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Minecraft: Rebuilt & Crafted
  • Mojang Studios
  • 4J Studios
  • SkyBox Labs
  • Other Ocean Interactive
  • Prisma Telematics
Publisher(s) Xbox Game Studios
Composer(s) C418
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix, AmigaOS, Haiku, Universal Windows Platform, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation Vita, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Atari VCS, Shield Portable, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Gear VR, Xperia Play
  • Sandbox / survival (Main game)
  • Action role-playing / hack-and-slash (Chronicles)
Engine Custom-built engine
Predecessor Minecraft
Release Date(s) 17 May, 2021
Mode(s) Singleplayer, multiplayer
Age Rating(s) Base Game





Storyteller Edition


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USK 12

Cost Prices in euros are equalized in most other currencies (E. g. dollar, pond)

€19.99 (Base Game)
€29.99 (Storyteller Edition)

Minecraft: Rebuilt & Crafted is a 2021 action-adventure sandbox survival game developed by Mojang Studios (Original developer of Minecraft), 4J Studios (Developer of Minecraft's console editions), Other Ocean Interactive (Developer of Minecraft's New Nintendo 3DS edition), SkyBox Labs (Co-developer of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition) and Prisma Telematics. The game serves as a reimagined version of Minecraft, aiming to combine the best features of all Minecraft editions in one, addressing complaints, and adding new content to the game overall in a gamemode called Encore (With the gamemode Vanilla retaining only features already in Minecraft).

While the base game is suited for almost all ages, the Storyteller Edition, which adds story-centered levels and missions to the game known as Chronicles, is rated Teen and corresponding by rating boards due to the darker themes within said stories.



This remake of Minecraft comes with a wholly new launcher, made to completely suit all of the player's needs. The launcher contains the following tabs:

  • Play: This is where the player can pick their preferred version of the game and get going. Almost all legacy versions of Minecraft (Java, Bedrock, New 3DS, Pocket Edition, Legacy Console, Pi) are available for download and can be latched on to the new launcher. Mod clients and servers, such as Forge, Fabric and Liteloader, are also available, but the main focus is a new and proprietary software known as Freeload, which is directly supported and maintained by the developers.
  • Customize: This is where the player can customize their Minecraft experience. In this compartment, players can freely browse and one-click install Mods, Modpacks, Add-Ons (Behaviour Packs from Bedrock), Data Packs, Server Plugins, Resource / Texture Packs, Skins, Maps, Shaders and Mash-Up Packs. Direct gameplay modifications are always free and required to be so by the Terms of Service — purely cosmetic changes are permitted to be paid using MineCoins, which can now be earned directly in the game rather than being solely available for purchase with real money. This is not the only way to alter the game, it is still possible to obtain community content from third-party websites.
  • Community: The social spot of the Minecraft launcher, featuring fully-fleshed out friends, invite, private chat, public wall/timeline and group system, as well as Forums. Minecraft accounts can be linked to a variety of networks, which all display on the user's profile. Some of the current available links include Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Steam, YouTube, Twitch, Origin and Uplay, as well as console networks (Xbox, PSN, Nintendo Network, Nintendo Switch Online, StreetPass). The system now allows multiple instances of the same username through a tag system, similar in nature to Discord, and Riot Games (e. g. Minecrafter#5472, Minecrafter#6984). Username changes have a 30-day cooldown.
  • Store: This is where the user can buy and latch-on Chronicles to their game, both official and community-made. The user must verify that they are 13 years or over before given access.

Community Content



This game boosts up the game's graphics very much to RTX ray-tracing and shaderpack levels, while keeping it relatively accessible to low-end PCs. It can be turned off manually if still prevents the player from properly playing the game. The playermodel / rig is heavily altered to Minecraft animation levels, highly similar to these examples.

The third-person perspective has been heavily improved and now uses an over-the-shoulder perspective, in the vein of Resident Evil and Gears of War.

Character Creation

Character creation is now far more than just colouring boxes. The users can easily add clothing and accessoires and change height, skin colour, voice, hair style / colour / length and eye colour / style. Additionally, in Encore Mode, the player can also set a Race and Class (See Encore Mode for further details).

The player can make new characters and edit pre-existing ones at any given time.

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