Mij Mod Mega Stystem
Developer(s) Mij Mod
Manufacturer(s) Mij Mod Studios
Storage 3200GB
Release Date(s)
Best selling game All bestsellers for every single gaming console
The Mij Mod Mega Stystem is a system that does stuff. Basically I started writing this but it all randomly went so... yeah... Basically it can connect with any console (even non nintendo ones like sega consoles, playstation, xbox, ios, android, everything out there to do with gaming. It also has its own internet stystem thingie. Also a gamemaking studio, music making studio, internet explorer. It can also connect wih PC's ect.) Also it has its own range of games like "Up goes Pup" and others. Also it can connect to printers or 3d printers. It can connect to wifi and 3G and 4G and ect. It also has a 3D mode and even a 4D mode for some games. 


As I said before, it can connect with any console ect. but it has its own console, wich is The Mij Mod Mega Stystem. It is like a wii u, but you can take the gamepad anywhere you like. In the car, on the street (Though I wouldnt recomend it on the street, but ya know. You can if you like though, no ones stopping you)  Anyway, this stystem is the most advanced probaly. It can squirt water, blow air and vibrate for 4D mode. You can also get a water proof case for it so you can play it in the shower and bath ect.

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