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Mewshi's Adventure!

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Developer(s) Gssl
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U

Chaos Mega System

Genre(s) Adventure


Series Mewshi the Dinocat Series
Release Date(s) Autumn 2013


Mode(s) Single Player

Multiplayer (Co-op, Battle)

Age Rating(s) ERatingCERO A3Rating40px-PEGI_6.svg.png
Media Included Wii U Disk

Mewshi's Adventure! (jap: ミュウ市 冒険!) is an 2.5D game for the Wii U and it will be released around in Autumn this year. This is an adventure and a platforming game featuring Mewshi the Dinocat and his partners in Co-op Mode. This is the first game for Mewshi the Dinocat Series. You can play up to 4-players in Co-op Mode or in Battle Mode. The gameplay is very similar to the other Mario Series when you're playing cooperatively but on this game the co-op moves are more advanced. 



It was a sunny day in Yoshi Island. Mewshi and Waddlenote were walking in the woods. There was sudden a mail to Mewshi. He open it and he saw a "dino-ish" notation from Yoshi. Yoshi invites Mewshi and Waddlenote for a big lunch. Mewshi and Waddlenote were dreaming at those yummy foods, especially FISH! Mewshi loves fish but Waddlenote dreams an another thing that he likes to eat. He likes nuts, hazelnuts or other types of nuts. These two were to dashing to Yoshi's House. Behind the bushes, was there Koopa the Quick, the fastest of all the Koopa Troopas. He listened the conversation of Mewshi and Waddlenote, so he decides to join these two. In the middle of the road, there was Diggy Mole, a grey Monty Mole. He was trying to make a path underground, but sudden, he saw Mewshi and Waddlenote running. Diggy Mole asked what's going on. Mewshi tells him again what's going. After that, Diggy Mole decides to join in.

Mewshi and his company arrived in Yoshi's House. Yoshi was very happy for that and brings the friendly guests and they starting to eat. Later, there was a invasion of mouses of Bleck Rat, the antagonist of Mewshi. Bleck Rat and his mouses, named Scratchers, are invading Yoshi's House and the invaders stole all the food of Yoshi for his guests and they returned to his rat nest with his 7 colored bags with food. They were furious of Bleck Rat and his minions so the five decides to go to adventure! So this story continues...

Plot 1: Waddlewing Autumnwoods


Plot 2: TBA (mid-boss)

Mewshi and his crew are dash through the woods and then... they saw a mysterious Scratcher looking at them. Diggy Mole says that he's creepy and weird but sudden Scratcher dashes to the crew and then he stole Mewshi's favorite and mighty Cat Bell. Mewshi was shokked so the crew decides to catch him but it's not easy.

After that course, Mewshi and the crew was glad and happy but it's not over yet! The journey haves been started now. But for all that rumble, it made dark there so, the crew were tired and them decide to go sleep to an another adventure. 

Plot 3: TBA (boss)


After defeating (TBA), the team was happy that he caught the first orange bag. Mewshi and Yoshi want to open it but Waddlenote, Diggy Note and Koopa the Quick stopped them. Waddlenote says that the crew can eat this stuff soon. Sudden, the ground was shaking and then goes open. The crew falls like crazy chickens to the depp of the cliff.  After that fall, the crew was shokked and they can't go above the woods anymore. So they decide to go to adventure through the cave with a shiny river around with brighty crystals...

Plot 4: Mystic Water Cave

The crew were to walking in the beautiful, dark cave. Diggy Mole is the leader of the crew know because he knows all the paths underground, due to his instinct and his beloved flashlight. He doesn't go here offten because there's water and a river in this cave. Mewshi and Waddlenote agrees but Koopa the Quick and Yoshi not. They explained that water is really good for our health. Mewshi and Waddlenote agrees that too but Diggy Mole, with his arrogant behavior, desagrees. Koopa the Quick started to discuss with Diggy Mole. With that disscusing noises, the stalactits were to fall to the crew. The crew were to be shokked and goes directly through the way that goes to the waterfall.

After that rumble, Mewshi, Waddlenote and Yoshi were disapointing to the "rumble-makers". Koopa the Quick and Diggy Mole exusses each other and then they go, with a happy face, to adventure to arrive to the waterfall...

Plot 5: TBA (mid-boss)


Plot 6: The Waterfall

The crew was tired, exept Diggy Mole,  because the cave was long. Sudden, Waddlenote hearded something... The cave was being to be wet..., the tranquil noise out there... yep! You got it! It's the waterfall! With happy faces, they dashes very fast to the waterfall. The crew arrived there. The big waterfall looks so beautiful and shiny. Mewshi says it's a good place to make a nap after all that way to here. The next step will be to the exit of this cave. 

Plot 7: TBA (boss)


Plot 8: Ai Ai, Captain!

After the boss is beaten, the crew arrives to the ocean with a broken boat. Diggy Mole can reapir this with a help of his crew. After the boat is repaired, the crew goes up that and goes to adventure on the ocean. Mewshi and Waddlenote said that the ocean is not bad at all. Koopa the Quick is glad of it but Diggy Mole not. Yeah, the discusion goes further. Mewshi and Waddlenote were to be disapointed again while this adventure...

Plot 9: TBA (boss)


Plot 10: Landed on the Beach

After that storm from (TBA), the crew landed on Shiny Beach with they half breaked boat. Mewshi woked first and then he woked Waddlenote and the others too. Koopa the Quick said he's tired after that storm so why can they rust a little bit on the beach? Well, Waddlenote, Diggy Mole and Yoshi weren't tired so they go playing to the water together while Mewshi and Koopa the Quick are lying on the beach. Later, the crew hearded something behind the bushes. It was pink just like Mewshi's style. It was Kitty Berry the Dinocat. She was followed by Krabbies. Not cool. Mewshi (he was a little different) and his crew decides to help Kitty Berry to defeat Krabbies on the whole beach. 

Plot 11: TBA (boss)


Plot 12: Lost in Jungle

After that Krabby-invasion and that whole battle against (TBA), the crew, including Kitty Berry, were lost in the jungle named Jingle Jungle Greens. Pretty name! Lucky that Kitty Berry has the map from the jungle so the crew goes to an concentrated adventure! Wait! There are whole of Piggy Runners! They are pretty fast boars so they must be careful!

Plot 13: TBA (boss)


Plot 14: We found a balloon!

After that jungle rumble, the crew founded a balloon from Kitty Berry to go into the air. But first, the balloon needs to be bloated. After that work, they're all in that flying balloon and so the adventure goes further!

Plot 15: TBA (boss)

Plot 16: Hitted by an enemy.

In the sky, the invasion of flying enemies is done. The crew celebrated that but someone of these enemies hitted the balloon. The crew, shokked, goes to that volcano and then they fall into that burning mountain. Waddlenote, Kitty Berry, Koopa the Quick and Diggy Mole were scared but Mewshi encouraged them and they goes climbing. But it failed. They falled in the volcano but lucky, on a rock. So the dangerous adventure goes futher.

Plot 16: TBA (mid-boss)

Plot 17: The Core

With their power-ups, Mewshi and his crew arrived to the core. It's icey and strange. That icey place is in the core of the earth. It's very cold and warm at the same time. Kitty Berry has cold. It was a chance for Mewshi! With his power-up and he warmed Kitty Berry up. How adorable. That female kissed Mewshi on his cheek. Waddlenote and Diggy Mole were disgusted. And what does Koopa the Quick? He explored the icey area and founded something very rare. It was something that it was never seen on earth. Something, ... very bright and shiny. Koopa the Quick tried to take that rare thing and put on Kitty Berry's hands. Kitty Berry explained what was that.

It was a Millennium Stone. That rare thing was more than 1000 years here in the core. That's why is it so cold here to protect dangers from the other firey places. That rare stone was an useful thing to protect the earth due to Yoshi Island's help and due to his tribe dance. The tribe dance was not only to serve her god but also for absorving the spirits to that stone. How more spirits, how stronger is the stone. If the stone doesn't have spirits enough, the earth is not protected anymore.

With all that explaination, has Mewshi and Waddlenote more faith and confidence to continue the adventure. Koopa the Quick sees that something's missing on that stone. It must be bigger. Someones stole a part of the stone. It could be Bleck Rat. Mewshi's crew hasn't enough time so they must go to Bleck Rat and defeat him once and for all. The legendary adventure goes further.

Plot 18: TBA (boss)

Plot 19: Ancient Canyons

Plot 20: TBA (mid-boss)

Plot: 21

Plot 22: TBA (boss)



Menu Options
Options: Wii Remote H Controls: Wii Remote V Controls: Gamepad Controls:
Choose Option Pointing at the screen. 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 16px-Wiimote Dpad1
Go Back Bbuttonton 1button / Bbuttonton BbuttonWiiU / Ybuttonwiiu
Select Option Abuttonton 2button / Abuttonton AbuttonWiiU / XButton
Pause while playing 16px-Wiimote Plus 16px-Wiimote Plus 16px-Wiimote Plus
See Controls while playing 16px-Wiimote Minus 16px-Wiimote Minus 16px-Wiimote Minus
Basic Controls
Moves: Wii Remote Controls: Gamepad Controls:
Jump 2button AbuttonWiiU

Pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 left or right.

Pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 left or right.

Looking Up

Pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 up for awhile. Pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 up for while.

Looking Down / Bow

Pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 down for awhile. Pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 down for awhile.
Attack 1button BbuttonWiiU
Push Object Pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 left or right depending the direction where you want to push something. Pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 left or right depending the direction where you want to push something.
Advanced Controls
Run / Grab Object Pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 + 1button left or right. Pressing the left 16px-Def Stick.svg left or right or pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 + BbuttonWiiU left or right.
Throw Object Release 1button while pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 right or left depending the direction where do you gonna throw something.

Release BbuttonWiiU while pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 right or left depending the direction where do you gonna throw something.

Pull Object Pressing 1button + 2button to grab object and then pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 left (or right depending the left direction where do you must pull something) Pressing AbuttonWiiU + BbuttonWiiU to grab object and then pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 left (or right depending the left direction where do you must pull something)
Individual Controls
Moves: Wii Remote Controls: Gamepad Controls:
Double Jump 2button and pressing 2button again. AbuttonWiiU and pressing AbuttonWiiU again.
Climbing Walls Holding 2button by a wall and pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 up at the same time. Holding AbuttonWiiU by a wall and pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 up at the same time.
Tongue Bbuttonton Ybuttonwiiu
Aim and Throw Egg When you have eggs, press first Abuttonton to preapare. Press 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 to aim and when your target is aimed, press Abuttonton again to throw. When you have eggs, press first XButton to preapare. Touch on your gamepad where you want to throw and when your target is ready, press XButton again to throw.
Moves: Wii Remote Controls: Gamepad Controls:
Fly Holding 2button longer. Holding AbuttonWiiU longer.
Fly Higher Shaking the Wii Remote. Shaking the Gamepad.
Attack (Throw Something) while Flying While flying pressing the 1button button. While flying pressing the BbuttonWiiU button.
Hold on a Wall Holding 1button on a wall and release the button to release the wall. Holding BbuttonWiiU on a wall and release the button to release the wall.

Playable Characters

Icons: Names: Descriptions: States: Abilities: Level-Ups:
MewshiIcon MA! Mewshi the Dinocat

"The happy, joyful cat-leader of the team is ready to scratch his enemies and kick Bleck Rat's butt!

You can play with Mewshi in Single Mode as in Co-op Mode.

Speed: CatbellCatbell

Acceleration: CatbellCatbellCatbell

Jumping Skills: CatbellCatbellCatbell

Skid: CatbellCatbellCatbell

Power: CatbellCatbell

Mewshi can attack his enemies with his claws and he can climb on walls. He also can throw eggs, eat enemies and make a double jump in midair.
  • Level 1: Scratch
  • Level 2: Triple Jump
  • Level 3: Climb Longer on walls.
WaddlenoteIcon MA! Waddlenote

"Mewshi's best partner! With his flying skills can he fly around for freedom!"

You can play with Waddlenote only in Co-op Mode.

Speed:Acorn MA!Acorn MA!

Acceleration: Acorn MA!

Jumping Skills: Acorn MA!Acorn MA!Acorn MA!

Skid: Acorn MA!Acorn MA!Acorn MA!

Power: Acorn MA!

Waddlenote can fly on air for awhile and hang on walls. This ability is similar to New Super Mario Bros. U when Mario uses an Acorn Mushroom. Waddlenote can attack his enemies with his sharp teeth.

  • Level 1: Double Fly
  • Level 2: Medium Fly
  • Level 3: Big Fly
DiggyMoleIcon MA! Diggy Mole

"This grey You can play with Diggy Mole only in Co-op Mode.

Speed: DiggyMoleNose


Jumping Skills: DiggyMoleNose

Skid: DiggyMoleNoseDiggyMoleNoseDiggyMoleNose

Power: DiggyMoleNoseDiggyMoleNoseDiggyMoleNose

Diggy Mole can attack his enemies with his powerful claws and he can dig a tunnel underground for awhile. It's very handy to find a secret area. In dark areas, Diggy Mole can use his big flashlight to see much better.
  • Level 1: Big Claws
  • Level 2: A Long Tunnel
  • Level 3: Big Flashlight
KoopaTheQuickIco MA! Koopa the Quick

"Nothing can stop him while running. He was tired from racing against Mario so he joins Mewshi's party to show Mario who's the fastest. His speed is only important for him."

You can play with Koopa the Quick only in Co-op Mode.

Speed:GreenShellYF97 GreenShellYF97GreenShellYF97

Acceleration: GreenShellYF97GreenShellYF97GreenShellYF97

Jumping Skills: GreenShellYF97GreenShellYF97

Skid: GreenShellYF97

Power: GreenShellYF97

Koopa Troopa can dash very fast then the other characters and he can make a Shell Toss. He can defend himself due to his shell.
  • Level 1: Fiery Shell
  • Level 2: Koopa Auto-Toss
  • Level 3: Increasing Speed
424px-Yoshiart Yoshi

"Mario's best bud is back to join Mewshi's party and help Mewshi to kick the enemies! Yoshi is very rare when you play with him!"

Yoshi is only available in Super Guide Mode. He is unlockable too. To unlock him, the Story Mode must be completed. 

Speed: YoshiEggYF97YoshiEggYF97

Acceleration: YoshiEggYF97YoshiEggYF97YoshiEggYF97

Jumping Skills: YoshiEggYF97YoshiEggYF97

Skid: YoshiEggYF97YoshiEggYF97

Power: YoshiEggYF97YoshiEggYF97

Yoshi can make a flutter jump and throw eggs and eat enemies. His jumps are totally different then Mewshi because he can make a double jump in midair.
  • Level 1: Long Tongue
  • Level 2: Bouncing Eggs
  • Level 3: Earthquaking Ground Pound
ZackGoombaIcon Zack Goomba

"Goombario's best friend wants to join Mewshi's party and show to Goombario that he's courageous like him."

Zack is available when you finish  the Special Area.

Speed: BananaMewshisAdventureBananaMewshisAdventureBananaMewshisAdventure

Acceleration: BananaMewshisAdventure BananaMewshisAdventureBananaMewshisAdventure

Jumping Skills: BananaMewshisAdventure

Skid: BananaMewshisAdventure Power: BananaMewshisAdventure

Zack Goomba can make a Head Crash to make despair enemies and he can kick his enemies too.
  • Level 1: Bigger Kick
  • Level 2: Enemy Inhaling
  • Level 3: Increased Head Crash


Image: Name: Type: Description:

Fish MA!

Acorn MA!

  • Common
  • Collectible
It's collectible. When you collect more than 100 fishes, you get an 1-up.

  • Acorn for Waddlenote
  • Earthworm for Diggy Mole
  • Cookie for Koopa the Quick and Yoshi.
  • Banana for Zack Goomba
GoldenFish MA! Golden Fish
  • Semi-Common
  • Collectible
It's worth 5 fishes. These a

re rare to find it.

Apple MA!BananaMewshisAdventure Fruits
  • Semi-Common
  • Status
Food can be a cake, a ice cream, a chicken nugget, etc. It makes level up the player.
Catbell Super Cat Bell
  • Semi-Common
  • Status
Gives you an extra life.
GoldenCatBell MA! Golden Cat Bell
  • Uncommon
  • Status
It fill all your 5 hearts up when you've lost some hearts. When your hearts are full, it gives you more 3 hearts.
Rock MA! Rock
  • Uncommon
  • Portable
You can push this rock to squish enemies while the rock rolls.
1UPHeart MA! 1UP-Heart
  • Rare
  • Status
Gives you an 1-up.
5UPGoldenHeart MA! 5UP-Golden Heart
  • Mysterious
  • Rare
  • Status
Gives you an 5-up.
GreenShellYF97 Shell
  • Semi-Common
  • Targetable
  • Portable
You can throw this to attack the enemies like in Super Mario (Series).
YoshiEggYF97 Yoshi Egg
  • Common
  • Targetable
  • Portable
You find this in many levels. It's to throw to attack enemies.
Boat Boat
  • 1 Area
  • Rideable
You can ride on this in Cheep-Cheep Ocean. There's a mini cannon to attack enemies on air.


  • 2 Areas
  • Rideable
You can ride on this in Mountain Heights.
BonusPortal MA! Bonus Portal
  • Uncommon
  • Bonus
  • Temporary
This portal is a warp to go to a place where you get good stuff in time limit (20 seconds).
CheckpointBell MA! Checkpoint Bell
  • Always there
  • Useful
If you lose a life, you restart the level where you touched the checkpoint.
GoalSphere MA! Goal Sphere
  • Always there
  • Finish
This will be end the level to go to the next level.
Cannon MA! Cannon
  • Semi-Common
  • Useful
Does you take to an another further place.

Cat Bells

Each character haves a different ability with these cat bells.

Image Name Type: Description Power-Up Abilities
FireCatBell MA! Fire Cat Bell


Transforms the character in a fire person and it may allow throwing Fireballs to eliminate enemies. Making Ground Pounds may allow making a small firefield.

Mewshi can attack with his claws full with fire.

Waddlenote can burst while flying fire and he can attack with his sharp teeth full with fire.
Diggy Mole can attack with his claws while attacking with his sharp teeth full with fire.
Fire  Koopa the Quick can dash with fire. It makes him invincible for awhile.
Yoshi can spit fireballs.
Zack Goomba can make a small explosion on the ground when he makes a Head Crash.
IceCatBell MA! Ice Cat Bell


The same function as the Fire Cat Bell. Unlike the Fire Cat Bell, it may allow throwing Iceballs to make freeze enemies or water places. You can freeze your own character for 5 seconds to protect against enemies.

The same function as the Fire Cat Bell.

ShinyCatBell MDR Shiny Cat Bell


Makes you invincible for 15 seconds. The same for all the players.
GreenCatBell MA! Green Cat Bell


Makes you a protective barrier to protect against an enemy. When you have been touched by a enemy, the barriers goes away but the life meter isn't been damaged.  The same for all the players.
SpikedCatBell MA! Spiky Cat Bell


It may allow make spikes around the player to protect you against enemies only if you press the (must see the control) button. The same for all the players.
BlackCatBell MA! Black Cat Bell


It may allow throwing bombs against enemies. Making Ground Pounds are useful.

Waddlenote can throw bombs while flying.

Diggy Mole can put a temporary bomb underground.
Explosive For Zack Goomba is the same ability with the Fire Cat Bell with Head Crash, but the explosion is bigger.
LightCatBell2 MA! Lightning Cat Bell


It may allow zap against your enemies by charging yourself pressing the (...) button. How more is your charge, how big the damage is and it comes more lightning bolts. Ground Pounds are useful. 

Koopa Troopa goes like a lightning bolt.



Image: Name: Type: Description: HP:
ScratchSensing Scratcher
  • Basic
  • Common
A basic mouse who's serves Bleck Rat. He just walks around so he's easy to beat him. 1 HP
Goomba Y Goomba
  • Basic
  • Common

This weakest enemy of Bowser. He just walks around like Scratcher. They are some Goombas with the different size.They are big and small The red ones are much faster, the yellow ones are bouncy and the black ones follow you.


1 HP
Tumblr mcziz2vapA1rhehigo1 500 Koopa Toopa
  • Basic
  • Common

The second weakest character of Bowser. When Koopa is been touched by someone (who plays), he hides in his shell to make it trowable. The red ones don't fall in on cliff. The blue ones is faster, the yellow ones always bounce and the black ones explode.


2 HP
Paratroopa MA! Koopa Paratroopa
  • Airborne/Basic
  • Semi-Common

They're an another sort of Koopa Troopa's but now with wing. The green ones just flies up and down, the red ones flies left and right, the blue ones flies all the directions and the yellow ones chase the players (they are very rare).


3 HP
PiranhaPlant Piranha Plant
  • Jungle
  • Common
Don't be touched by the plants, fellow!
Mewshi talking at Diggy Mole.

These are dangerous plants. Some Piranha Plants can spit fireballs and iceballs.


1 HP
ShyGuys MA! Shy Guy
  • Basic
  • Semi-Common

Shy Guys are clumsy and childish. They can run very fast or they steal something. The red ones just walls but he's faster than Goomba and Koopa Troopa, the green ones don't fall, the blue ones are much faster than the other two and the yellow ones are very clumsy so be careful.


Bullet Bill MA! Bullet Bill
  • Airborne
  • Semi-Common

They are projectiles from the Bullet Blaster. They goes only in one direction. The red ones are missiles, they follow you.


1 HP
  • Ocean / Beach
  • Common
1 HP
Krabby MA! Krabby
  • Beach
  • Semi-Common
SillyGully MA! Silly Gully
  • Beach/Airborne
  • Semi-Common

These silly gullies flies in one direction and these gullies leaves his white droppings to the ground. These droppings are explosive.


1 HP
Shelp MA! Shelp
  • Beach
  • Uncommon

These shells are item-keepers. They save it in his mouth. When Shelp closes his mouth and the players are on that shell, they lose a life.


PiggyRunner MA! Piggy Runner
  • Jungle
  • Semi-Common

Piggy Runners are strong and speedy boars that they follows you all the time. 

3 HP
Hawkey Plane Hawky Plane
  • Canyon / Desert
  • Semi-Common
They are pretty fast birds. 1 HP
ElectroSaw Electro Saw
  • Ocean
  • Semi-Common
Don't touch them! They are electric. 1 HP
FukkuCactus MA! Fukku Cactus
  • Desert
  • Semi-Common
Don't touch them! They are spikey! His weakness is if they are hiding spikes. 1 HP


Each area haves 7 levels and 2 bosses: a mid-boss and a boss.

Image: Name: Levels: Description:
WaddlewingAutumn MA!

Area 1

Waddlewing Autumnwoods

  • A1-1: Waddlewing Woods
  • A1-2: Falling Leaves Path
  • A1-3: Behind the Bushes
  • A1-MB: TBA
  • A1-4: Hop on the Trees
  • A1-5: Beetles Everywhere
  • A1-6: Mushroom Gorge
  • A1-7: The Path to the Cave
  • A1-B: TBA
A colored orange woods with many flying Waddlewings.
MysticWaterCaves MA!

Area 2

Mystic Water Cave

  • A2-1: Falling Stalactites
  • A2-2: Deep in the Cave
  • A2-3: Swimming Lessons
  • A1-MB: TBA
  • A2-4: Climbing Misery 
  • A2-5: Water Deppts
  • A2-6: Crystal Caves
  • A2-7: The Big Waterfall
  • A2-B: TBA

Area 3

Cheep-Cheep Ocean

In this area they are only 3 levels and 1 boss.

  • A3-1: Bloocheep Ocean
  • A3-2: Electric Rumble
  • A3-3: Bad-Tempered Waves
  • A3-B: TBA
Shiny Beach

Area 4

Shiny Beach

  • A4-1: Shiny Beach
  • A4-2: By the Waves
  • A4-3: Silly Hills
  • A-4-MB: The Tsunami Bros.
  • A4-4: Palmtree Swingers
  • A4-5: Sandy Downhill
  • A4-6: Watersplash Panic
  • A4-7: Lakitu Beach
  • A4-B: TBA
JingleJungleGreens MA!

Area 5

Jingle Jungle Greens

  • A5-1: Jingle Jungle Greens
  • A5-2: Rocky Jungle
  • A5-3: Piggy Runner Rumble
  • A5-MB: TBA
  • A5-4: Swinging Vines
  • A5-5: Tree by Tree
  • A5-6: Piranha Swamp
  • A5-7: Crazy Swamp Walk
  • A5-B: TBA
Mountain Hights MA!

Area 6

Mountain Hights

This area haves only 3 levels and 1 boss.

  • A6-1: Mountain Hights
  • A6-2: To the Balloon
  • A6-3: Paratroopa Chasers
  • A6-B: TBA

Area 7

Magma Lair Sewers

  • A7-1: Magma Lair Sewers
  • A7-2:  Lava Splash
  • A7-3:  Podoboo Followers
  • A7-MB: TBA
  • A7-4: Lava Path
  • A7-5: Frozen Magma Cave
  • A7-6: The Lavafall
  • A7-7: Earthquake Trouble
  • A7-B: TBA

Area 8

Ancient Canyons

  • A8-1: Ancient Canyons
  • A8-2: Annoying Hawks
  • A8-3: Orange Falls
  • A8-MB: TBA
  • A8-4: Windy Bridge
  • A8-5: Falling Depts
  • A8-6: Gorudo Mine
  • A8-7: Suspense Just for Trailing
  • A8-B: TBA

Area 9

Torando Desert

  • A9-1: Tornado Desert
  • A9-2: Inclining Cactus Path
  • A9-3: Quicksand Rush
  • A9-MB:  Grand Fukku Cactus Barrage
  • A9-4: Sandy Windy Hills
  • A9-5: Up and Down Dunes
  • A9-6: Fukku Cactus Rampage
  • A-9-7: Desert Danger Slide
  • A9-B:  Fukk'O Cactus

Area 10

Happy Skies

  • A10-1: Happy Skies
  • A10-2: Going Higher to the Sky
  • A10-3: Moving Clouds
  • A10-MB: TBA
  • A10-4: Wool Heaven
  • A10-5: Space Run!?
  • A10-6: Balloon Trip Returns
  • A10-7: The Final Fall
  • A10-B: TBA  

Area 11

Mice Woods

  • A11-1: Mice Woods
  • A11-2: Darky Cave
  • A11-3: Screwing Depts
  • A11-MB: TBA
  • A11-4: Rat Swamp
  • A11-5: Red Eyes Jungle
  • A11-6: Confusing Woods
  • A11-7: Run for it!!!
  • A11-B: Bleck Rat
  • A11-FB (Final Boss): Ultimate Bleck Rat

Special Area

Magical Cosmic Space

??? ???


See the whole gallery here: Mewshi's Adventure!/Gallery




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