Mine Cart Yoshi
Mine Cart Yoshi
A Pink Yoshi using the mine cart ability.
Original Character(s) Yoshi, other Yoshis
Achieved By Entering a Whirly Gate
Main Ability/ies
Travel quickly

Mine Cart Yoshi is one of the forms Yoshi and his species can transform into by entering a Whirly Gate in the Yoshi's Island series. In this form, Yoshi gains wheels that will automatically move him forward. He can also jump in this form, which allows him to clear gaps. In order to turn, the Nintendo 3DS must be tilted in the desired direction, and Yoshi will begin moving in said direction. He will revert to his regular state if Yoshi enters another Whirly Gate or a timer runs out, the latter of which will take Yoshi back to the previous Whirly Gate.


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