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Mioda is a character in the Medieverse who takes a major role in the story.


Mioda was born as Mondo, a boy, to Dongorio. In his early years, he quite enjoyed his life, not really thinking about aspects of his life. However much changed when he was forced to move to Beorn Island. Mondo began discovering things about himself, things that Dongorio couldn't understand. It was around that time that Unten came into the picture and almost seemed like a replacement for Mondo. He and Dongorio often fought, because of the latter not wanting to accept that Mondo actually is a girl inside. Mondo eventually makes the transition to Mioda when they go back to Occiden which angers Dongorio very much, even wanting to disown her.

Physical description


Mioda seems to bear grudges quickly, feeling resent towards her father and her adopted brother Unten, not liking either of them. She holds these grudges for a long time and doesn't seem able to get over them. While she seems like an arrogant lady, she is not like that at heart. She is a caring person who likes a joke or two, but just can't get past all of her problems, and how they are always following her.


Mioda possesses no true abilities.






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