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Developer(s) Mojang AB
XBOX Game Studios
4J Studios
Publisher(s) Mojang
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogoRedXbox one logo34221Windows7 and more
Genre(s) Sandbox
Release Date(s) November 18, 2011 (official)
Minecraft is an open-exploration sandbox building game developed by Mojang AB, XBOX Game Studios, and 4J Studios and released for numerous platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, XBOX One, Nintendo Wii U, and Windows 10, among others.



Although the game officially has no story, various pieces of lore are suggested within, such as in . Additionally, the spin-off title Minecraft: Story Mode provides its own lore and context for the world as well as original lore and characters in the style of a point-and-click adventure game.


The player controls a character, called Steve?, who is fully customizable with various skins and even a different version named Alex? with slimmer proportions. This character can explore the procedurally generated, 3D world, composed of a grid of blocks as well as enemies and neutral creatures called mobs. The player can use their fists or various tools to break the blocks of the environment in order to harvest resources, which they can then craft into new blocks, tools, and items. A special block, the crafting table, expands list of craftable recipes and allows for even more complex items and new tools that make the player even more efficient.

A key component of the game involves building bases with blocks harvested from the environment. Although most blocks are the same other than in method of acquisition and appearance, they all share one non-aesthetic purpose: the homes made from them serve as a respite once day turns to night, a shelter from the multitude of evil mobs that spawn once the sun sets. Through blocks like the torch that create light, the player can brighten their abode and ensure that no monsters spawn within, while keeping out the ones that spawn outside. Alternatively, the player can choose to craft weapons such as the sword or bow and arrow and fight the monsters, gaining valuable drops, but doing so puts them at risk.

Once the sun sets and the player returns home, their main course of action is usually to begin mining, striking into the earth with shovels and pickaxes they have crafted to harvest valuable minerals such as coal, used for smelting other ores as well as cooking meat, iron, gold, and even diamond. They can also find lapis lazuli, used alongside other dyes to change the colours of blocks and items like wool and leather armour, and redstone, used to make complex, pseudo-electrical circuits that control other elements and make the world more interactive. The stone, iron, gold, and diamond found by the player can be used to make increasingly more durable and strong tools and weapons.

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