke: No king would steal.

She places her finger on the knife, wiping most of the blood onto her finger. She chuckle, pressing her bloodied finger on her forehead, and creating a line of blood from her forehead down to her chin. Jared looks at her, confused.

Jared: You're insane.
Brooke: You don't know the definition of insanity, Jared. I've seen many things in my life, and this only scratches the fucking tippy-top of the iceberg! This world is cruel and it's not gonna get any better, I'll tell you that.

She slams her knife into a desk beside her, the desk rattling.

Brooke: And it's not gonna get any better for you.

She walks back up to him, her face only centimeters away from his, her seemingly lifeless blue eyes staring into his soul.

Brooke: I'm trying to make a difference. Aand, as you can tell. I'm doing that.

She grins, standing up and walking away, the knife still embedded in the desk. Jared looks around, still wide-eyed.

Jared: I need to get out of here..

Chapter 3

A man is seen at a grocery store, putting things into his cart. It then shows his face. It's an older man, with a scar across his cheek. It then cuts to a car pulling up to a mansion, and then the man getting out. It then cuts to him, in his house, sitting in a chair. He then looks up, surprised. Aran is standing in the hallway, looking at him.

Aran: Uhh, I was let in.

The man looks at him, confused, and then smiles.

???: Ah, Mr. Leverletto, isn't it?
Aran: Yes, and you must be Luther. Pioneer of Sentelenium.
Luther: Hardly a pioneer. I only merely brought it to the public, to us humans. But you, you are the main innovator of it all.
Aran: I'd hardly say that.
Luther: It's a pleasure to meet you.
Aran: And you too.
Luther: So, Aran, you must have a reason that you are here, yes?
Aran: Yes, it's a bit of a favor to ask, but I need some help with a schematic.

Former Four and Melissa are walking around a hangar. They approach a quadcopter, both of them looking at it.

Melissa: So, this thing will get us there.
Former Four: Simplistic enough. Seems lightweight, though. I don't know if we'll be able to get to the city without being blown to bits.
Melissa: I dont think we plan to use this as an attack vehicle. Maybe just a way to get us there faster.
Former Four: Very well.
Melissa: We're supposed to meet King Ash in the Bermuda first. We're hopefully getting some assistance from him.
Former Four: That'll just take even longer.
Melissa: In this fight, we'll need all we can get.
Former Four: We can't take her on hand-to-hand, you know. Knowing her, she's gathered more and more artifacts. There's one reason she inhabited that island. That's because she can steal all she wants and hide away, nobody knowing where these things went.\
Melissa: She's truly crooked.

Former Four nods, looking at the quadcopter once more.

Brooke is standing on top of a building, with several people standing beside her. The people behind her begin to attach electronics to her exosuit. She looks over to one of them, confused.

Brooke: ..What?
???: Combat suit, it'll help you,

A girl walks up behind her, holding a tablet.

Brooke: I don't need a suit to take all of these people on.
???: The core you're grabbing is too powerful for you to just grab it. It'll help you in that way, and make wiping them out even easier.
Brooke: And, this will help us in our journey?
???: Mhm.
Brooke: Alright, Professor. I'm trusting you.

Brooke jumps down from the building, looking over to another one. It's quite bland, with what seems like cardboard covering the windows. She grins, running towards it. She leaps up, smashing through the window and revealing two men, guarding a door.

Brooke: Hello!

She looks at her arms for a second, confused. She then dives behind a broken down desk, sighing.

Brooke: How the hell do I use this?

She slaps her arm, a shield of sorts appearing on her arm, she grins, leaping out from over the desk. She rolls towards the first guy, sweeping his legs out from under him and knocking him out. She puts her shield out towards the other enemy, running towards him and slamming the shield into his face. He backs up, dazed. She presses a button on her wrist and a small knife pops out. She jabs it straight into the man's neck.

Brooke: God, this suit sucks.

Brooke shakes her head, opening the door. She walks over to a glowing purple sphere, looking at it.

Brooke: Peerfect.

While she's walking over to it, a larger man, holding a strange weapon, stands up and charges up the weapon. She looks over, popping her shield up once again. The weapon fires an electric beam at her, the shield dissapearing and sending her flying across the room. She slams into the wall and hits the ground, groaning.

???: You shouldn't be here.
Brooke: Neither should you. Stand down.
???: What an ego. You really think you're gonna bring me down?
Brooke: I know I can bring you down, punk.

The man looks up, a neon drawing of skeleton turning on, as well as a ski-mask covering his face.

Brooke: Wow, look at you, neon lights, huh? That can't help you see.
???: That clunky suit can't help you much, either.

Brooke laughs, backing up as the man charges at her. He throws a punch, which she dodges. Almost instantly, he throws another punch right into her stomach. She jumps back, groaning.

???: The name's Fission, you must've heard of me, right?
Brooke: Not caught up on all the new heroes nowadays. And that's.. a really stupid name.
Fission: I ain't a hero, honey.
Brooke: And neither am I.

Fission swings a few punches at Brooke, which she dodges. She punches him in the chest, sending him back a few steps.

Brooke: You know, you are a good fighter.

Fission laughs, attempting to punch Brooke. She stumbles back once again, listening into something through an earpiece.

Brooke: You know, it's been a good fight, but..

Brooke runs over to the orb, grabbing it and running out the door and through the whole in the window.

Brooke: Good fight though! Maybe you should lose the neon skull, y'know. A burnt up face will look a lot cooler.
Fission: ..What? Get back here!

Suddenly, the whole building erupts into flames. It then cuts back to Brooke, back on top of the building.

Brooke: This suit sucks, Professor. Now, let's get out of here before we get attacked.

It cuts back to the burning building, with an unconscious Fission lying out back, a hole in the wall. His face is singed and his neon skeleton nowhere to be seen. His eyes suddenly open up, and it cuts away.

Aran looks at the new robotic arm he and Luther have constructed, grinning.

Aran: That's perfect. Thanks for the help Luther.
Luther: No, no. Thank you, I've learned many new things today.
Aran: As have I.
Luther: You know, if you ever need anything else, I'll be here. I don't go any other place, really.
Aran: I might just have to take up that offer. But, as of now, I'm on a mission. Now, that vest, let's check that out.

Aran grabs the new robotic arm and walks over to the desk, looking at a metallic vest with what looks like small thrusters on the back.

Aran: Well, time to test it out.

Aran puts his new arm on, grinning. He then grabs the vest and puts it on, pressing a button. A metallic helmet, looking almost like a futuristic motorcycle helmet, suddenly appears out of seemingly thing air. He grins.

Luther: It's a new technology I've coined. Digital reconstruction through little drones. Super expensive, but it works like a charm. Works like a dream for packing things like that up. It's all based on a schematic, so don't get the middle of the vest damaged too much. It's only a prototype!
Aran: It's more than good enough, Luther. Many thanks.

Luther nods, it then cuts to Aran, walking into the hangar, with Birnstone behind him. He looks at Topzy, Melissa, and Former Four.

Aran: So, we're ready?
Topzy: Mhm. So, now we go get King Ash, huh?
Birnstone: Exactly.
Former Four: Well then, let's get going, then.

It cuts to them flying away, and then the view flips backwards, seemingly transforming into the Magma Sentinels' Island. They land on a landing pad a little ways outside the city, and they all get out. Aran holds his arm out at Former Four, stopping him.

Aran: They're not gonna let you in the city.

Former Four sighs, walking back into the ship. Topzy shrugs, walking back with him.

Topzy: I'll keep an eye on him.

Aran laughs, walking by Melissa.

Aran: She's the last person I'd want watching our greatest enemy.
Melissa: They'll blow something up by the end of the day.

They approach the gates, and the guards look at them, opening the gates for them. They begin walking through the roads, and a Magma Sentinel stops them, looking almost nervous.

???: Birnstone! Thank gods you're here.
Birnstone: Magmal. What's going on?
Magmal: In my years of serving the King, nothing like this has occurred ever. The King, he's gone. So are his guards.
Birnstone: What? No, no..
Magmal: We don't know what happened, but you must be here for a reason, I do need your help. The Council is waiting to speak with me, and I need your assistance.

Melissa turns around, grabbing Aran's arm.

Melissa: This is gonna postpone our attack.
Aran: Yes. But this is very urgent. I don't know if we can stay here for long.

Aran turns around, and Birnstone is gone.

Aran: Damn.. I'll have to talk to her about it.. Just enjoy the time you're here.

Melissa nods, kissing Aran and walking away. Aran sighs, putting a hand to his face.

Aran: This fight won't be easy.


Act 2

Chapter 1

The act begins with a black and white screen starting up, cutting to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the screen flickers for a moment, with light voices in the background.

FDR: Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

It cuts to an overlook of a large city, then cutting back to the speech.

FDR: Nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.

The screen goes black, with white text suddenly appearing, saying “ACT II BEGIN”. It then cuts to a large mountain cliff, zooming in towards someone’s hand, grabbing one of the the rocks and hoisting themselves up onto a ledge. Melissa looks around, taking a deep breath and looking at the foggy city of the Magma Sentinels in front of her. It then cuts to black, and the voice of many people begin to pitch in

???: Silence, Silence!

It then shows a large table with many Magma Sentinels sitting around it. Birnstone looks around, uneasy.

???: Now, I know this is a very urgent matter, but we all must be civilized.

A sentinel then pitches in.

Sentinel: Magmal, how does one lose a king and his whole damned group of guards?

The room then, once again, bursts into chaos, with people yelling out even louder now. Birnstone sighs, standing up and raising her hand.

Birnstone: Quiet the damn room! You all don’t have to be here! I could kick all of you out and talk to Magmal privately myself.

The room slowly grows quiet. Birnstone looks to Magmal and nods.

Magmal: Now, the loss of our king is nothing to take easy. We are sending out groups to find him.
???: It was probably those bloody Netherbroods. A pitiful race.
Magmal: It could be anything, we don’t know yet. The one thing we do know...

Points out the window to a volcano, with a castle built on top of it

Magmal: Is that the beacon has not shined its lights yet. That means he is still alive. But, it is of the utmost importance that we figure out where he is. Without a leader, we are all nothing.
???: Sir? What if he doesn’t come back?
Magmal: Well, then I have failed the very task our King assigned me to.
Birnstone: Do we know where he was at last?
Magmal Last anyone else had seen him, Miss Birnstone, he was in the castle
Birnstone: It couldn’t have been Netherbrood. They wouldn’t attack the castle directly. There’s one person that might’ve done it.
???: And who would this be?

Birnstone looks towards him. It then cuts to Brooke, wearing a black dress with glowing red crystals streaming down all of it. She walks down a hallway, grinning. Several armed soldiers walk behind her. She walks through a door, looking around and seeing civilians, all silent and dull-looking.

Brooke: What a welcome.

She sighs, continuing to walk. A pedestal comes out of the ground, and she walks to it, gripping the sides of it and looking behind her, nodding to the soldiers.

Brooke: This is a quick announcement - nothing too crazy - to anyone currently listening in. There is someone, a traitor in our midst, that goes by the name Niamh.

A picture of Niamh appears on the screen behind her. Several civilians look up, nodding. It then cuts to Niamh, sitting in her workshop. She looks up at her screen, spotting a call coming her way. She answers it, and then it cuts to Melissa.

Melissa: Niamh!
Niamh: Melissa. I'm guessing you'll be here soon?
Melissa: Hopefully, we're in the Bermuda, we just ran into a small problem of sorts.
Niamh: You better get here soon, then. I have a bounty on my head. Frankly, I want to stay alive.

Melissa sighs, nodding

Melissa: Shit.. I'll work something out, I guess. Until next time, Niamh.
Niamh: Mhm.

It cuts back to Niamh, ending the call. She sighs, shaking her head

Niamh: If there is a next time.

Suddenly, she hears a loud banging sound. It then cuts to Melissa, back at the quad copter. She looks around, spotting Former Four.

Melissa: Just chilling around here?
Former Four: Not allowed in the city. Obvious reasons, of course.

Melissa nods, laughing.

Melissa: Just a year ago, I would've never thought we'd be on the same side, even if only temporarily.
Former Four: Neither would I. But we both have something that we want from that damned Brooke.
Melissa: Mhm. So, she's a good fighter?
Former Four: I've never seen such mastery in someone who isn't exactly supernatural. She's born to be a fighter. If you were thinking of taking her on, you should think again.
Melissa: ..Who trained her?
Former Four: Who knows. The best of the best, that's what I know.
Melissa: Have you ever considered she was trained by the Joyce Family?

Former Four looks at her, puzzled.

Melissa: That fighting style, a mish-mash of many others, it's meant for fast swipes that overpower the enemy and it only uses heavy swipes for the hopeful killing blow. I... studied it. The only people that use it are Joyces. Maybe she adopted it from them, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she was tought by them.
Former Four: That definetely is her fighting style, yes.
Melissa: Perfect. It's a good thing to keep in mind. Joyce Family is deadly. Insane group of individuals.
Former Four: You seem to know a lot about them.
Melissa: Yep. By the way, do you know where Aran is at?

It cuts to Aran, walking through the halls of the Magma Sentinel castle with Birnstone.

Aran: So, you're telling me that you think Brooke kidnapped King Ash?
Birnstone: I'm near positive that it is her. Nobody else has the balls to do it in the Bermuda. Except maybe Blackbeard, but that man is not stealthy.
Aran: Blackbeard?
Birnstone: Long story. I'll tell you later.

While they are both talking, Magmal, along with roughly a dozen guards, intercepts them. He crosses his arms and stares at them.

Magmal: After a long debate, the Council has come to the conclusion that you, Birnstone, have kidnapped our King. Stand down and you will have a fair trial.

The guards hold out their spears, and Birnstone shakes her head, backing up.

Birnstone: What?! This..
Aran: No..

Aran throws a ball on the ground, and it explodes outward into a shield, dividing them and the guards. Aran begins to run, motioning for Birnstone to follow. It then cuts to them running outside of the castle. A bell rings behind them.

Birnstone: I knew something was not right. Magmal is one of Ash's most loyal guards. If King Ash was gone then he would too. That is not him.
Aran: An imposter is trying to call you a traitor? That sounds really hypocritical
Birnstone: We can't leave, not yet. I am not leaving my land in the hands of.. whatever they are.
Aran: Jared still needs saving, you know.
Birnstone: I know, but I need to defend my city. You're either with me or you're leaving without me.
Aran: No, we need you.
Birnstone: Then you're with me in this hellstorm.
Aran: Well, just make this as quick as possible.

Niamh is sitting in her workshop, tampering with what looks like a battery. She then stops, hearing a strange knocking sound on her door, she sighs.

Niamh: Knew it.

The door bursts open, and two scraggly looking men run in, looking around the workshop, completely silent.

???: Damnit, she might not be here. Keep looking.

The man behind him starts making a gurgling noise, and he turns around as the man drops, a crossbow bolt straight through his neck. He looks around, reaching towards his waist for a knife. Niamh leaps over her desk, grabbing a random piece of technology, looking at it.

???: Scavenger! You have no idea how to use that, do you?
Niamh: I'm a scavenger, not an engineer. Most of this stuff I have no idea how to use.

She looks at the piece of technology, shrugging and lobbing it at him. He puts his hands up defensively, enough time for Niamh to tackle him, sending him flying to the ground. He struggles to get up, all of the air out of his chest. She stands back up and kicks him in the ribs, causing him to stumble to the ground, groaning. Niamh stands up, taking a deep breath and running out the door, looking around.

Niamh: How'd they even know I was here?

She starts running down the street, it then cuts back to the man, lying in her workshop.

???: She'll get caught, sooner or later.

Brooke is sitting at her desk, her hand on her head, she sighs, slamming her fist on the desk.

Brooke: Damnit!

She yells out, then smashing her fist on a glass, breaking it and cutting up her hand, she instinctively draws her hand back, frowning.

Brooke: Is it that hard to just stop them?
???: Miss, they're very perseverant.
Brooke: It's persevering.

She looks at her hand, blood dripping down from her hand to the desk.

Brooke: Whatever, I just.. they can't get in this city. That's too much. Get me a bandage.

She winces, looking at her bloodied hand. It then pans down to the floor and shows Jared's room, with Brooke walking over to him, a bandage over her hand.

Brooke: I know I haven't monologued to you for.. quite awhile. But, sometimes I need a vent. I don't think I've talked to many people.

Jared looks up at her, silent.

Brooke: I don't like being an apparent villain. Killing is wrong, but some people have violent outbursts.

Brooke sighs.

Brooke: And sometimes people need to be killed. That's how life works. You kill someone, you cry, it's all over soon enough because a killer shouldn't have feelings.

Brooke sits on the floor, looking down.

Brooke: My life hasn't been the best. I lost my whole family and everyone I loved, and right after that, I was sold into slavery, on this horrible Bermuda. I was a slave for years, and you learn that attachments are always permanent. Nothing is permanent, ever.

Jared raises an eyebrow, looking at her now.

Brooke: And then I escaped. There I killed my first person. Like I said, some people deserve to be killed. I lived on the streets for years, and it might've been the best time of my life. I met someone I loved, I loved him, so much. And then the Joyce family "adopted" me. It was completely by force.

Brooke clenches her fist, tearing up.

Brooke: They made me kill him. Everything is temporary, they told me, every day. Nothing stays forever. And as I've grown to hate them, I've also grown to learn that this is completely true. Nothing's permanent. Everyone dies. You think you're king, and then someone comes and slits your throat. And you bleed. It's strange, really, how someone can just become a functioning organism to deadweight in a few seconds. It's sad, as well.

Brooke wipes tears from her face.

Brooke: When I killed him, nothing was the same. I didn't want that to happen ever again. And people like you ruin that, Jared. I have a problem with this society that everyone is formed. Public figures, celebrities, even pornstars, everyone is influenced by these people. Whatever they say is apparently truth and nothing can contradict that. There's one group that this is very evident with.

She looks up at him, still crying.

Brooke: Heroes. You're like the messiah. You fucking preach what you think is right and suddenly thats what everyone else thinks. The public influence needs to end for people like you. That's why I created this place. It's a safe haven of sorts. It's safe here, safe from the hellish land. I don't want their eyes to be opened to what hell I've experienced. It truly bothers me that your "heroic" friends want to come and ruin this all. I don't expect them to stop. But I hope they realize what they've done is horrible after they end the lives of innocent people. It's bound to happen, you all are like ticking time bombs, similar to me.

Brooke stands up, staring at him.

Brooke: We're all meant to kill. Your race as a whole, and mine too, are bred to hate. Love is temporary, hate is permanent.

Brooke walks away, slamming the door. Jared takes a deep breath, sighing.

Jared: I..

Chapter 2

Birnstone is walking down a corridor, seemingly unused for years, evident by the dust and crumbling shape. She looks around, the only light emanating from several dusty windows.

Birnstone: Found anything yet, Aran?

Aran walks over, slamming a book shut, dust shooting out. He coughs, throwing the book to the side of the hallway and clearing his throat.

Aran: Nothing much. Is there a reason you brought us down here?
Birnstone: They wont look down here, that's for sure. And I know how to get around here. We'll confront the traitor right in his own room.
Aran: ..And what if they have guards?
Birnstone: Oh, it's too much for you?

Aran throws his hands up, laughing.

Aran: Too much, never, at least not for me

Aran grins, walking farther down the hallway.

Aran: ..What do you mean by getting around?
Birnstone: Hatches.

Aran raises an eyebrow.

Melissa is sitting on a metallic chair, tapping away mindlessly at a tablet. Former Four walks up to her, crossing his arms.

Former Four: I wanna know why you know so much about the Joyce.

Melissa frowns, standing up and staring up at him.

Melissa: And why would you need to know?
Former Four: Curiosity of course.

Melissa shakes her head, setting the tablet on the chair.

Melissa: And curiosity killed the cat, Four.
Former Four: I'm no cat.
Melissa: It's a metaphor. After all these years on Earth, you still haven't caught onto this?
Former Four: I don't get around much.
Melissa: I can tell.

Former Four looks at Melissa as she chuckles, turning his head.

Former Four: You're trying to change the subject.
Melissa: Sometime's that's for the best.
Former Four: Why does this have to be so secretive?
Melissa: I don't trust you enough, Former Four.
Former Four: A team without trust is no team at all.
Melissa: Oh, so now you're the poet now? Fine. If you really want to know, I knew Brooke, before she was "Brooke".
Former Four: Explain?
Melissa: Joyce is manipulative. Once you go under their influence you probably won't come back. They can turn a person with morals into a mindless killer. It's definitely not mind control. They're just really good at persuasion, I'd say. It seems she's sort of beat them. She's escaped to her own isolated city. It won't be easy fighting her, not just because I know her. It.. doesn't feel right to fight on someone's home turf.

Former Four nods, tapping his fingers on the table.

Former Four: That's all I needed.

Melissa rolls her eyes, sitting back in the chair.

Melissa: Well, you've got what you wanted.

Former Four shrugs, walking away. Topzy is lying down on the ground, her hands on her head.

Topzy: You didn't need to tell him, it didn't seem too important.
Melissa: He probably wouldn't have dropped it. What's the harm in telling him?
Topzy: Anything could happen.

Melissa sighs, shrugging.

Aran crawls through a hatch, and begins to stand up, not before being smacked in the head with a metallic object, he falls to the ground, clutching his head.

Aran: Damnit! Why would you do that!

Birnstone drops the metallic object, shrugging.

Birnstone: You were down there for like 30 minutes, thought you got caught or something.
Aran: We're in clear light! I think it's pretty obvious who I was!

Birnstone shrugs, laughing. Aran glares at her, scratching his head.

Aran: Ugh. What now, then?
Birnstone: We storm the room and stab him.
Aran: That's.. the most upfront plan I've heard. Also, a horrible plan.
Birnstone: And we have enough time for planning?
Aran: I just can't win, huh?
Birnstone: No, you can't. Let's go.

Birnstone walks over to the door, motioning for Aran to follow. It cuts away as they enter.

The back of a man's head is seen as he walks down a hallway. It then cuts to his face, revealing it's completely gone, replaced with an indented metal plate with several screws. It then cuts to him, sitting in a chair, a face plate being screwed on. The eyes flash blue for several seconds and then fade into what looks like normal eyes, and the man blinks. It then cuts to two robotic arms being bolted onto him, and then he stands up.

???: Ajax?

It cuts to Ajax, sitting at a piano, his hands at his sides. He looks up at a man holding a clipboard, silent.

???: They were unable to.. catch him.

Ajax nods. The man begins to walk away.

Ajax: There's no way she can leave this island, keep looking, I'd say.

The man turns around, nodding back at him and turning back, continuing to walk away. Ajax stares at the piano, sighing. He looks at his hands, slowly closing them both into fists and then back open. He begins to play on the piano, and it cuts away to him looking out the window, looking out on the rainy streets, the piano still playing in the background.

Ajax: And there's no way to oppose her?
???: No.
Ajax: I'm in no sort of power to even oppose her, anyways. Why should we oppose her?
???: Power, my friend.
Ajax: I'd rather lie low. Last time I got any sort of power, I got shot in the chest.

It flashes back to Ajax up on top of a building, on the ground, the clothes around his chest singed and a cauterized wound in the middle of it.

Ajax: You'll pay for this, Aran.

Ajax clutches his chest, groaning.

Aran: I doubt that, Ajax. You've been knocked down a few pegs, it seems.

Ajax frowns, slamming his fist on the ground.

Ajax: Burn in hell!

It then cuts back to present time, Ajax still staring blankly out the window.

Ajax: I've learned that it's best to stay in the shadows.
???: Very well, Ajax. I don't like your idea, but I trust you enough.
Ajax: That's what I like to hear.

Ajax pats the other man on the shoulder, chuckling.

Birnstone and Aran are standing in front of Magmal, the man cowering towards the wall.

Magmal: You monsters! First, first, you kidnap the king, and now you-
Birnstone: No, no.

Birnstone shakes her head, unsheathing a small sword and placing it to Magmal's neck.

Magmal: No! You wouldn't kill me, Birnstone, would you?
Birnstone: A slice to the neck wouldn't kill a Magma Sentinel, Magmal. You would know that.

Aran grins, watching as Birnstone pushes Magmal to the ground, the disguise flickering and fading off to reveal a humanoid figure in an elastic of sorts. He backs up, hitting the wall and sighing. Aran walks over, grabbing the man by his shirt and pulling him onto his feet. He puts his robotic arm to the man's chests, sighing.

Aran: We've caught you red handed, it seems.
???: You've caught me, but you can't keep me here.

The man reaches behind him, pulling out a knife. Aran quickly slams his arm into the wall, causing him to drop the knife. Aran pushes the man back to the ground, sighing.

Aran: That was a stupid idea. Birnstone, just.. get the guards, I guess? How else are we supposed to handle this?

Birnstone shrugs, sheathing her sword. She walks over to the doors, looking back at Aran.

Birnstone: It was unguarded, you had nothing to fear.
Aran: It's best to fear for the worst.
Birnstone: Not always, Aran.

Aran raises an eyebrow.

Former Four, Melissa, and Topzy are silently sitting on the ship, Topzy still asleep on the ground. Aran and Birnstone walk in and Topzy shoots up, looking at them.

Topzy: You're back.
Birnstone: Yes, and we're ready to go.
Melissa: Took you long enough, we're late.
Aran: I'm never too late.

Melissa chuckles, hugging Aran.

Melissa: You're so god damn cheesy.
Former Four: Alright! I'd say it's time to go rescue Jaden.
Topzy: Jared.
Former Four: That's what I said?

Topzy grins, standing up and stretching. It then cuts out to the quadcopter, the blades slowly beginning to start spinning.

Former Four: So what, am I a Misfit now?
Aran: No.
Birnstone: Hardly, honorary at most.
Former Four: Cool. Good to know that's how everyone feels about me.
Aran: You did blow up my car and stab my wife.
Former Four: I mean, that's in the past.
Melissa: Yeah, could I get an apology for that?
Former Four: Oh, I'm supposed to apologize for everything I've done?!
Topzy: Yes!
Former Four: I'm just some robot, I'm not Jesus.
Melissa: None of us are.

Chapter 3

The Misfit's quadcopter flies over the ocean, an island in the horizon.

Topzy: Have we even considered where we're landing?
Melissa: Yeah. Niamh designated a landing area, gave us some coordinates.
Topzy: That's how you say her name?
Melissa: Yeah.
Topzy: ..Then why doesn't she just call herself Neave?
Melissa: How would I know? That's her name.
Topzy: ..Does she know she can get her name changed?
Melissa: Yes? I don't think she wants to change her.. why do you care so much?
Topzy: Because Niamh isn't even close to Neave!
Former Four: This is the smallest complaint ever.
Aran: What are they arguing about now?

Aran looks at all of them, Former Four throwing his hands up.

Former Four: I don't know, something stupid.
Aran: That's.. expected.

The quadcopter gets closer to the island, and a hexagonal pattern appears across the whole thing, suddenly camouflaging itself with the sky, and seemingly disappearing with sight, only noticeable by the slight blur.

Former Four: This island is stunning. Who would've known a dictator owns it.
Melissa: She's not a dictator. According to Niamh, she's an amazing leader. The problem is, she's insane in about every way, apparently an amazing politician, it seems.

Former Four nods, shrugging.

Former Four: I'm just excited to get my staff back. It's almost like I have a connection with it.
Aran: Didn't you also steal it?
Former Four: Yes. I still have a connection to it, though.

Aran chuckles.

Aran: You're not gonna give it back, are you?
Former Four: Never.

The quadcopter lands at an opening in a small forest, the cloaking system slowly reverting and the quadcopter going back to normal. Aran walks out of the quadcopter, looking around.

Aran: So, Melissa, she's supposed to be here, right?
Niamh: I'm right here.

Aran whips around, looking behind him and spotting Niamh. He grins, holding his hand out for her to shake it.

Aran: Nice to meet you, Niamh.

Niamh shakes his hand, grinning.

Niamh: You too, Mr. Leverletto.

Melissa walks out of the quadcopter and spots Niamh, grinning and hugging her.

Melissa: It's been awhile.
Niamh: A very long while. Anyways, no time to waste, round up your friends, I have a tiny base of operations set up for us.

Melissa nods, grinning. It then shows all of them sitting in a bland room at a table. The room is quite simplistic.

Niamh: It's nothing much, but it works.
Aran: It's all we'll need. I just need to know everything you know about this place.
Niamh: We'll be here for awhile.

It cuts to black, and then back to all of them sitting at the table, all looking tired. Niamh sets down her papers and sighs, clapping her hands.

Niamh: Aand that's it! We can start tomorrow, I guess.

Aran nods, getting up and stretching. He opens a door and looks in, spotting Former Four, leaning on a table and looking at him.

Aran: You missed out on a few things.
Former Four: Yeah. I've just been, looking around I guess. I've always known music has existed, but only know I've been, listening to it. It's like a story told in a span of minutes. Enchanting, in a way, I guess. It's strange.
Aran: I guess so, yeah.
Former Four: So, what did I miss, exactly?
Aran: She gave us a floor layout. You're gonna get your staff and then get Jared out of there.
Former Four: Sounds good to me, what is everyone else doing?
Aran: Birnstone, Melissa and Niamh are going to save King Ash. We don't exactly know if they're up there, but it's safe to assume they're up in the only known jail area in that tower. Brooke likes to keep everything close together, and that's the mistake we can exploit. Me and Topzy are just gonna be general nuisances. Maybe break some things.
Former Four: Sounds good.
Aran: Something's bound to go wrong, we just have to be ready for it. I'm gonna get some rest, we have a long fight ahead of us.

Former Four nods, staring at the wall, and then the computer screen.

King Ash and his royal guards are sitting behind a forcefield of sorts, conversing about something.

Magma Sentinel: King Ash, sir. We've been here for so long. We might be here forever.
King Ash: No. no. I believe we will be saved. We can't just be stranded here forever. I will fight to the death to guarantee you all make it out of here.
Magma Sentinel: Very well, sir.

All the other magma sentinels are stuck behind forcefields, a hallway filled with cells.

Brooke is standing in a room, a small, circular pool in the middle. She is wearing what looks like a tattered robe, torn from years of supposed wear. She steps into the small pool and almost instantly collapses, breathing shakily.

Brooke: A cleansing, I guess.

She slams her head under the water, letting her body sink to the bottom. It cuts to black for a moment, then showing a dusty wasteland, with a makeshift town filled with people walking around. It cuts to the inside of a building, with sickly people all slaving away at a table. A younger Brooke is at one of the tables, malnourished and gloomy, her whole body shaking. It then cuts to her, standing behind a tall man as he yells at other slaves. She screams out, pulling a make-shift blade out and stabbing the man in the neck, showing blood pouring out on Brooke's hands. Everything stops.

???: As long as we have each other, I guess.

It shows Brooke sitting on the ground, a little bit older and no longer starving, with a group of teenagers. They're sitting on the ground in an abandoned building. She's laughing and talking with all of them, and then everything disappears, and a gun is in her hand, a woman's hand on her shoulder.

???: Prove your worth, Brooke. Kill him.

She puts the gun up, aiming at someone in darkness. Her whole body shakes, tears rolling down her face. She's pulled back into reality, throwing herself out of the pool and lying on the ground, sobbing. She rolls onto her back, putting her hands to her head and shakily sighing.

Chapter 4

Former Four, Aran, and Topzy are standing on top of a building adjacent to Brooke's central tower. Aran pats Former Four on the back, looking up at him.

Aran: Alright. Now, we're all here to be distractions, so Niamh, Birnstone, and Melissa can get the Magma Sentinels out. But you have a little bit of a purpose. Make some noise, but not too much, we need Jared back in one piece.
Former Four: Quick question; can we play some music through the speakers. You know, announce that we're coming.
Aran: What? No!
Topzy: I mean, that sounds pretty cool. I'd like to make my entrance known.
Aran: The whole point is to get in and out, we don't want to blare music!
Topzy: The whole point was to be a distraction, the music sounds distracting.
Aran: God damnit, no. Four, just go.

Former Four points to a window, looking at Aran.

Former Four: That one right there, right?

Aran nods, taking a step back.

Aran: Good luck.

Former Four backs up, taking a running start and then leaping, soaring far through the air. He comes smashing through the window, the first guard closest to the window whipping around. Former Four slaps the man's gun away, kicking the man across the room. He leaps over to another guard, throwing them into the nearest wall. He then turns around, looking at the final guard, who hesitates before he puts his gun up.

Guard: Stop! O-or I'll shoot!

Former Four walks towards him, the guard beginning to fire, the bullets merely bouncing off of Former Four with a metallic clang. He stands, towering above the guard.

Former Four: It doesn't seem like that did much.

Former Four brings his fist down onto the man's head, denting his helmet and knocking the man out instantly. He steps over the man, looking at all the artifacts in the room.

Former Four: Ooh, how I've missed you.

He looks over at his staff, hanging on the wall. He walks over and grabs it, swinging it around in his hands and nodding.

Former Four: You truly are a part of me, huh?

Topzy: So, you made a jetpack, is what you're saying.
Aran: Yeah! How else would we get to the top of the building?
Topzy: They have elevators, probably.
Aran: Do you expect them to just let us on up there?
Topzy: I mean..
Aran: No, this is the better idea. They're pretty simple to control, you'll figure it out.

Aran straps the jetpack to his back, sighing.

Aran: Just meet me up top, we'll figure it out once we get up there.
Topzy: I'm gonna mess this up.
Aran: You'll be fine.

Aran boosts over to the other side, landing on top of the building and stumbling slightly. He looks back to Topzy, who is uncertain. She fumbles with the jetpack for a second, taking a deep breath.

Topzy: Alright, I got this.

Topzy boosts over to the other side, cutting it slightly short and missing the top of the building, smashing through the glass of the top floor and sliding across the room, groaning in pain. Aran boosts down, landing by Topzy and kneeling down.

Aran: You good?
Topzy: Fine.

Topzy stands up, shaking her hands off.

Aran: Well, I don't know what to do now to cause a distraction..

Topzy sighs, pointing to the room full of electronics and weaponry.

Aran: That'd probably get some people on us. It'd make everyone else's job a lot easier.
Topzy: Well, let's get started then.

Aran walks over, Topzy following behind her. As she's walking by a camera, she peers at it, giving it a thumbs up and grinning, then walking away. It then cuts to that same video being played back on a monitor screen.

Brooke: Two breaches? Hmm.. the second one seems more important, I think I'll go out and help. I don't want to send people out to a threat that I don't know of.. You said you perfected that armor suit, Professor? If so, I think I might have a go at that.

Niamh, Birnstone, and Melissa are sitting in a car, Melissa asleep in the back. Niamh is looking at a tablet, tapping away at it. Without looking towards Birnstone, she asks her a question.

Niamh: So, how do you.. not burn the seat? I mean, aren't you made of lava?

Birnstone shrugs.

Birnstone: I don't exactly know. I mean, I can burn people with it. I guess I control it without thinking.
Niamh: Weird.

Niamh sighs, putting her feet up on the dashboard and continuing to stare at the tablet.

Birnstone: What are we waiting for, anyways?
Niamh: A signal, if not a signal, there should be some clues.

Niamh looks behind her, tapping Melissa.

Niamh: You gonna wake up?
Melissa: No.

Melissa rolls over, her face pushed up against the car seat.

Niamh: Ugh, christ.

Niamh slaps Melissa on the back, causing her to whip up, staring at her.

Melissa: Hey!
Niamh: Next time it'll be the ass.

Melissa kicks Niamh's seat, crossing her arms and leaning back in the chair.

Niamh: You're acting like a child.
Melissa: There's other ways to wake me up.
Niamh: I mean, I could've slapped your a-
Melissa: No!

Niamh laughs, Birnstone sitting there uncomfortably.

Birnstone: You get a sign yet?

Niamh stares back at the tablet, grinning.

Niamh: Now, nobody has given me a signal, but I think the arrival of some troops could mark something?
Birnstone: Sounds good enough.

It cuts to Birnstone, Niamh, and Melissa walking through the front door. An armed man waves his hands at them.

Guard: We're on lockdown! Get out of here, you don't need to be here.
Niamh: Ah, damn. I was hoping to get in.

Niamh walks over to the Guard, who is still waving his hands. Niamh brings her fist up into his jaw, knocking him to the ground.

Niamh: See? All the other guards are going to figure out the shitstorm upstairs.
Birnstone: So, what now?
Melissa: We take the elevator.

Melissa points to the elevator, it cutting to the three standing in the elevator, silent.

Niamh: Everyone's day going well?
Melissa: Being dragged into an adventure isn't the most optimal day, so not really.

Niamh nods, clicking her heels.

Niamh: Mm.

The elevator stops suddenly, the lights going out. Niamh raises an eyebrow.

Niamh: They shut off the elevator.
Birnstone: Huh. Any way to get out?
Melissa: This is like something out of my nightmares.
Niamh: One way out. There should be a panel up on the ceiling of the elevator.

Birnstone looks up, nodding.

Birnstone: You're right.

It cuts to all of them standing on top of the elevator, looking up.

Melissa: So, how are we gonna get out.
Niamh: Well, you've got those morphing powers, so I was thinking..
Melissa: No.
Niamh: ..Why?
Melissa: It hurts.
Niamh: What do you mean it-
Melissa: It hurts to even use my power! These powers aren't.. natural. I'm like a prototype. It's faulty.
Birnstone: Melissa, it might be the only way to get out..
Melissa: Of course, I'm being forced into this. Fine, fine! I'll do it.

Melissa climbs up, looking at the metal door, sealed shut. She sighs, putting her hands in the middle, her hands morphing to hook onto the door, wincing.

Melissa: I don't think I can do this.
Niamh: You've got this.

Melissa sighs, closing her eyes and beginning to pull. The door starts to slightly open, and Melissa begins to pull harder.

Melissa: I'm gonna pass out.

She continues to pull, finally getting the door completely open. She stumbles, falling back down to the elevator, Birnstone catching her.

Niamh: Huh. It really took it all out of her.
Birnstone: She's unconscious, hopefully she'll be fine..
Niamh: We need her for this next part.
Birnstone: Help me get her up, will you?

Niamh climbs up into the opening, reaching her hands out and grabbing Melissa, she raises an eyebrow.

Niamh: Christ, she's light.
Birnstone: That's what happens when you're basically made of dust.

Niamh sets her on the ground, looking at her and sighing.

Niamh: Well, it's time to go save your friends, Birnstone.

Chapter 5

Jared is bolted down to a chair, sitting in the room silently. Suddenly, a guard goes flying through the door, rolling across the ground and losing his helmet. Jared raises an eyebrow, then looking up and spotting Former Four, staff in hand.

Former Four: Jared! Just the man I was looking for.
Jared: Well, this is where I die, huh?
Former Four: Nah, not yet, atleast. I've come to rescue you from this.. BDSM dungeon? What is this place?
Jared: A glorified jail cell. Say, why the hell do you want to come and rescue me? What do you want?
Former Four: Oh, nothing. I'm just helping your Misfits friends save you, I was promised my staff back in return.

Former Four holds his staff up, nodding.

Jared: Well, get me out, then.

Former Four breaks the restraints, Jared falling to the ground and sighing.

Jared: God, I needed out of there.
Former Four: Thought you needed your weird golden circle sword as well.

Former Four throws the golden orb to Jared and he catches it, the orb morphing into a grand sword in his hands, he grins.

Former Four: Well, I think we should get out of here now.
Jared: No.
Former Four: Hm?
Jared: I've been tied to a chair for so long, the last thing I want to do is run away. Some revenge is needed, I'd say.
Former Four: Well, I mean, more fighting is good, I guess.
Jared: Well, let's go, then.

Melissa is being carried by Birnstone, her eyes fluttering open, Niamh looks back at her, grinning.

Niamh: Hey, she's awake. Took her long enough.

Birnstone sets Melissa down, Melissa taking a deep breath.

Birnstone: Are you doing good, Melissa?
Melissa: Fine, I guess.

Melissa looks to Niamh.

Melissa: Told you I'd pass out.
Niamh: You definitely weren't wrong.
Birnstone: We're reaching the holding cells right now, get ready for some opposition.

Birnstone opens the door, seeing two guards asleep on the ground. One guard looks over to them, letting out a warcry and rushing towards them with an electric spear. Niamh kicks him in the chest and electrocutes him with his spear, laughing.

Niamh: Man, that took so much out of me to take down that heavy opposition.

She looks back at the two, smirking.

Melissa: Looks like we were right.

Birnstone rushes over to one of the cells, looking at King Ash and nodding.

Birnstone: Open the cells, please.

Niamh sighs, pulling out her tablet and pressing a few buttons and frowning.

Niamh: Isn't working.
Birnstone: They don't want us getting in, huh? To hell with them, I guess.

Birnstone slams her fist into the control panel, pulling out wires until the cell opens. The Magma Sentinels begin to walk out, Birnstone walking over to King Ash.

King Ash: Birnstone! Very good to see you.
Birnstone: And you too, Ash.
King Ash: Thank the gods you saved us. I knew someone would come for us. Why in the world would Brooke come for us, though? We held no past grudges against her.
Melissa: She's very protective of this city. I think, she saw you as a threat, whatever you were doing near her city.
King Ash: Oh, yes. I suppose trespassing probably wasn't the best idea. We had a suspicion that she stole some of the sentelenium.
Melissa: Well, that doesn't matter now, I'd say. We need to get you all out of here before Brooke comes for us. We have a distraction.
Niamh: Well, now that you guys are done with your family reunion, we should get going.

Niamh turns towards the door, which opens to reveal a small army of guards.

Niamh: Well, there's the opposition, Birnstone.
King Ash: I still have my sword, luckily.

King Ash reaches into his back, pulling his sword out and nodding to Birnstone.

King Ash: Now, we need to find our way out.

Topzy is using her telekinesis to throw artifacts and pieces of tech across the room, grinning.

Topzy: Hey, this is pretty fun!

Aran is sitting in a chair, tired.

Aran: Yeah. Fun.

Topzy picks up a chair, smashing it against the wall, chuckling.

Topzy: I mean, you can join in too.

It cuts to a helicopter flying above the building, Brooke leaning out of it slightly, decked out in a metallic suit of sorts.

Brooke: You sure this'll work this time? I hope it does, because I don't wanna be screwed over in this fight.

Brooke leaps out of the helicopter, boosting through the already broken window, and barely landing on her feet. Aran looks up, jumping out of his chair and leaping towards Brooke. Brooke plants her foot right into his chest, sending him flying. He slams his head on the metal chair, knocking himself unconscious.

Brooke: That was fast.

Brooke looks over to Topzy, who starts throwing pieces of technology and artifacts at Brooke. A computer smashes into Brooke, finally causing her to stumble back and collapse.

Topzy: Well, that was a lot easier than I expected.

Brooke sighs, putting her arm out, a grappling hook of sorts firing out, attaching to Topzy's leg, and pulling her towards Brooke.

Brooke: I'd rather not be done yet.

Brooke stands up, bringing her fist down on Topzy, who stops it.

Topzy: Robotic suit, huh?

Topzy forces a grin, putting her arms out, pieces of metal being stripped off of Brooke, falling to the ground. Brooke frowns, the final pieces of the suit flying off of her. Brooke pulls her facemask out, putting it on, the black and red exosuit slowly appearing on her body. Topzy stands up, visibly worn out.

Brooke: Thank god I had this on me. You can't use your powers on me now, so I say we fight this out now.

Brooke runs towards Topzy, punching her in the stomach, causing her to reel back. Brooke sweeps Topzy's legs out from under her, causing her to hit the ground.

Brooke: You have some good powers, but it looks like you need to brush up on your fighting skills.

Brooke pulls out her pulsating red sword, pressing it to Topzy's neck.

Brooke: So, wh-

Suddenly, a metal chair slams into Brooke. She stumbles back, looking to Aran, who hits her with a blast from his arm. She yelps, the shot hitting her in the hip and causing her to stumble back. She runs towards the door, dodging another blast from Aran.

Aran: Get back here! I'm not done kicking your ass yet!

Brooke shakes her head, pressing her hand onto a screen and closing the door. She sighs, pressing her hand against her hip, instantly retracting it and wincing.

Brooke: God, that hurt.

Brooke walks away, slightly limping. It cuts back to Aran, who is kneeling down looking at Topzy.

Topzy: I thought I had her.
Aran: So did I.
Topzy: You were out for the count in the first few seconds.
Aran: Not my fault I hit my head on the chair.
Topzy: Ugh, that was pathetic. Help me up.

Aran reaches his hand out, pulling Topzy up.

Aran: We're horrible distractions.
Topzy: Mostly you, but yeah.

Topzy smirks, Aran glaring back at her.

Aran: Hopefully we gave Melissa and them enough time to get out..
Topzy: Well, we're not doing any good standing here. We've still got those sketchy looking jetpacks.
Aran: That we do.

Chapter 6

Aran and Topzy are walking down flights of stairs, both breathing heavy.

Topzy: Ugh.. How much longer?
Aran: So many floors. If the elevator wasn't broken, this would be a lot easier.

Topzy stops, putting her hand out.

Topzy: Wait, just give me a second.

Topzy takes a deep breath, then turning her head, hearing shouting coming from a door in front of her. She pushes it open, looking out to see the Magma Sentinels fighting a group of soldiers.

Aran: Well, I guess we can stop here.

They both run out into the battle. It cuts to Melissa and Niamh, Niamh pushing a guy to the ground and sighing.

Niamh: Looks like they're running out of soldiers.
Melissa: That was quicker than I expected, honestly.
Niamh: They probably just know I'm here.

Niamh grins, looking at Melissa, who just rolls her eyes

Melissa: They're just saving their troops, I guess.

It then cuts to Birnstone, fighting beside a Magma Sentinel. Aran dodges all the fighting and looks at Birnstone.

Aran: Birnstone! Brooke escaped, I think she'll be coming down here soon.
Birnstone: Damn. I'll need to find King Ash, we need to watch out for her.

Aran nods, dodging a soldier's attack and leaping away from Birnstone. Birnstone looks around for King Ash, shaking her head.

Birnstone: This will be impossible..

King Ash is walking through a room, looking for other enemies. He turns around after hearing a sound, and then spots Brooke, still wearing her facemask, he looks at her for a moment, shaking his head.

Brooke: Ash.
King Ash: Mm. Brooke.
Brooke: You know, I've always wanted to fight the king of the Magma Sentinels. Now's my time, I guess.

Brooke leaps off of her feet, pulling her sword out. King Ash reacts almost instantly, blocking her shot. She takes a few steps back. Brooke leaps back towards him with three consecutive swipes, all of which he dodges. Brooke notices a weak spot, slamming her sword near the hilt of King Ash's. His hand retreats back, Brooke thrusting her sword at his chest. King Ash grabs the sword, pushing her back. She stumbles, shaking her head.

Brooke: You know, Ash, this sword can kill a Magma Sentinel. I know many people you've fought have fought with inferior swords.. But this, this is different. One strike to the core, and you're dead.

Brooke grins.

Brooke: And I'll make sure my hit counts. You can surrender now, if you want.
King Ash: Never!

King Ash runs towards her, swiping at her, Brooke parrying each time. King Ash goes in for an underhanded shot, Brooke barely blocking it, her hands flying high over her head. He swings his sword once more, the sword slashing into Brooke's face, breaking her facemask into two, her exosuit almost instantly dissapearing. Brooke falls to the ground, a light cut going across her face.

King Ash: You're lucky for that mask, Brooke.

Brooke is lying on the ground, clutching her face. King Ash walks over to her, shaking his head.

King Ash: We didn't have to resort to this, you know..

Suddenly, two of Brooke's guards jump out, carrying double sided spears. King Ash backs up, fighting both of them at the same time. It focuses on Brooke, her sword several feet away from her. She takes her hand away from her face, blood dripping on the floor. She looks to her sword, crawling over to it and grabbing it. She looks at King Ash, angry. It then cuts back to King Ash.

King Ash: I'll fight all of you!

He finishes off the second spearman, nodding. Suddenly, more walk out. He backs up, nodding.

King Ash: Alright then, let's do this.

Suddenly, Brooke's sword breaks through the front of his chest, King Ash staying completely still. Brooke pulls the sword out, tears mixing with the blood on her face.

Brooke: We didn't.. have to resort to this, you know.

She takes a step back, walking to the front of him.

King Ash: You'll never win, you monster.
Brooke: Maybe not. But, it seems I've won this battle, huh?

She forces a smile, backing up.

Brooke: You were a good fighter. It's sad to see you go.

Birnstone rounds the corner, first looking at Brooke, then stopping and staring at the scene in front of her Brooke looks at her, retreating back behind her guards. Birnstone pulls out her bow, firing consecutive arrows at the guards, almost all of them falling. Brooke types a code into the door behind her, walking through the doorway and repeatedly pressing the button, watching as her guards hit the ground. The door closes as Birnstone hits the last guard, and she rushes over to the door, slamming her fist on it, leaving a dent. She turns around, running over to King Ash.

King Ash: It was a good hit.

King Ash forces a smile, the brightness of his magma dimming.

Birnstone: You'll be good. You can get up.
King Ash: No, no. Not this time, Birnstone.
Birnstone: No, no.. You can do this.
King Ash: I guess it's just my time to go, now. To our brothers and sisters, to another place.

He laughs, looking at Birnstone.

King Ash: I won't be gone entirely. I'll always be somewhere. You know where to find me.

He nods, pressing his hand to Birnstone's shoulder. The magma completely dims, and then dissapears, leaving rocks on the ground. Birnstone stands up, staring at the wall. She grabs her comms device.

Birnstone: ...Don't.. Don't let Brooke get out of here. Former Four, if you can hear this, anyone. Don't let that coward leave the building.

She throws the comms device to the ground, looking down.

Birnstone: Farewell, best of friends.

It cuts to the Magma Sentinel volcano, a beacon shooting out of the top, many of the Magma Sentinels stopping to stare. They look up, staring at the beacon. The beacon breaks through the clouds, a bright white shooting across the sky.

Former Four and Jared are sitting in a room, tired. Suddenly, Birnstone chimes in through the comms device, and Former Four picks it up. He stands up, Jared raising an eyebrow.

Jared: Something wrong?
Former Four: Brooke's escaped. Looks like we're the only chance at the moment.
Jared: Well, the easiest way out is..

Jared points to the window. Former Four shrugs.

Former Four: I guess that works.

Brooke gets into a car, blood still dripping down her face. She shakily fumbles with the ignition, her hands shaking continually. She looks at herself in the rear-view mirror, looking at the mark down her face, closing her eyes. She hits the gas, bolting away, her hands tightly gripping the steering wheel.


End Chapter

Former Four and Jared are in the streets of Xeno, looking around.

Former Four: Well, now we catch her, I guess.
Jared: How are you gonna catch her? I mean, I can fly, but..

Former Four begins to run inhumanely fast, chasing after the car. Jared sighs, his flaming wings sprouting out from his back.

Jared: That's how, I guess.

Aran: Well, everyone's here.

Aran raises an eyebrow, looking around.

Aran: Hey, where's Ash?

Birnstone looks at him, silent.

Aran: Birnstone?
Birnstone: Brooke.. He's dead. Brooke killed him.

Aran looks down, tearing up, he looks up, nodding.

Aran: We couldn't even save him.

He takes a step back, pressing his hand to the wall.

Aran: That's.. a loss I didn't expect today.

He looks at the wall, frowning. He punches the wall with his robotic arm 3 times, his hand going through the wall the last time.


Aran sighs, putting his arms behind his back and looking up, trying to hold back tears.

Aran: I.. I don't want that monster leaving this island.

Aran grabs his comms device.

Aran: Former Four, if you have any chance to kill Brooke. Do it. No mercy.
Former Four: Aran, I-

He sets down the comm device, walking away.

Melissa: Aran!

Aran slams the door behind him. Melissa looks down, then looking at Birnstone.

Melissa: God Birnstone, I'm sorry..
Birnstone: No, I should've expected it. He was daring. It was only inevitable. I.. I should've waited until after the mission.
Melissa: No, you-
Birnstone: I'm the one who failed our mission. If I was there any sooner, he wouldn't have died. Brooke wouldn't have escaped. I'm to blame for this.

Birnstone throws her bow to the side.

Birnstone: I've.. never felt this kind of emotion. Something inside of me.. is gone. I feel empty. I don't feel hate, I don't feel sadness. I just.. feel empty. Is this what loss is? Is this what I'll have to go through many times after this? I don't like it.

Birnstone looks up, shaking her head.

Birnstone: Mm, whatever. We have to finish this mission, Melissa.
Melissa: It's not in our hands at this point. It's in Former Four's and Jared's.
Birnstone: I guess so, I want to help.
Melissa: This didn't go as plan, I think we all want to help.

Birnstome walks away, looking back at Melissa.

Birnstone: I'm gonna go tell the group. They need to know.

Melissa nods, looking at Niamh as Birnstone walks away.

Niamh: Rough day.

Melissa shrugs, leaning on a wall.

Melissa: He'll be missed. He was a good friend. I only hope this doesn't break Birnstone too much.

Former Four lands on top of Brooke's car, the car lowering under the weight. He continues to balance on the car, sighing.

Former Four: Well, only one way to stop the car, I guess.

Former Four jams his scythe into one of the wheels, causing the car to spin out. He falls off of the car, grunting. He walks over to the car, ripping the door off, Brooke not in there. She jumps on top of the car, Former Four leaping back.

Former Four: There you are! I guess, it's time for a rematch, huh?

Former Four swings his staff around, nodding. Brooke leaps towards him, Former Four parrying all of her attacks with his staff, backing up continually. Brooke stabs at Former Four, her sword going straight through his chest. She grins. Suddenly, Former Four dissapears. She raises an eyebrow.

Former Four: You know, at first, I underestimated you.

Brooke swings her sword behind her, Former Four grabbing her by the wrist. He grabs her sword, throwing it to the side, then throwing her into the car behind them. She groans out in pain, clutching her back. Former Four walks over to her.

Former Four: At first, you didn't fall for the.. illusions. But now, you're weak, broken. And you'll pay for that.

Former Four puts up his scythe, looking down at Brooke. He begins to aim it at her, then suddenly freezing, hesitating. Brooke looks at him, confused for a moment. She then scrambles upward, running away clumsily. Former Four drops his staff, looking at his hands.

Former Four: What..?

Jared walks over to him, his hands raised up.

Jared: What the hell was that? You let her get away!
Former Four: I.. I don't know. Something.. or someone, stopped me. That was weird.
Jared: Weird.

Jared shrugs, patting Former Four on the back.

Jared: Let's get back to the others. Time for a family reunion of sorts, I guess.

Jared hugs Melissa, smiling.

Melissa: We saved your ass, Jared.
Jared: That you did.

He walks over to Topzy, grinning.

Jared: Good to see you, Topzy.
Topzy: You too, Jared. You finally get a girlfriend?
Jared: ..No.. Not yet.
Topzy: I knew it.

Topzy smiles, patting him on the back.

Topzy: That's the Jared I know.

Former Four and Aran are talking.

Former Four: Yeah, she.. got away. It was a good fight and we had her pinned. She had one last trick up her sleeve and got out of there.
Aran: Mm.. Damn. I'll see if I can get Birnstone to make a team to go and find her. She needs to pay for what she's done.

It then cuts to Birnstone and Jared.

Birnstone: Hey, Jared.
Jared: Hey. I, uhh, heard about what happened, I'm sorry.
Birnstone: Mm, it's fine, I guess. He will be missed, he was a good friend.

Jared nods, looking down.

Jared: I know how it feels. I know you.. don't feel emotions in the way I do, but I can relate. It's in the past though.
Birnstone: Yes. I'm not gonna ponder on it too much. He's still a part of me, in a way.
Jared: Well, it's been a long month, and I need a drink. We're all heading down to the local bar. Join us, if you want.

Jared walks away. Birnstone sighs, strapping her bow to her back.

Birnstone: Oh, what the hell.


The group are sitting at a bar, which is virtually empty, all talking together.

Aran: Well, I guess this is our true departure, huh? We're all going off, back to our normal..ish.. lives. I want to know what everyone else is planning on doing.
Melissa: Well, of course, you already know.. but.. I just want to be normal, settle down, life live, start a family..

Melissa grins at Aran.

Melissa: Just.. live my life out how I want to.

Topzy grins, setting down her drink.

Topzy: I'm going back home and I'm just gonna enjoy some time with my girlfriend. That's all that I want, really.

It pans over to Birnstone and Niamh, who are sitting over at the other end of the table.

Birnstone: You did.. really well in this battle. I was considering that you could climb up the ranks in the Misfits..
Niamh: Mmm. I'll stay where I am now. I've got friends in this rank, I don't want to leave them.

Niamh smiles, Birnstone nodding.

Aran: And Birnstone, you?
Birnstone: Oh, you know.. just, back to the Misfits. I enjoy it there.

Aran nods, smiling. It then cuts to later on, the bar clearing out. Aran is walking out the door, looking to Melissa.

Aran: You comin'?
Melissa: I'll be out in a minute, babe.

Melissa sits at the table, looking at Former Four as he walks over.

Former Four: You did it, didn't you?
Melissa: Hm?
Former Four: Stopped me, from killing Brooke, I mean.
Melissa: I guess so.
Former Four: But.. why?
Melissa: I know Brooke, or, knew her. I don't think she's all bad. She's broken, and I think I can fix that.
Former Four: You're putting your faith in the wrong people, Melissa.
Melissa: Perhaps. But I did also trust you.

Melissa grins, winking at him. She gets up and walks out the door. Former Four stands there.

Jared: Something wrong, Four?
Former Four: Nah.

He stands there, silent for a moment.

Former Four: I don't like the name.. Former Four. It reminds me of The Threat.. something I'd rather not think about.
Jared: Hm..
Former Four: Makara. That's what I'll call myself.
Jared: Sounds good enough.

Jared sets down his drink, looking around the empty bar.

Jared: So, Makara, what do you plan on doing now?
Makara: Mm. Get out of here, explore the galaxy, maybe. It's cliche, but I want to see more of this universe. I do know a few places to visit. And you, Jared?
Jared: I... don't know yet. I've been on this earth for over 150 years. I still haven't found my calling. Not yet, at least. Maybe it's time to figure it out.
Makara: Well.. best of luck, Jared.
Jared: You too.

Makara slaps Jared on the back, walking out of the bar. Jared looks at his drink, sighing.

Jared: Who knows how long it'll take.
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