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Mindy Starlane Female
145 lbs
27 years old Kittuman
Mindy Starlane, the cosmic has-been
FULL NAME Mindy Starlane
BIRTHDAY July 31st
ALIGNMENT Galactic Gals (formerly)
OCCUPATION(S) Galactic Gal (formerly)

Chiamomo (close friend)


Cocaine, Beer, Pretzels, Candy, Attention


Warm beer, herself, growing as a person



Mindy Starlane is a former Galactic Gal, which is a group of magical girls that scour the universe to take on threats. She was cast out of the group following multiple drug-related arrests and misusing her powers, requiring her to check into rehab. She first debuted in World Tournament as a fighter, attempting to prove that she was worthy of rejoining the Galactic Gals. The character was created by Exotoro as a spoof of the magical girl archetype as well as to help flesh out the story of World Tournament.

Being a recovering drug user and alcoholic, Mindy Starlane is a self-destructive toxic masochist with little patience for the people around her. Mindy's only remaining friend is Chiamomo, an alien that acts as her bodyguard and is only able to mumble out "Chiamomo", of which Mindy is somehow able to understand. While incredibly bitter, she does care deep down for the people in her life, including the people she has kept away with her toxic attitude. She has a side to herself that is unwilling to show weakness, feigning narcissism to keep people from thinking she dislikes herself.


Mindy Starlane is a Kittuman with dyed blond and blue hair. She has twintails and a lot of purple eyeliner. Her eye color is green. She wears the Galactic Gal uniform which consists of red hotpants and a black sport bra with some additional white fabric that wraps around the back to the front. She also wears arm length black gloves and thigh high boots with a green trim on the side.


Mindy Starlane on the onset seems like a standard, excitable girl with magical powers. However, her past tends to roar up in her interactions with other people. She can come off as narcissistic and self-destructive, pushing people away with her toxic behavior. She has a history of addiction with drugs and alcohol that got her kicked out of the Galactic Girls.

She does care for the people in her life but she hates showing weakness and will do anything to prevent her mistakes from being known. She can often be petty and argumentative. The only person still remaining a friend with her is Chiamomo.

She can fake her personality on a whim pretty well when other people around. She can come off as a bubbly, excited person at times and studious and intellectual. She can lie very well in a believable way, which leads to when her lies are exposed blowing up massively in her face. As opposed to learning anything from her actions, she just continues to move forward, burning bridges.


World Tournament

Powers and Abilities

Mindy Starlane's abilities are mostly channeled through her wand, although her magic abilities are latent to an extent. If she had bothered training without the wand, she would be able to produce it through her hands- however, she needs the wand at her current skill level.

She can blast star projectiles from the wand, as well as blast magical shock-waves from the center of her forehead that transform opponents into candy, typically a gumball as it allows her to deal the most damage without outright killing her opponent when they revert. The transformation can last 15 seconds to 30 minutes.

She can also create reflective swipes with the wand that reflect projectiles, as well as launching energy blasts in the form of rainbows or hearts. She has a variety of elemental spells as well that can deal fire, ice, or electrical damage.

Specific Powers


  • Wand Magic - Mindy can channel out spells through her magic wand. For some spells, she can use them without saying the name but for others she has to shout the name due to her experience in fighting being kind of all over the place. The spells she tends to use the most have them being used without saying the name of the spell, while spells that are rarer have her shout them.
    • Nova Blast - Mindy can shoot a star projectile that deals a moderate amount of damage when it collides against a opponent, dealing light elemental damage. It can be reflected as well as charged. Charged variants of the Nova Blast have a pushback effect as opposed to disappearing after the hit.
    • Mind Candy Crusher - Mindy releases magic waves from her forehead that spark around the opponent's body and transform them into candy. The opponent can still move while in their candy form and the form wears off in 15 seconds or 30 minutes depending on the level of charge. Although the opponent can still move, Mindy can eat them for power or to deal damage. Because she still has some level of morals, most of her opponents turn into gumballs that she can chew to deal damage without actually destroying or majorly harming the body.
    • Reflective Swipe Stream - Mindy tilts the wand to the side to create a reflective blur with the wand's powers to reflect projectiles. The motion appears almost glass-like and appears to be channeling the dimensional effects of one of Isenlore's dimensions.
    • Energy Heart Blast Attack - Mindy holds out the wand to create a heart-shaped set of outlines that pulse across the battlefield and deal more damage the harder a opponent's heart is beating. Ineffective against opponents who don't have beating hearts.
    • Omega Ultima Absurdia Disturbia Rainbow Blast - Mindy holds out the want and puts her hand on the wand's head as she channels out a super beam of a rainbow color with severe pushback effect. It deals water elemental damage and can soak a opponent. It deals a lot of damage as well. However, it has a burnout effect to the next moves that Mindy does with the wand that cause them to appear dim, almost faded, severely knocking down the power of these moves.
    • Ancient Prehistoric Devil Dinosaur Flame - Mindy releases a flame attack that comes out in the form of a T-Rex head, which bites into opponents and burns them up. It deals flame elemental damage. However, it has a burnout effect to the next moves that Mindy does with the wand that cause them to appear dim, almost faded, severely knocking down the power of these moves.
    • Paranormal Ghost Deer-Struction Shockwave - Mindy releases a ring of ghost deer that freeze whatever they touch, extending out for a mile or until they hit a solid wall of approximately 3 feet deep. They can phase through opponents and trees. Mindy can coat an entire arena in ice. However, it has a burnout effect to the next moves that Mindy does with the wand that cause them to appear dim, almost faded, severely knocking down the power of these moves.
    • Cyperpunk Pineapple Electric Shock Pulse - Mindy summons a giant metallic pineapple that pulses out electrictiy in the form of expanding rings that go out until they hit a wall. The pineapple, if cut in half or destroyed, will stop sending out electrical pulses but could go on provided Mindy has enough juice in the wand. However, it has a burnout effect to the next moves that Mindy does with the wand that cause them to appear dim, almost faded, severely knocking down the power of these moves.



They have a close friendship, with Chiamomo being the only of Mindy's friends still with her. They fight together, often going on mercenary missions in order to pay for Mindy's vices or whatever debt she owes. Mindy is one of the few people that can understand Chiamomo, so it's possible Chiamomo feels obligated to stay with her because she's the only person that can even give her company to begin with. Chiamomo attempts to help Mindy with her problems but is ill-equipped to actually deal with them.



  • Mindy Starlane's design was inspired by Kebako from Cat Girl Without Salad, while her powerset was inspired by Star Butterfly from Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon. Her personality was inspired by Bojack Horseman from Bojack Horseman.
  • Mindy's wand has a hollow rod that can be filled with liquids, allowing her to service her vices on the go.