Metroid Soccer or Metroid Football In Europe. Is a game created by Twenty-Second Choice on the Nintendo Wii, abandoned, but then taken over by Steli Entertainment. It is a soccer/football game, using characters from the Metroid games.

Extra Rules

The game plays using all of the normal rules of soccer, as well as a lot of adjustments:

Special Bar

Everything non-standard, such as attacking, special tackles, special passes and special shots uses the Special Bar. This special bar gradually replenishes, and can be replenished even more with items and upgrades. Your special bar can also be lowered by certain enemy moves. It is a Seven-a-side game with 5 Substitutes.


Every character has an attack they can use to stun opponents, with or without the ball. These can be long-range or melee, although most are long range.


To tackle, players can do anything from tripping the opponent, punching them or grabbing them. Every character has two tackles: their normal tackle, and Special tackle. Their normal tackle is activated by pressing the kick button while near the opponent who has the ball, and the special tackle is activated by pressing the special button near the opponent when they have the ball. The normal tackle is simply a kick at the ball; the special tackle is everything from tripping the enemy to grabbing them.


Every character can do a short pass, a lob pass, a technical pass (passing in front of your teammate to where they are running to) or the new Special pass. The special pass is different for every character, but can usually harm any enemies in the way.


You can perform a shot from anywhere on the field, and the kick will automatically head towards the goal and be given enough power, however specific aiming can also be done by moving while kicking. Special shots can also be performed, which are different for each character but usually need a full Special Bar.


Goalkeeping is basically the same as in Mario Strikers Charged, with no new additions besides the fact multiple goalies are available and each one specialises in something different (diving, grabbing, kicking, etc.)



  • Team Name: Screw Attackers
  • Attack: Samus fires a shot towards the nearest enemy, temporarily stunning them
  • Special Tackle: Samus enters her Morph Ball, and knocks the ball away from the enemy
  • Special Pass: Samus fires a Missile at the ball sending it extremely high into the air
  • Special Shot: Samus fires shots everywhere into the goal, which the goalie must avoid, then kicks the ball
  • Entrance: Samus Screw Attacks in from the sky, then fires a missile up into the sky which explodes into fireworks.
  • Team Name: Pirate Storm
  • Attack: Ridley claws at any enemies nearby
  • Special Tackle: Ridley whips the opponent's legs with his tail
  • Special Pass: Ridley smashes the ball so hard it knocks over anyone it hits
  • Special Shot: Ridley shoots a fireball at the ball, setting it on fire, then kicks it into the goal
  • Entrance: Ridley flies in from the sky and roars, then lands on the ground extremely hard
  • Team Name: Mecha Pirates
  • Attack: Weavel slashes at an enemy with his scythe-like weapon
  • Special Tackle: Weavel quickly switches to Halfturret, his lower half hits the opponene tand the other half jumps over then lands on top on the other side of the opponent
  • Special Pass: Weavel kicks the ball in an arc-like path, and it creates an explosion on landing
  • Special Shot: Weavel enters Halfturret mode, and shoots at thge goalie with the bottom half and hits the ball with the top half
  • Entrance: Weavel falls from the sky, when he lands a cloud of dust appears, it suddenly disappears and Weavel is in a battle pose
  • Team Name: Kriken Wrath
  • Attack: Trace lunges forwards at incredible speed, knocking over enemies in his way
  • Special Tackle: Trace grabs the opponenet's legs and flicks them upwards, knocking them over
  • Special Pass: Trace enters Triskelion form and wraps around the ball then launches himself with it
  • Special Shot: Trace creates the illusion of three balls, then he kicks them all and the goalie must guess which is the real one
  • Entrance: Trace falls from the sky in Triskelion form, then returns to normal and does a battle pose
  • Team Name: Experiment Lab
  • Attack: Kanden shoots a blast of electricity which can stun multiple enemies
  • Special Tackle: Kanden shoots a blast of electricity at the opponent's feet, making them trip
  • Special Pass: Kanden electrocutes the ball and kicks it, stunning any opponenets that touch it
  • Special Shot: Kanden fires a charged boost of electricity, then kicks the ball
  • Entrance: A small testing tube is lying on the field. Kanden breaks out of it, and shoots electricity at the screen causing a static effect.
  • Team Name: Magma Boulders
  • Attack: Spire performs a slow but incredibly powerful punch, sending enemies flying to the other side of the field
  • Special Tackle: Spire fires the Magmaul at the ground, burning the opponent and making him lose the ball
  • Special Pass: Spire kicks the ball upwards, and it comes down leaving an explosion of magma
  • Special Shot: Spire fires the Magmaul at the ball, setting it on fire, then delivers a powerful kick
  • Entrance: The ground starts glowing from immense heat and shatters as Spire jumps out of the newly-formed hole in the ground
  • Team Name: The Sylux Seven




Team Members

These are members available for you to use in you team. In Challenge Mode, you only start off with your team's default team members but you can gain new ones by finding them in the overworld. The team members do not have special abilities, or any specific stage entrance.

Metroid Luminoth
Metroid Luminoth
Space Pirate Plasma Trooper
Space Pirate Plasma Trooper


These do not appear in the Metroid (series) games, but are Staduims you play on.

  • Samus Stadium
  • Sylux Stadium
  • Kanden Court
  • Noxus Nightway
  • Soar Ridely Arena

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode involves exploring the overworld, and finding various people and performing jobs for them and also fighting other captains in a soccer match. Bosses are also present, as well as enemies.




The Core-X is encountered deep within Experimental Laboratory, where it is resting until it smells Metroid (meaning you must have a Metroid as one of your team members for it to awaken). While fighting it, it will slowly chase you around, knocking you closer towards the acid surrounding the stage if it hits you. It can be stunned by shooting it. When it opens it's eye to fire at you, hit the soccer ball into it's eye to hurt it a bit. Continue until it is defeated.

Emperor Ing
Emperor Ing

IN PROGRESS May feature Meta Ridely!


  • Gandrayda and Rundas apperaed in Beta screens, but is unconfirmed and is hinted at being referee's.
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