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Mina Mongoose is a teenage female Mobian Mongoose who has a career of singing with her beautiful singing voice. She was once a shy girl who tried to be a Freedom Fighter (but failed) and had a huge crush on Sonic, but later, she decided to become a pop star and found a new boyfriend named Ash Mongoose. She originated in Archie Comics' Sonic series comic, and has become a fan favorite among Sonic fans.


Soundwave Pop Star

Mina Mongoose is stated to appear as Sonic's girlfriend in the first story arc in the upcoming 2013 anime, Hyper Sonic Soundwave. Details of what she'll do is unknown, though it's possible (and likely) that she and Sonic will break up near the end of the first story arc in an unexpected twist. She'll be voiced by Stephanie Sheh.

Sonic Heroes 2

Mina Mongoose appears in Sonic Heroes 2 on Team Archaic with Max the Monkey, Sharps the Chicken and Mach the Rabbit. She's the singer of the group.

Final Song

Mina Mongoose is set to appear in the 2016 game, Sonic Final Battle Genesis. She'll be a member of Team Heroes, along with Sonic and Tails. Her main attacks and abilities involve the uses of a katana that she wields, her trusty microphone, her feet and a Dark Clone of herself that she can summon. Throughout the game, she is trying to keep a secret item away from one of the game's new villains.

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