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Misfits is a group, similar to Marvel's X-Men, that houses people with unusual and unique powers, in an attempt to make sure they are safe, and teach them how to use their powers in a group. The Misfits often operate in New York, ensuring the safety of civilians and the safety of unruly enemies. They often operate in groups, although these groups don't often bunk together, the Misfits either being able to choose their 'roommate' or just pair with someone randomly.

While they don't exactly have a uniform code, everyone gets a pin, though they don't have to use it, anyways. It's recommended you wear some sort of armor, however. Any Misfit has access to the large training room with a variety of things to make sure they're in shape. This is the meeting grounds for most Misfits, who hang out around this most of the day.

The Misfits

There are different groups of Misfits, all with different codenames. Although, under files, they're just numbered.

Team Starsnow

The highest ranking team, and the only inactive team. With all but one of the Misfits in this group now inactive, it was shut down, Oblivion functioning as the highest level group, at least for now. Unlike other groups, this only has one "sector", reprising of roughly 5 or 6 people, while other groups are much larger most of the time, split up into groups.

Character Description
Melissa Dust
The wife of Aran Leverletto, Melissa dust is a nonchalant swordfighter with an array of powers at her disposal. Nowadays, she's only an ambassador for the Misfits, and she'd rather not fight anymore, preferring a peaceful life. That doesn't mean she isn't a great fighter, though.

Melissa has the ability to augment the blue particles, called Cyrilians, in her body to shapeshift or create items such as chains or a katana. She can also change her state of matter to phase through walls. She is also an exceptional swordfighter.

Aran Leverletto
Aran Leverletto is the cocky former leader of the Misfits, now an owner of a decently large tech company, living out his dreams. While not having any actual 'powers', he is a great engineer and his cybernetic augmentations make him a worthy fighter. He is currently married to Melissa Dust and they both live happily in New York City, both still somewhat involved with the Misfits.

Although Aran doesn't have any true powers, he has a lot at his arsenal. He most commonly wears his robotic arm, which comes packed with an energy shield, paralysis blaster, and a built-in whip, as well as several other things. Occasionally, he will wear rocket boots, which don't let him fly, but allow him to jump high and send people flying with a kick.

Birnstone is one of the only remaining active Misfit and the current director of the Misfits groups. While she doesn't go on missions as much anymore, she makes sure everything is together and supervises the Misfits as a whole. She enjoys her job and plans to stay at it for a long time.

Birnstone is a former royal archer for the Magma Sentinels, so her abilities with a bow are tremendous. Although, her bow is different from others, it can pierce through metal and light things aflame. She can also fire flaming hot magma through the air that can melt through near anything.

Jared Orlevo Misfits

Team Oblivion

The second-highest ranking team, while not the highest, these guys are also important and are respected aswell. Their badge is a golden vortex with a blue sentelenium gem in the middle.

Team Red

The third-highest ranking team, and one that takes care of most of the missions that are in between minor and major. Red's badge is a Red eagle art with a red sentelenium eye.

Character Description
Amber Arlen is a young woman from a rich family with aerokinetic powers who joined the Misfits to make a difference in the world and help them fight against evil. A hard worker through and through, she hides her rather bubbly and happy personality with a serious work ethic and a lot of determination. Often the voice of reason for her girlfriend Beam.
Eliza Baxter is Aero's girlfriend and a poor young woman with powers that let her create bursts of energy. She has a rough, blunt, and stubborn exterior but is rather sweet and comforting once you get to know her. However, she is merciless to anyone who threatens her and her friends, and often hides her true feelings. A source of comfort and support for Aero.


Natasha Thel is, like Aero and Beam, a young woman who joined the Misfits to do good. Despite her icy powers, she's outwardly kind and honest, encouraging people to be kind to each other and is a hopeless romantic through and through. Blizzard is willing to use violence, but is a strong believer in using powers for self defense and helping others. Gets along with almost everyone, if you give her time.


Jerry Gilbert is a Pikachu in his twenties with a dislike for using violence and a knack for hacking and utilizing technology to solve problems. He's the team's source of intel and is fairly defenseless when it comes to combat, but is crafty and a big help nonetheless. Mission's a bit egotistical and cold but is good hearted and has a sense of humor, even if it's rather dry.
Loud, boisterous, and cocky, Frostburn is incredibly abrasive and usually says what comes to mind. He's not always the nicest, but does realize when he makes a mistake and eventually grows from a jerk to a jerk with a heart of gold. Frostburn is a slow fighter who uses firey punches to dish out pain, usually disregarding strategy. He might not always voice his feelings, but he does genuinely form friendships with the others, slowly but surely.

Team Watt

Team Watt is actually the team that does most of the scouting for missions for Red, as Red and Watt work together a lot. Watt's badge is a lightning bolt striking a yellow sentelenium.

Team Riot

The Team that is designed for brutes, they are considered 'riot control' and are not forces to be messed with. Their badge is a helmet with one sentelenium gem in the middle.

Team Bloodeye

Team Bloodeye are the ones who carry out the minor missions, and are pretty good at it. Team Bloodeye is designated by their eye-shaped badge, though it has no sentelenium on it.

Team Old School

Team Old School is pretty much made for making sure your training from the first team has all paid off, they make sure you are good enough to move to Bloodeye in this group. Their badge is marked by a graduation hat with no sentelenium on it.

Team NewBirds

The newbies, Team Newbirds is an initiative class essentially, they really have no badge, as they dont know if they will make it into Misfits or not.

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