British Box art of Micro Mario.
Developer(s) GamelineLogo
Publisher(s) 830px-250px-Nintendo svg
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Microgames
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan November 2011 25px-Flag of USA November 2011 25px-Flag of Europe November 2011 25px-Flag of Australia November 2011
Mode(s) 1-4 Player(s)
Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Media Included Wii Optical Disk

Micro Mario (known as メイドインマリオ, Meido in Mario, in Japan) is a Mario game for the Wii. It is based in the Mario sub-series WarioWare. It's the first game of the series. It was released in 2011 November worldwide.


Forms are different ways to hold the Wii Remote. They are used in microgames to play with more realistic modes. They are:

  • The Fireball: The same as the WarioWare: Smooth Moves The Remote Control Form. Point the tip at the screen with the thumb and index finger in the A and B buttons.
  • The Hammer: Hold the Wii Remote pointing up.
  • The Gamer: This form's appears in all Luigi's microgames. Hold the Wii Remote sideways, with the left thumb in the D-Pad and the right thumb in the 1 and 2 buttons.
  • The Poltergust: When the dominant hand is the Left hand, The Poltergust is set instead the Remote Control.
  • The Mailbox: The under end of the Wii Remote is set in the palm, with the tip pointing up.
  • The Melon Balance: Place the Wii Remote in both palms with buttons facing up.
  • The Rocket: Hold the Wii Remote sideways and stretch the arms up, holding it with both hands.
  • The Magical Flute: Hold the Wii Remote with both hands and the end touching the mouth.


Micro Mario: Microgame Match

Mario's microgames are the introduction for the game. They all are based in Mario series elements, involving enemies, items and characters.


Name Description Objective Levels Intro
Gypnast This way is easier! Flip as I say! Flip Luigi's object as asked by him. Level 1: Flip a coin.
Level 2: Flip a dice.
Level 3: Flip a dice harder.
Face (No.)!
Attention Dropper Hey! I feel someone here. Can you find it to me? Move a spotlight to find a person. Level 1: To find a stopped Piranha Plant.
Level 2: To find a Goomba slowly walking.
Level 3: To find a Swooper fastly flying.
Find him!
Pizza Me, Mario! That pizza looks so good. Yummy! Put a pizza piece in Mario's Mouth. Level 1: Mario's mouth is open.
Level 2: Mario's mouth opens and closes.
Level 3: Mario's mouth opens and close as Mario walks.
Bony-Build Up Oh, no! Our friend is dismounted. Help him to build himself up! By order, rebuild a Dry Bones. Level 1: Dry Bones's head is fallen.
Level 2: Dry Bones's head and body are fallen.
Level 3: All Dry Bones's body is fallen.
Precarious Incompatibility One Thwomp is wrong. Can you flip it to the right face? Match a Thwomp totem. Level 1: With three Thwomps, one is wrong.
Level 2: With two totems, two Thwomps are wrong.
Level 3: With three totems, three thwomps are wrong.
Hyper Hallo Hey! What's up! How about a highfive? Help Mario to highfive his friends. Level 1: Only Luigi to highfive.
Level 2: Luigi and Wario to highfive.
Level 3: Luigi, Wario and Waluigi to highfive.
Polished Pride Staches get even better when you use wax, too much wax. Wax Mario's mustache. Level 1: A small part of Mario's mustache is messy.
Level 2: The mustache's half is messy.
Level 3: The mustache is completely messy.
Spin and Shout Wow! Shell bowling. To me this is something new... Strike Red Shells with a Green Shell. Level 1: There is one Red Shell to strike.
Level 2: There are six Red Shels to strike.
Level 3: There are twelve Red Shells to strike.
On the Clock Tick, Tock! This clock is so confusing. Spin a lever to match the right time in the clock. Level 1: The objective time is near the hands.
Level 2: The objective time is away from the hands.
Level 3: The objective time is very away from the hands.
Right Time!
Cheep from the Hook If the Cheep-Cheep isn't in the hook, the hook is in the Cheep-Cheep. Move a hook to grab Cheep-Cheeps. Level 1: There is one Cheep-Cheep to fish.
Level 2: There are two Cheep-Cheeps to fish.
Level 3: Fish two Cheep-Cheeps, but not a Blooper.
I Spy... Eye irritation isn't good, huh? So, irritate the irritations! Help Mr. I to shoot lasers in invaders. Level 1: There is one stopped enemy to shoot.
Level 2: There are two enemies to shoot.
Level 3: There are one stopped enemy and a running enemy to shoot.
Shoot!/Shoot them!
Groovy Guy Remember of Up, Down, Left, Right. Move as shown for make a Koopa Troopa dance. Level 1: Three moves are asked.
Level 2: Four moves are asked.
Level 3: Five moves are asked.
Slippin' Festival I'm passing! Don't crush into me! Move Mario to don't crush into slidding penguins. Level 1: The penguins are slow.
Level 2: The penguins are fast.
Level 3: The penguins are very fast.
Smooth Shocking Do not shock! Do not shock! Move Mario to don't get shocked by Amps electricity bars. Level 1: Two Amps make one shock bar.
Level 2: Three Amps make a triangle with shock bars.
Level 3: Four Amps get shocked with all others.
A Boo One's Way Through a Crowd How scaring is an angry Boo? Move a Boo to scare all the persons on the screen. Level 1: There are not so much persons to scare.
Level 2: There are some persons to scare.
Level 3: There are too many people to scare.
Roadblock Rock Help me to go through the road without be crushed. Dodge Mario from falling rocks. Level 1: Dodge Mario from slow falling rocks.
Level 2: Dodge Mario from big and medium speed rocks.
Level 3: Dodge Mario from giant fast rocks.
Don't Crush!
Coins Alongside Wall I'm on a maze. Please, collect all coins for me. Collect all coins in a maze. Level 1: Mario should collect few coins.
Level 2: Mario should collect more coins.
Level 3: Mario should collect too many coins.
Catch them all!
Move Me Not That Petey Piranha. never give up. I can take out all his petals. Take out Petey Piranha's petals, but not be attacked by him. Level 1: The battle is common.
Level 2: Petey Piranha will hide himself sometimes.
Level 3: He'll hide and attack Mario more frequently.

Happeh- Save the World

Happeh is playing a Nintendo Entertainment System. His microgames are about Super Mario Bros. with 8-Bit graphics.


Name Description Objective Levels Intro
Highfive Blues Tap hands! How about a big highfive, buddy! Highfive Mario and Luigi. Level 1: Mario and Luigi will appear and highfive normally.
Level 2: Mario and Luigi will, sometimes jump, confusing the player.
Level 3: Mario and Luigi will be moving more.
Is No Way Out Help Mario to get to the other side of the pipe! Move Mario to make him go out of the pipe. Level 1: The way to the other side is small.
Level 2: The way to the other side is bigger.
Level 3: The way to the other side is very big and messy.
To other side!
High Cheat To the top! It won't work! Ugh! Make Mario shake his legs to float to reach the top of a Flagpole. Level 1: Mario is near the Flagpole.
Level 2: Mario is a little away from the Flagpole.
Level 3: Mario is away from the Flagpole.
Shroom My Face Mario will get that Super Mushroom, but bad guys wanna it too! Grab the Super Mushroom and don't let enemies do it. Level 1: The game will have three Goombas.
Level 2: The game will have three Koopa Tropas.
Level 3: The game will have three Spinies.
Grab It!
Block Rookie This requires good memory! Remember it! A coin will be insert one of the seven ? Blocks shown in the screen. They will change positions and Mario must hit the one containing the Coin. Level 1: The blocks will change positions slowly.
Level 2: The blocks will change positions a little fast.
Level 3: The blocks will change position very fast.
Find It!
Piranha-Pop Out To the other side. Care about that monsters! Go through pipes containing Piranha Plants without be attacked by them. Level 1: Three Piranha plants will appear in alternate pipes.
Level 2: Five Piranha Plants will appear in the pipes.
Level 3: Piranha Plants will be in all pipes.
Bowser Beat I Bowser is attacking Mario! What will you do? Dodge Bowser's attacks by ducking or jumping. Level 1: Bowser will do one attack.
Level 2: Bowser will do two attacks.
Level 3: Bowser will make three attacks.
Bowser Beat II Your turn to attack Bowser. Press a command of buttons to shoot a giant fireball to Bowser. Level 1: To do it, a command of two buttons are needed.
Level 2: To do it, a comand of three buttons are needed.
Level 3: To do it, a command of four buttons are needed.
Bowser Beat III Last time. Oh, man! That will be nice. Go through Bowser to grab an Ax. Level 1: Bowser will run into Mario and Mario can run into him.
Level 2: Bowser will jump and shoot fireballs.
Level 3: Bowser will shoot Fireballs and hammers.
Spiny Situation Some Lakitus are in the sky. And they will toss Spinies. Run to be alive! Be on a place that have no Lakitus. Level 1: There will be a place with three missing Lakitus.
Level 2: There will be a place with two missing Lakitus.
Level 3: With a place with two missing Lakitus, they will move before toss Spinies.
Follow My Lead Why do I get in this line? Move Luigi to make him not bump into Koopa Troopas in a line. Level 1: The Koopas will walk without stop.
Level 2: The Koopas will move and stop and move again.
Level 3: They will move, stop, change side and move.
Blooper Blast Shoot in all Bloopers. But, care. Shoot fireballs in all Bloopers. Level 1: There's one Blooper to fire.
Level 2: There are two Bloopers to fire.
Level 3: There are three Bloopers to fire.
Warp I Want This requires memory. What's the right way. Choose a Pipe that will take Mario to land. He enters all the first pipes at the sides. Level 1: There will be few connecting pipes.
Level 2: There will be some connecting pipes.
Level 3: There will be too much connecting pipes.
Land's Currency Help me to grab all coins! Collect all coins in the screen. Level 1: There will be five coins in the screen.
Level 2: There will be ten coins in the screen.
Level 3
: There will be sixteen coins in the screen.
Collect them all!
Mario's Role Plays It's the final battle! In a different style! Beat Bowser in a RPG battle. Level 1: Bowser will have 20 HP.
Level 2: Bowser will have 30 HP.
Level 3
: Bowser will have 50 HP.
Your Turn!

Yoshi: While in Wii

Yoshi's microgames are based in Wii Mario games. This happens while Yoshi's playing a Wii.


Name Description Objective Levels Intro
WarioWare: Smooth Moves That Wario is here again! He gives me a great shame! Play WarioWare: Smooth Moves microgames. Level 1: Play You Can Pick Your Friends....
Level 2: Play Stick it Through 'Em!.
Level 3: Play
Sure, You Can.
Super Paper Mario Paper is very fun! Even greats are thin! Play different parts of Super Paper Mario. Level 1: Pick up a Goomba and throw it in another Goomba with Thoreau.
Level 2: Jump in a Koopa Troopa and make a Stylish Move.
Level 3: User Barry to repel attacks.
Pick and throw!
Super Mario Galaxy Oh! I remember my Galaxy adventure, so nice. Do different activities. Level 1: Grab a Star Chip.
Level 2: Fire two torches.
Level 3: Grab a Power Star.
Grab it!
Fire them!
Grab it!
Mario Party 8 Oh, Party? I love parties. I'm on it! You're too, isn't it? Play different parts of the game. Level 1: Play "Shake It Up".
Level 2: Hit a Buzzy Beetle in Glacial Meltdown.
Level 3: Hit all flashing panels in Mario Matrix.
Donkey Kong Barrel Blast Go! And I wasn't thinking something good about Bongo transports... Well, good or goofy? Grab all Bananas in the way. Level 1: Grab two Bananas.
Level 2: Grab three Bananas.
Level 3: Grab four Bananas.
Grab them all!
Super Smash Bros. Brawl WarioWare: Inc? Microgames? This looks familiar for me! Play a microgame in WarioWare: Inc. stage. Level 1: Play "Sole Survivor" (Sole Man).
Level 2: Play "Kitty Cover".
Level 3: Play "Arrow Space".
Stay dry!
Dr. Mario Online Rx It's Doctor Mario! Puzzle never's out. At least, I think it. Destroy a Virus by setting a Megavitamin in the right place. Level 1: The Reds are joined vertically. Set it vertically abover them to win.
Level 2: Blues are set horizontally, with two empty spaces between them. Set a Megavitamin in the spaces to win.
Level 3: Weirds are placed vertically with two empty spaces between them. Set a Megavitamin in the empty place to win.
Connect them!
Mario Kart Wii Drive a Kart is fun. Even more when you play with the crazy characters in Mario series, including me. Avoid different things. Level 1: Avoid a giant rock in DK Summit.
Level 2: Avoid Bananas in Luigi's Circuit.
Level 3: Avoid vehicles in Moonview Highway.
Mario Super Sluggers Home Run is great, but you don't need to do it here. Just play cool! Hit baseballs. Level 1: Hit a baseball comming normally.
Level 2: Hit a baseball nicely pitched.
Level 3: Hit a baseball fastly and nicely pitched.
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