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MicroLapis is the fifth game in Sorastitch's Lapisverse line of games. It comes after Fighters of Lapis 2.

It has new style of game play, similar to the Lego games by Traveler's Tales.

It is confirmed to have at least 200 playable characters.


A world where toys coexist and rule has been discovered by Darkseid. He attempts to destroy it after the events of Fighters of Lapis, as he finds out that Zim who beytrayed him is gathering things from there for his lastest plan to destroy the Earth.

Darkseid is turned into a toy by Zim's toy gun, but Zim is turned into one as well after accidently shooting himself. Darkseid then rounds up some of his own toys, and attempts to take over this world!

Luckily, a small resistance is planning to take out Darkseid, and the adventure begins.

After the resistance reaches Darkseid, it turns out to be nobody other than Degen Jr. Degen Jr claims that she is going to bring out the worst characters that have been locked inside the deepest depths of hell. After opening up the portal, a army of Decipticons, Animals who plan to kill all mankind, Clover-Tan and Clover, Family Guy characters, and True Darkseid march out as toys due to the rules of the world.

After fighting off the hell army with the hundreds of characters, Degen Jr brings back Degen from the dead. The final boss is Degen, who still has access to her robot technology. After defeating her and launching her into the depths of space along with her daughter, Morgan Freeman comes down and decides that this world can no longer be together as one and must be separated.


Image Name Series Info
MarioNew Mario Super Mario Mario can throw fireballs and open plumbing pipes.
Luigi 52 Luigi Super Mario Luigi can turn into a statue to avoid enemies and can open plumbing pipes.
199px-Mom samus Samus Metroid She can turn into a ball and shoots rockets. She can also turn into her Zero Suit.
Folder4000 render Zero Suit Samus Metroid She has a laser whip and can turn into a ball. She can also turn into her power suit.
Pandoramicrovolts Pandora Microvolts She has a laser rifle and can attract weaker enemies, who will fight for her if she gets too close.
BW Shauntal Shauntal Pokémon Uses her Pokémon and can enter Fanfiction Doorways.
217px-Black White Fennel Fennel Pokeémon Can enter into Dream Doorways and can use her Pokémon to fight.
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