Metroid Fluxuation
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Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
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Platform(s) 3DS
Age Rating(s)
OFLC M rating
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Metroidvania, 2D Platformer
Series Metroid
Predecessor Metroid Other M
Successor Metroid: Final Sunset

Metroid Fluxuation is an upcoming 2D Action-Adventure Game for the 3DS. It is the spiritual successor to Metroid Fusion, returning the series to the 2D environments of the oldest games in the series and handheld games. It is also considered a successor to Fusion due to the primary antagonist being the X-Parasite having returned in this game. The game has Samus travel to the artificial planet SR-389 where she quickly discovers that remnants of the X-Parasite and Metroid were obtained by the Galactic Federation and were being used to create the ultimate Biological Weapon.

Recalling the chaos the SA-X and the other X-Parasites caused as well as the destruction of SR-388, Samus investigates the Artificial Planet to destroy the X-Parasites, Metroids and Research Facility (although the last is her personal revenge).


Chapter 1

Approximately 3 Years after the events of Metroid Fusion, Samus recieves a distress signal from an Space Outpost located near the Asteroid Field created from the Debris of SR-388. Upon responding and landing on the Space Outpost, Samus finds X-Parasites have invaded the Space Outpost and taken over most of the guards there.

After dispersing the guards and finding the main communications computer Samus contacts the Galactic Federation demanding to know why X-Parasites were on the Space Outpost, the Galactic Federation tells Samus that the information is classified and that she has a new assignment involving a previously cloaked planet called SR-389. At the same time she is instructed to head to the Artificial Planet and destroy any X-Parasites she finds there as they are causing a massive breakdown of the ecosystems on the Planet. They also mention to be wary of any other SR-388 Native Species on the planet and instructs her to exterminate them as well (while this includes species like Hornoads it is later revealed to be referring to Metroids). She is also told that Adam will have more specific instructions for her on her ship. Just as she is leaving in the Gun Ship, the player may notice several X-Parasites clinging onto the jets of the Ship.

As Samus reaches an Orbital distance from SR-389, Adam suddenly picks up the intruders who have since worked their way into the ship through four different entrances (one through the jets themselves, another through a ventilation shaft, a third through the fuel tank and the fourth simply breaking in by ripping off the armour). This causes the Ship to destablize, de-activating Adam. Samus knowing that crashing would indicate death, runs for the Escape Pod, however as she enters the Escape Pod, the four X-Parasites, coloured Red, Blue, Green & Grey slither in and infect her, rendering her unconcious.

As the Escape Pod is launched while the Gun Ship crashes into the Research Facility, Samus wakes up to find the X-Parasites gone leaving her in a heavily damaged Escape Pod. She looks around and sees that the main entrance to the Research Facility has been destroyed, rushing over to the debris of the Gun Ship, she rummages through the remains and finds the Main Computer. Luckily it is in tact due to its extra shielding. Adam instructs Samus to take the Computer to the Research Facility's secret entrance located through a nearby Jungle, explaining that by being able to connect to the Research Facility, he will be able to further help Samus.

Additionally Samus notices that in the midst of her escape several major components of the Varia Suit have been extremely damaged to the point of uselessness, leaving the suit in only basic functionality, rendering it in Samus' description "even worse than the Power Suit". With minimal protection and the Arm Cannon only able to fire basic energy shots, Samus carefully navigates her way through the Jungle, seeing many X-Parasites attacking the Jungle dwelling creatures. Eventually Samus comes across the entrance to the facility however before this she encounters an X-Core, that frantically attempts to prevent her from entering, however it is quickly dispatched due to its weak spot leaving behind a piece of armour, Samus looks at it realising it to be an enhanced version of the Spinal component of the Varia Suit. Fitting it onto her own suit, it gives Samus her ability to change into a Morphball form, although is slower than usual due to the lack of proper plating.

Chapter 2

Descending into the Research Facility, Samus connects Adam up to an Information Hub, allowing him to access every working component of the Facility including most elevators, some cameras and several life support systems. He notes that within the Research Facility there are 20 Environments listed which are titled; Plains, Forest, Jungle, Temperate, Tundra, Arctic, Badlands, Mountainous, Caverns, Volcanic, Desert, Oasis, Coastal, Stormgrounds, Reef, Oceanic, Lake, Semi-Mountainous, SR-388 & Robotic. Adam continues explaining that in addition he was able to access cameras for the Jungle, Arctic, Volcanic & Robotic Environments. Activating them however, leaves both Adam and Samus in horror as on each one they see four SA-Xs roaming the depths of these environments. Adam explains that the SA-Xs were likely the four X-Parasites that attacked Samus and each likely contain an important part of Samus' Suit.

Samus is then shown a map of all the Environments and how to access each one. Adam explains that while initially her movement will be limited to the Plains Environment, as she is able to re-route Power to through different systems so she can access other other Environments. Adam explains that he had also done a scan on the SA-Xs roaming the four zones and determined that unlike the SA-X on the BSL Station, they shouldn't be actively hunting Samus down but are instead guarding the locks to the self-destruct program. Adam also continues explaining that while escape may seem impossible, he has determined that a supply ship located in the Robotic Environment's Dock will be capable of clearing the self-destruct sequence however informs her that to reach the Self-Destruct switch itself Samus must do so from the Main Research Facility Station she is currently in.

Samus then makes a move into the Plains Enivronment finding it very calm and tranquil with some trees dotting the landscape, in the Environment Samus is told that to access the surrounding Environments (Fores, Stormgrounds, Lake & Badlands) she must find the Central Power Grid which can be used to supply access to additional zones. Upon finding the Central Power Grid however Samus encounters an X-Core that has fused with a Centipedal creature. The creature attempts to halt Samus' progress by destroying the access door to the Central Power Grid before attacking. However upon its defeat and the X-Parasite's absorption, it leaves behind ankle armour pieces that allow Samus to perform a High Jump allowing her to reach the ventilation shaft to the room. However upon entering, she finds that the four SA-Xs had moved into the room and appear to be conversing with each other, Samus watches as the Grey SA-X orders the Red SA-X to shoot the Central Power Grid, causing most of the signals on it to deactive.

After this they leave, however just as they do so the Grey SA-X pauses and looks at the Floor Vent noticing a Hornoad within, as it leaves it drops a Super Bomb that destroys both Ventilation Shafts and the Hornoad. Samus drops down and looks at the Central Power Grid determining that the Red SA-X had shot out several Power relays making the machine only run at 20% efficiency. Adam contacts Samus explaining that whatever happened has caused major deadlocks across the environments leaving only Access Doors still functioning. Adam explains that he can grant Samus a Yellow Access Level with the data he has which will allow him to access the Stormgrounds Environment as he explains that there is a Power Relay within the Environment for emergency uses that can be used to generate more power allowing Samus to continue to the Desert Environment so she can activate the Main Computer in that Environment and allow Adam more access to the facilities.

On her way she encounters many desert dwelling creatures as well as two more X-Core's, the first of which is found guarding the Power Relay and had fused with a Blob Thrower and the Desert dwelling X-Core fused with a Drivel to guard a very large room in the Environment. The Stormgrounds X-Core was holding onto an Energy Converter for Samus' Arm Cannon, which when obtained grants her the Charge Beam, the Desert X-Core on the other hand had obtained the Explosive Charges from Samus' Armour which grants her the Morphball Bombs upon obtaining the item.

With Adam now in control of more facilities he explains that he will now be able to grant Samus the Blue Access Level, which will allow Samus to open the doors connecting the Lake Environment to other Environments. He explains that within the Lake Environment is a device called Mors Key which will be critical for Samus to be able to remove the locks on the Self-Destruct Device. He also continues explaining that the Mors Key has a Gold Access Level which will allow Samus to go through the Oasis, Reef and Coastal Enviroments, however instructs Samus not to enter the Oceanic Environment as it is flooded and Samus' current suit conditions will cause her to die in that condition, he explains that based on the colouration of the SA-Xs it is most probable that the Blue SA-X in the Arctic Environment will have Samus' Hydro Adapter Equipment allowing her to breathe underwater. Adam also suspects it may have the Central Plate may also be contained within the SA-X and would prevent Samus from developing Hypothermia and other Cold conditions and hopes that Samus will be able to tempt it out into the Tundra Zone as it will not be cold enough for Samus to be hurt there.

Samus traverses into the Lake environment to find it mostly intact, albeit overrun by X-Parasites. Moving around Samus initially cannot find the Mors Key however upon reaching the Access Door for the Oasis Environment, Samus discovers a switch that when activated drains part of the Lake out revealing a set of underground tunnels. However as Samus attempts to enter these Tunnels another X-Core ambushes Samus, this one unlike the previous X-Cores doesn't fuse with anything and instead splits into three copies each attacking in a different way with one moving quickly, another aggressively attacking Samus and the third attempting to dodge Samus' attacks. After all three are defeated they reform into the original X-Core and are absorbed by Samus, leaving behind the Missile Compartment for Samus' Arm Cannon allowing her to use Missiles again.

After traversing the tunnels Samus comes across the Mors Key that Adam talked about, upon touching it, Adam contacts Samus reporting that the SA-X units have all shifted their positions, likely due to them now knowing that Samus is in posession of the Mors Key. As Samus continues onwards into the Oasis Environment, Samus watches from an observation deck in a tower as the Green and Blue SA-X units are relentlessly attacking random creatures regardless of whether they are X-Parasite or not. Eventually the two stop and Samus sees the Grey SA-X approach the two, appearing to be questioning the two. In an inconcievable language, the three converse, Samus watches and deduces that the Blue and Green SA-Xs were searching for Samus in the Oasis Environment however had not found her. The Grey SA-X appears to order the Blue SA-X to search further on while the Green SA-X heads back to the Jungle Environment. Just as the two leave the Grey SA-X looks up at the Observation Deck and shoots at it, Samus thinking this to be an attack ducks, however notices that the shot went a lot lower and after Grey SA-X leaves and Samus exits the Observation Deck she realises that there was a large Scorpion Creature lying dead on the ground. Continuing on however Samus is stopped as she hears a rumbling, looking into the distance she sees another X-Core this one, dashing past Samus at incredible speeds and fusing with the Scorpion. Samus engages the agile foe who burrows underground in an attempt to avoid Samus, however is eventually defeated leaving Samus with the Lower Leg Braces which allow Samus to perform her Super Spring ability, however without the Upper Leg Braces she is incapable of enveloping herself in the Static Field that normally damages enemies.

Progressing onwards, Samus is told by Adam that both the Reef and the Coastal Environments house important pieces of equipment for Samus, the Reef containing the Cyan Access Level Computer while the Coastal Environment containing the Power Relay Blueprints. Adam explains that it doesn't matter which one Samus accesses as they are both things she will need to access the Temperate Environment.

Chapter 3

(The Reef and Coastal Environments can be accessed in either order however the plot follows if the player chooses to access the Reef Environment first)

Entering the Reef Environment, Samus finds that there is a combination of Water bodies and Rocky terrain, investigating through the area, Samus comes to a particularly large room with many entrances and exits, which are all connected by an odd giant Purple Coral that has grown through the walls. Samus continues onwards eventually making her way towards the Cyan Access Level Computer. However before reaching it, she finds the head of the Coral which reveals that it has been fused with an X-Core the entire time. Despite it putting up a challenge even though being immobile, the creature is evnetually defeated causing all the Coral to quickly die. The X-Core leaves Samus with the Right Shoulder Shield, which decreases the damage she takes from enemies by 25%. Continuing on Samus reaches the Cyan Access Level Computer, giving access for Adam to use the computer to grant Samus more mobility. Additionally he notes that the Blue SA-X is currently in the Tundra environment and he is going to Deadlock the Access Door to the Arctic Environment until Samus defeats the SA-X so it cannot escape. He explains that Samus isn't strong enough yet and that after obtaining the Power Relay Blueprints (unless the Coastal Environment was done first) for her to return ot the main Research Facility.

Samus continues on, into the Coastal Environment. Entering this area Samus finds that there is a combination of sandy terrain and water bodies, making it difficult to traverse. Eventually she comes across a suspended research laboratory in the Environment that has been somewhat damaged by a creature that had burrowed up to it through the walls. Samus navigates around and eventually reaches the Research Laboratory finding the cause of the damage, another X-Core, this time having fused a Moheek creating a Reptilian-Fish like creature. After Samus is able to destroy it, it gives up the Booster Boot attachements, allowing Samus to Space Jump. After passing a jump with the Space Jump, Samus finds the Blueprints and is instructed by Adam to return to the Main Research Facility.

On the way back, Samus has a near encounter with the Blue SA-X in the Plains environment, Samus having to travel through a Morph Ball shaft watches as the Blue SA-X attacks a group of smaller X-Parasites using the Freeze Beam to kill them and absorb them before heading back to towards the Stormgrounds Access Door by blasting a hole in a nearby wall. Samus returns to Adam showing him the Blueprints, he explains that Samus will need to physically connect the plugs together, however the Blueprints show three models, with only one being the correct one for the Power Relay Samus already had. Upon succeeding in determining the correct arrangement the Cameras for the Temperate, Tundra & Desert Environments re-activate. Adam notices something in the Desert Environment and requests that Samus investigate as he believes it may be a weapon for Samus. Progressing through the Desert Environment accessing an underground section with the help of the Space Jump and Missiles finding that a Serpent creature was dwelling in the area that had fused with a X-Core. Despite it posessing some staggering speed, Samus defeated the creature returning her Upper Leg Braces, granting her the Static Field for her Sprint, additionally a new weapon is dropped, an add-on for the Arm Cannon that acts like a Flamethrower.

Adam announces to Samus that analysing the Flamethrower, he has found that weapon was intended for a suit like Samus' which makes him question whether there are other weapons for Samus' Suit. Samus is reluctant to believe that the Galactic Federation is developing weapons for her without expecting something in return or if the weapons are even for her at all. Samus is then told that the Flamethrower should help with any Ice base obstacles she may encounter in the Temperate or Tundra environments.

Entering the Temperate Environment, Samus immediately sees another X-Core floating around, it notices her however and flees through an escape hatch. Samus continues on encountering many aliens she had not previously encountered, partway through she is contacted by Adam who informs her that within the Temperate Environment is the Deadlock Control System for the Badlands Environment which was completely sealed during the incident. Samus continues investigating however reaches a room with a Dead End, the door behind her locks and Samus begins to hear the footsteps of the Blue SA-X, Samus frantically finds a small vent in the Dead End that keeps her hidden, just as she gets out of view, the Blue SA-X enters. With it is the X-Core which floats around the room, the Blue SA-X leaves soon returning with a Blue Hornoad, throwing it at the X-Core which absorbs it making it fuse creating a Giant Toad Monster. The Hornoad Fusion begins jumping around causing the central column of the room to collapse causing a cave in which takes the Hornoad Fusion down below while the Blue SA-X retreats out of the room.

After this, Samus follows the holes in the floor where the Hornoad Fusion fell through and eventually catches up to it in a room with various Chozo Artifacts. The Hornoad Fusion notices Samus and engages her in the environment, however it is defeated by the bounty hunter, leaving her with another piece of Equipment, the Gripping Tricep Braces, which allow Samus to regain her ability to Wall Jump. Samus using this ability escapes the pit and investigates the floors above finding another complex of rooms, of which she reaches the Deadlock Control System Adam mentioned. Upon activating it Adam notifies her that the Deadlocks to the Badlands have been released and she should now be able to freely investigate that area after dispatching the Blue SA-X, Adam also mentions that it has consequently released the Deadlocks on areas in the; Plains, Stormgrounds & Lake Environments which Adam notes may be important later on.

Samus continues through the rooms and eventually finds her way into the Tundra environment, barren of most lifeforms, Adam mentions that Samus must be cautious as there are likely to various dangerous species kept  contained in this Environment. Samus continues through the desolate rooms finding very few indications of life. However Samus soon finds herself in a room constantly snowing, in it Adam notes that there should be an access panel nearby that will allow Samus to take the Deadlock off the Arctic Zone, however he also picks up a lifeform in the same room as her. Samus turns and the snow intensifies blinding her vision before seeing the Blue SA-X right in her face, initially it slinks back looking like it is cowering, however as Samus attempts to approach it, the Blue SA-X attempts to shoot Samus with the Ice Beam. Samus retaliates and the two engage in combat, intially the Blue SA-X has the upper hand however part way through Adam is able to hack into the Temperature settings for the room and increase the temperature, weakening the SA-X and advising Samus to use the Flamethrower as it is likely to be able to harm the Blue SA-X now.

Eventually Samus forces the SA-X to revert to its X-Core form and Samus destroys it, regaining the Hydro Adapter Equipment and the Ice Beam. Additionally Samus recieves a Central Plate, this plate changes Samus' Suit to the Frigus Suit giving her a resistance to the Cold, Adam notes that the Plate isn't working at 100% efficiency and Samus will need to repair it in the Caverns Repair Station before she can progress into the Arctic Zone. Adam continues explaining that the Caverns requires a Purple Access Level, however this Access Level requires three computers located in the Stormgrounds, Lake and Badlands Environments. He tasks Samus with finding these computers and activating them so Samus can be given clearance.

Chapter 4

(The Stormgrounds, Lake and Badlands Environments can be accessed in any order however the plot follows the player if that is the order Samus activates the computers)

Samus returns to the Stormgrounds Environment to find that a freak Thunderstorm is raging across the rooms, forcing Samus to use the shielding in the rooms to move through. Eventually Samus is notified that the Computer she needs to access is completely blocked off by the Thunderstorm and is instructed by Adam to find the Static Distributor System which is controlling the Thunderstorms. Samus continues onwards however is stopped at one point, encountering another X-Core, this one doesn't fuse and instead splits into three, this time however, two of the X-Cores fly off in opposite directions leaving the third for Samus to finish off. Defeating it grants Samus the Rebound Plate, which allows her to jump while in the Morphball state without the assistance of Bombs.

Continuing on Samus eventaully reaches the Static Distrubutor System however a large Gaseous creature looms above it, at this time an X-Core from earlier fuses with the Gaseous Creature and attacks Samus. Samus is able to defeat the Gaseous Creature through the use of the explosive capabilities of the Bombs and Missiles. Eventually once the creature falls, Samus gains a new weapon, the Nosferatu Beam, a weapon that allows Samus to shoot a small projectile that once attached to an enemy will make it fight for Samus. Samus continues on de-activating the Static Distributor System, stopping the Thunderstorms and allowing Samus to return to the Computer Room. However as Samus nears the room previously wracked with Thunderstorms, Samus finds a small Fox creature, however just as Samus goes to approach it, the X-Core rams into the Fox, fusing with it, causing it to turn into a giant Spectral Monster. Samus realises that her weapons do not work on this creature and instead she must rely on using the Nosferatu Beam to cause the small Spectral entities that fly from the Spectral Monster to defeat the creature. Eventually after conquering it, Samus recovers the X-Inhibitor, a device for Samus' Arm Cannon that allows Samus to shoot anything that has an X-Parasite within as well as recover Missile Ammo. Continuing on Samus reaches the Computer Room allowing Adam to grant her the first part of the Purple Access Level.

Samus continues back to the Plains Environment and then into the Lake Environment. Samus finds that the Lake Environment's computer is located in a secret underground lake that houses a water-dwelling version of the monster known as Vorash. Samus locates the lake where Vorash was kept however only finds the giant bones of the creature. Samus suddenly hears a rumbling sounds and several jets of water shoot out of the Lake as Samus quickly realises that an X-Core had absorbed the Water-Dwelling Vorash. This variation requires Samus to shoot its underbelly as it leaps out of the water, however eventually Samus defeats it and the X-Core and gains the Grapple Beam from it. Samus continues on reaching the second Computer Room, Adam explains to Samus that the Green SA-X has been sighted walking around the Plains Environment and Samus must be careful not to alert it of her position, for which Adam notes a secret shaft through to the Badlands that was unlocked after Samus removed the Deadlock.

Entering the Badlands, Samus is immediately contacted by Adam notifying her that the area she is entering has an important device called the X-Core Identifier, it will let Adam tell Samus how many X-Cores there are in an area and identify where they are. He tells Samus to begin searching the area for the Computer Room as well as believes that both are located near the Cavern Access Door anyway. Samus investigates the area encountering a variety of new enemies not seen in the previous Environments and eventually makes her way to a large canyon structure in the Badlands. Upon descending into it, she finds a laboratory which within there are the bones of various creatures, suspended in fluid. Navigating through this room Samus finds the door the Computer Room is locked, recieving a message from Adam that the Door has its own seperate Deadlock which he says is also in the X-Core Identifier Room. Samus continues on passing the bones of a Hornoad, Space Pirate and the Skull of a large multi-eyed creature. Samus continues out of the Canyon onto the other side and discovers a switch which activates a platform in between the two sides of the Canyon allowing Samus to jump across the Canyon now.

Samus eventually comes face to face with a heavily mutated Gadora which has fused with an X-Core creating a Mobile, multi-eyed crab like creature. Samus, avoiding the creature's legs is able to manuever underneath it and deliver several Missiles to the main eye, killing it. Samus defeats the X-Core within and gains the Morphball Accelerator a device that allows Samus, while in Morphball form to dash through certain blocks that were previously impassable. Samus continues onwards to the X-Core Identifier where by re-activating it, Adam immediately identifies to Samus that another X-Core in the Badlands Environment is located in the Laboratory she passed through earlier. Adam further explains that with the X-Core Identifier he can determine that the X-Core has already fused with something in the area and is at least twice Samus' size. Samus trecks back to find the Laboratory has been heavily damaged with claw markings on the walls and most of the bones from earlier now missing. Samus continues on into the forced open passage towards the Computer Room, however ends up traversing into an underground cavern due to the normal path being blocked off. It is here she finally catches a glimpse of the X-Core, as she descends into a long corridor, she hears a rumbling and watches as the floor below erupts with lava and accidentally activating the emergency security measures which raises the bridges at both ends of the corridor leaving Samus to wonder what caused the rumbling in the first place, however soon after she sees the creature whose Skull was in the Fluids, Crocomire. This giant monstrosity had been regenerated by the X-Core and has adapted new abilities as well as gaining the hopping capabilities of the Hornoad and Space Pirate bones from the Laboratory as well. Samus' only way to defeat the creature is to force it to back up with Missiles, doing so the creature eventually falls into the Lava below and lets out a screech as the X-Core ditches the bones and attempts one last attack on Samus, however it is ultimately defeated. Samus gains the Acidic Decay Adapter Equipment from it which Adam points out is the Galactic Federation's attempt to make advancements from Samus' Hydro Adapter Equipment.

Chapter 5

Samus continues to the last Computer Room and re-activates the last computer giving her access to the Cavern Environment. Adam instructs her to head there in hopes that the Repair Station is still functional, he continues by explaining that after this, Samus should head back to the Arctic Environment and find the Disposal System which will allow her to enter the Oceanic Environment as the water will be partly drained.

Samus enters the Caverns Environment and is informed by Adam that the Repair Station is near the Northern part of the Environment as it would occassionally be used as a secondary docking station for the Facility. Samus is also told there are three X-Cores in the environment however only one is in Samus' path and the other two are located in the Southern part of the Environment which has lost its electricity leaving it perpetually dark. Samus navigates through the confined tunnels often ambient and eerie. Samus eventually finds the aformentioned X-Core which has fused with a Space Pirate and become bulkier, larger, developed a tail as well as changed colouration. This Space Pirate Fusion appears to be very aggressive towards Samus, initially blocking her exit from the room by breaking the door. The two engage in battle however Samus is victorious and after defeating the X-Core in its regular form it drops the Flashbang Missiles, special Missiles that let Samus create a ray of light that illuminates an area temporarily as well as stun nearby enemies. Using this weapon to traverse to the Repair Station, Adam luckily is able to access the Station once Samus re-activates it and repairs Samus' Central Plate. He explains to Samus that there are a set of poorly lit rooms to the North of her initial path that should lead her out, however he warns Samus due to there being another X-Core located on the way.

Samus heads back, using the Flashbang Missiles to cross some difficult areas and eventually comes across the X-Core, this one having fused with a Spider turning it into a giant Arachnid with glowing eyes. Samus defeats the creature through a combination of the Flashbang Missiles and observing its eyes in the dark and after finishing off its regular form gains the Static Charge Field Shoulder pads which allow Samus to ram into certain weakened walls and pass through them. Samus eventually returns to the Badlands Environment where Adam reminds her that her next objective is to reach the Arctic Environment.

Samus is informed as she returns to the entrance of the Plains Environment that she should be able to move through freely now since the Green SA-X has returned to the Jungle Environment. Samus navigates towards the Access Door to the Stormgrounds Environment however finds it destroyed forcing Samus to go through a new set of rooms that Adam found, however Adam also identifies that there is an X-Core within the rooms so Samus should proceed with caution. Regardless, Samus eventually comes face to face with the X-Core which has fused with a Zoomer creating an armoured Caterpillar like creature, however unlike previous X-Cores Samus finds this one relatively easy to defeat, however just as she finishes of the X-Core's regular form it escapes forcing Samus to give chase.

Adam identifies that the creature is moving into the Desert Environment and highly recommends Samus follow it before it fuses with more creatures. Samus follows into the Desert Environment, seeing it a few times in the Stormgrounds Environment. Soon Samus corners it, however just as she does a Sidehopper appears and the X-Core rams right into it, fusing with it causing the creature to mutate into an Ant looking creature due the Sidehopper's legs. The creature attempts to ram and jump at Samus several times however is to no avail and the bounty hunter defeats it and this time, also defeats the X-Core itself, leaving her with the Left Shoulder Shield, decreasing her damage by another half as well as increasing the speed of her Morphball form.

Adam contacts her, asking if she was alright and if she was able to dispatch the X-Core, after quickly realising that the signal had ceased he thanked Samus and asked her to continue back towards the Arctic Region.

Samus continues into the Temperate Environment finding that several trees have fallen and eventaully comes across a Dachora, Samus is told by Adam that the Dachora is likely a clone of one of the Dachora Samus rescued from Zebes and SR-388. Samus follows it as she heads towards the entrance to the Tundra Environment. However when she reaches a vertical shaft normally with platforms to ascend up, she finds they have all been destroyed, however she watches as the Dachora demonstrates the Shine Spark ability by shooting directly up, however after Samus hears it reach the top, she also hears it let out a scream as Adam suddenly identifies an X-Core that had moved from the Tundra Zone into the area, fusing with the Dachora. As it descends back down, Samus sees a significantly larger mutated Dachora that roars at Samus before attempting to horizontally Shine Spark her. Samus fights the giant bird creature, dodging its Shine Spark ability and eventually overcoming the creature, reverting it back the X-Core and defeating it, leaving her with the essence of the Dachora allowing her to use the Shine Spark Ability.

Samus asks Adam if there are Etecoons in the Facility as well and Adam pauses, and identifies that he cannot find any Etecoons and it is likely due to their lack of combat capabilities. Samus then continues onwards, using the Shine Spark Ability to get into the Tundra Environment. Advancing into the environment she is told by Adam that there is a highly intelligent X-Core in the Thermal Settings Room that is altering the snow fall in several rooms preventing access to the Arctic Environment. He advises Samus to engage and eliminate the X-Core before attempting to progress further onwards. Samus reaches the Thermal Settings Room to find the creature has taken on the appearance of Adam, it asks Samus why she's not on the Bottle Ship, to which Samus hesitates however as soon as Adam reminds her that his physical body is dead, she opens fire on the creature who morphs into a giant soldier attempting to crush Samus. However the Bounty Hunter utilizes the small indents in the walls to evade attacks and dispatches of the X-Core leaving behind the Phase Shifter Beam, Adam explains that after the ordeal with Phazon the Galactic Federation had constructed weapons that could shift particles in and out of their dimensions, after the Dark and Light Aether incident. Adam continues on explaining that the Beam would be needed for Samus to pass the broken Deadlock doors, however to use the beam she needs to be in a room with an alternate dimension which Adam highlights on the entire facility (that's accessible at the current time, more are shown once the map is updated).

Chapter 6

Samus reprograms the Thermal Settings back to normal and the snow fall around several doors melts allowing her to progress into the depths of the Arctic Environment. Upon entering this area Samus finds herself face to face with giant metallic limbs, Adam explains how similar to Sub-Zero Containment Room on the BSL this area is mainly used to store highly dangerous creatures within it, he doubts that another Ridley Clone is within it since Ridley's last DNA was absorbed by Samus via an X-Core. Samus progresses through however is halted after Adam picks up a mysterious signal, he tells her that he wasn't sure what was being held in the Arctic Environment and noticed a message was left in a computer Room, now with Samus having partially mapped the Arctic Environment, Adam is able to find the Computer Room which is roughly North of Samus' current location. Reaching this room Samus finds a message left by one of the Scientists within the facility, explaining how their experiments with the X-Parasite were not going as expected with at least 20 X-Parasites having escaped captivity. He continues with a list of special creatures they had kept contained with the X-Parasites including another Vorash, other bones of Crocomires, Torizo components and some fourth thing, however the message is cut off after an explosion occurs behind the Scientist as a whole bunch of X-Cores break through and kill the scientist and disable the computer. Just as the message ends Samus noticed one of the X-Cores transforming, suddenly Adam contacts Samus telling her to watch out as a swarm of X-Cores were coming her way, Samus looks around and sees nothing until out of the hole in the wall, 6 X-Cores enter. They each suddenly drop to the ground turning into Purple disks, the disk take shape becoming darker to the point of being nearly black and copying Samus' shape, they each also attempt to mimic her armour's highlights including her visor and kneecaps, giving a blue colouration to them. Samus engages the six shades who individually are fairly weak however swarm Samus. For each one Samus defeats, the X-Core of that shade retreats into another shade, making it stronger. Eventually Samus defeats all 6 reverting them to their regular form and Samus finishes them off, leaving her with the Phantom Gaurd, a wrist attachment that allows Samus to create a decoy of herself to confuse enemies.

Samus then is told by Adam that she will need to immediately head back to the Tundra Environment as the Arctic Environment is having an automated cleaning which will kill Samus due to the high levels of Radiation, giving Samus 3 Minutes to escape. Once she gets out of the Environment and back to the Tundra Environment, Adam informs her that she cannot return to the Arctic Environment as it will be too Radioactive for the time being although he explains that this will help as any X-Cores in the area will immediately be disintegrated by the radiation. Adam then tells Samus that he believes with the Phase Shifter Beam she should be able to access the secret Water Drainage System in the Reef Environment to access the Ocean Environment, as he explains that the Ocean Environment contains the Green Access Level to get into the Forest Environment advising her to trek back to the Reef Environment to find the Water Drainage System.

Samus trails back to the Reef Environment to find the Water Drainage System, Adam tells her to be cautious as there are at two more X-Core's in the Environment now. Samus traverses through the area eventually coming across one that takes the form of an armoured worm, digging through the room's roof and floor to trap Samus, when it's defeated however it gives Samus the Driller Missiles which allow her to shoot switches through walls which helps her reach the Water Drainage System. By activating it Samus is able to advance towards the Oceanic Environment, however is halted by the other X-Core which takes the form of a mutated Torizo Statue, capable of basic flight. Samus fights the statue by landing Bombs in its face when it picks her up, once the X-Core is defeated Samus gains the Wave Beam, allowing her to continue onwards to the Oceanic Environment.

Entering the Oceanic Environment, Adam reminds Samus that she can traverse through the underwater sections, however without the Gravity Suit her movement will be impaired, additionally he warns her to not use Missiles in Shining Water as the chemicals in that water will stop a Missile dead in its tracks. Samus, taking note of this navigates through the maze of underwater and cavernous rooms, closing in on the Green Access Level Database. However just as Samus is about to enter the indicated room, a giant jet of Steam crashes down through the roof and through the floor, impeding Samus' progress. Adam notifies her than an X-Core had quickly burrowed into the Oceanic Environment and was tampering with the Water Expulsion System, telling Samus she would need to take it down and fix the system before accessing the room. Samus heads towards the room, soon coming to see the X-Core that had caused the issue. The X-Core had fused with a mole creature, posessing large shining claws as well as a set of spines protuding from its back. The creature attacked Samus to deter her, however Samus quickly finds out that no weapon will work on the creature, instead forcing Samus to exit the room. Traversing back, Adam notifies Samus along the way that the creature the X-Core fused with would be stopped in the Shining Water and advises her to tempt it to the water. Samus does just that, bringing the creature to the shining water while avoiding its charging attack. Eventually the creature becomes stuck in the water, and Samus unloads several missiles into the creature which cause the Shining Water to explode causing massive damage to the room. As the dust settles, the X-Core has reverted back to it's regular form and Samus finishes it off, as it dies it leaves behind the Thermal Missiles, a type of Missile that can home in on heat signatures of enemies.

Samus fixes the Water Expulsion System and progresses into the Green Access Level Computer Room, to find the room has been destroyed by an unknown entity. Adam suggests this was a final act of the Blue SA-X as to stop Samus from reaching the Green SA-X. Adam then identifies something strange about this computer room. He notifies Samus that there is a ventilation shaft leading to an unknown environment in the Arctic Environment, requesting Samus to investigate. Samus heads over to the Arctic Environment and climbs, through the Ventilation Shaft finding an unknown area. Adam requests for Samus to find a Data Room, on the way however Samus encounters another X-Core which uses rocks found in the room that Adam quickly identifies as parts of Thardus to form an Icy-Rock Monster. Samus engages the creature using a combination of the Flamethrower and Phase Shifter Beams to defeat the monster's various components. Forcing the X-Core to revert, Samus destroys it, leaving behind Ice Charge Shoudler Attachments, another experimental armour that allows Samus when using the Shine Spark or Static Charge abilities to Freeze enemies on contact.

Chapter 7

Samus reaches the Data Room which allows Adam to activate the information about the area, revealing it to being called the Cold Storage. In addition it reveals five more areas titled; Bushlands, Nocturnal Forest, Darkwood Grove, Igneous Caverns & Radiation Field. Adam notes that Samus should avoid the Radiation Field area at all costs as even the Gravity Suit would cause Samus to suffer in that environment and believes that there wouldn't be anything beneficial in the area as well. Activating these new areas reveals a second Green Access Level Computer Room in the Bushlands, still operational as well. Adam tells Samus to head there quickly in case another SA-X attempts to destroy it.

Samus traverses back through the Environments towards the Oasis Environment where the Bushlands connects to. On her way, Adam tells Samus to stop before entering the Stormgrounds Environment again, as the Green SA-X is there and he believes there may be an extra weapon Samus needs to defeat it. He notifies Samus of a secret laboratory within the Stormgrounds Environment that isn't connected to the rest and asks for Samus to move through another entrance to the Stormgrounds Environment.

Makign her way into the Stormgrounds Environment, Adam notes that there are three X-Cores, aside from the Green SA-X itself located in the Stormgrounds Environment, he can detect the location of two of them, both in the main area but can't lock onto the third one as it seems to be moving speratically. Samus, regardless continues towards the Laboratory, to find whne she reaches it, a large test tube has been broken into with its contents missing, it is at this time Samus activates the Computer in the room for Adam to access information on the subject. Adam reveals that an experimental combination of Phantoon's DNA in a plasma state was being conducted having them create a creature that could phase out of the dimension as well as harness the powers of electricity to move through areas without resistance, just as Adam stops, the X-Core that Adam was having trouble detecting materializes in front of Samus revealing that it has fused to become an energy based being, capable of shifting in and out of the dimension. Adam determines that regular weapons like Bombs and Missiles won't work and suggests the Phase Shifter Beam or the Plasma Beam as both should be able to penetrate the creature's defences. Doing so Samus attempts to defeat the creature forcing parts of its body to stay in the dimension while the rest phases out, eventually tearing it down to the X-Core itself. Upon its defeat it drops the first Beam Ring, which allows Samus to select two beams at once to use in combination, Adam notes that while this is what he was hoping would be in the Laboratory, he explains how Samus will need another Beam Ring to defeat the Green SA-X. Adam then assigns Samus the mission of reaching the Bushlands again, telling her that he will analyize the X-Cores in the areas they've already visited in an attempt to find another X-Core with traits similar to the previous one Samus defeated.

Continuing through the secret passage, Samus ends up in the Oasis Environment, finding that oddly the main oasis has dried up with a giant hole where the sand is leaking into is. Samus also finds that the door to progress Eastwards has also been destroyed, forcing Samus to traverse through the Pipe System in the Oasis Environment. Samus soon finds the cause of the dilemma to be another X-Core, Samus catches up to the creature in the main Pipe Room, where it morphs into an Armoured X-Core, forcing Samus to destroy its armour with Missiles. Eventually the nuisance it defeated giving Samus the Super Missiles. Continuing on, Samus eventually navigates around to the other side and finally reaches the Bushlands, however as soon as Samus enters, she hears the familiar footsteps, hiding in a ventilation shaft, Samus watches as the Red SA-X appears from nearby. The SA-X lets loose a Power Bomb which nearly blows Samus' cover followed by using the Screw Attack to bash through a roof. Immediately after, Adam contacts Samus telling her to be very cautious while navigating the Bushlands Area as the Red SA-X is heavily patrolling it, likely aware of Samus' intentions. Samus carefully navigates around the maze of Ventilation Shafts and corridors avoiding four more encounters with the Red SA-X before finally reaching the Green Access Level Computer Room, accessing the Computer, Samus is given the clearance to enter the Forest Environment, however at the same moment the Red SA-X breaks through the other door and attempts to destroy Samus, using the Screw Attack and Power Missiles against her. Fleeing from the area, Samus retreats to the Oasis Environment, where in which Adam Deadlocks the Bushlands Area and floods the Area with an exhaust shaft from the Radiation Field, believing this to have killed the Red SA-X.

Adam tells Samus that while she was navigating to the Green Access Level Computer Room, he had identified an X-Core with the necessary traits to contain another Beam Ring, as well idnetifying yet another X-Core that has a weapon, crucial to navigating the Forest Environment. Adam marks the two X-Core locations on Samus' map, revealing one to be in the Badlands and the other in the Tundra Environment. He tells Samus that she won't be able to reach the Green SA-X until she has both items as the SA-X has cooped itself in the Jungle Environment.

Chapter 8

(The Badlands and Tundra Environments can be accessed in any order however the plot follows the player if that is the order Samus unlocks the two abilities)

Venturing back to the Badlands Environment, Samus finds it is striken has been ravaged, Adam immediately tells Samus that the X-Core is located near the Cavern's Access Door. Samus notes how the area has been heavily damaged, likely due to either the X-Core or an SA-X and has left the Environment filled with holes in the ceilings and floors as well as many broken doors. Though this allows Samus access to hidden rooms in the area, it makes navigating through the Badlands very demanding, eventually Samus finds herself in a dead-end room which Adam had identified as the location of the X-Core. Attempting to leave, proves futile as the door locks and the walls around Samus begin to clump together, turning into a metallic liquid before forming a body in the shape of a giant one eyed blob creature. The X-Core attacks by attempting to crush Samus however to no avail, Samus finds however that she needs to freeze part of the creature's body and then blast it off to damage it. Eventually the X-Core is defeated leaving Samus with the second Beam Ring allowing her to stack three Beam Weapons together.

Adam contacts Samus immediately afterwards to notify her that the other X-Core is in the Tundra Environment in a Robotics Station, identifying the exact location. Samus then progresses back to the Tundra Environment however is stopped in the Stormgrounds Environment (it is in the same area but the player will fight the next two bosses in the opposite order) as the two X-Cores from earlier have been causing chaos in the Stormgrounds Environment and have forced the area to seal the Access Doors to the Desert and Temperate Environments (If the player is travelling from the Temperate Environment it will be the Desert and Plains Environments instead). Samus is tasked with hunting down and killing the two X-Cores. She finds the first one hidden within a small cavern system mimicking a Large Wasp creature, it attempts to defeat Samus with its high speed and lasers however is defeated, leaving Samus the Laser Beam, a new Beam that allows Samus to shoot a highly reflective ray of energy that bounces of most surfaces up to three times. Samus soon finds the other X-Core which reveals itself to have fused with a Skree, allowing it to dive bomb Samus as well as burrow up and down through the ground. Once it is defeated it leaves Samus the Grenade Launcher, another prototype weapon made by the Galactic Federation (that is a missile weapon) that creates an arcing explosive charge that bounces off the ground a few times before exploding (or upon contact with an opponent).

Once the situation is fixed, Samus is permitted by the System to continue towards the Tundra Environment. Upon arriving she is notified by Adam that the X-Core is hacking into the system from a Data Room and is attempting to become virtual. Samus soon encounters the X-Core which has hacked into the Data Room's Computer however Adam tells Samus that he was able to sever the connection to the Data Room's Computer, so while Samus would no longer be able to heal and save at that Data Room, the system wouldn't become corrupted. Samus begins heavily damaging the computer, whose only defences are some Laser Gunner Security Turrets. Eventually Samus forces the X-Core out of the computer as it takes its fused form, to that of a Mantis creature, it attempts to perform energy slashes as well as pounce Samus, however is defeated by the Bounty Hunter, claiming her reward, the Digital Overload Glove, a piece of equipment that allows Samus to override certain computerized obstacles forcing them to allow her access.

Adam contacts Samus telling her, that she should now be well-equipped to access the Jungle Environment and face the Green SA-X, Adam warns Samus that the Green SA-X would be tougher than the Blue SA-X so Samus should make sure she's fully prepared before going to face the SA-X. Samus eventually, progresses into the Forest environment, finding that it is vastly contrasted to the previous environments. Everything in the Environment is alive and moving as though the X-Parasites never touched it, however Samus quickly realises that the creatures are X-Parasites and that the plants are being controlled by a Computer AI. Adam contacts Samus telling her that an X-Core is located in the main Computer Room of the Forest Environment and is causing the plants to act irrationally.

Samus investigates, navigating through the maze-like vines that encompass the Forest Environment, eventually reaching the Main Computer Room only to find that the X-Core has fused with a Samus Eater plant to form a giant carnivorous Rafflesia plant. The X-Core attempts to destroy Samus with a combination of Acid and Vine Thorns however Samus destroys the creature and its infestation using the Flamethrower. Upon absorbing the X-Core Samus recieves the Acidic Shield, a Morphball weapon that allows Samus to ram through small enemies and deal damage temporarily. Samus activates the Computer System, returning it to its normal state, making the plants in the Forest Environment to stop moving irrationally. Adam contacts Samus and explains to her that the Green SA-X has deadlocked the access door to the Jungle Environment from the Forest Environment, Adam then notices that the Darkwood Grove Area is unaffected and realises that the Area is on its own circuitry. Adam tells Samus she'll need a way to enter the Darkwood Grove suggesting Samus look for a room called the Biohazardous Testing Room that's also in the Forest Environment.

Samus begins searching, able to access new areas of the Forest Environment, she eventually finds the Biohazardous Testing Room and finds an X-Core closing in on parts of the B.O.X. Security Robot, absorbing the parts, Samus watches (completely incapable of damaging the X-Core) as the creature becomes a giant mechanical spider. Samus jumps down to engage the creature, quickly dispatching of its legs, believing it to be defeated, Samus soon realises that the X-Core has done much more to the B.O.X. Security Robot than just replicate its appearance, as the central system begins propelling itself upwards gaining a pair of wings and two needle-like arms. The creature attempts to electrocute Samus, however with quick agility and precise accuracy Samus soon dispatches of the creature with Missiles, reverting it back to its regular form for Samus to finish off. Once it is defeated Samus gains the Trident Beam, an upgrade from the classic Spazer Beam that shoots five sets of projectiles instead of three with the outer most two shooting off on 45 degree angles to the center three.

Samus continues into the main access room of the Biohazardous Testing Room and unlocks the Darkwood Grove Area allowing her to progress further. Adam contacts Samus telling her that the B.O.X. Security Robot was likely taken from the wreckage of the BSL Station and was likely going to be constructed anyway. Samus finds the Access Door to the Darkwood Grove Area and enters. Upon Samus entering the Darkwood Grove Area, Adam warns Samus not to enter the Blue Fog as it is a deadly respiratory toxin that would shut down Samus' lungs if inhaled. Adam tells Samus that the Fog cannot be redirected so she will have to navigate around it, Samus does so and eventually reaches a point where she notices something moving in the fog, asking Adam how something could be moving in the fog, to which Adam tells Samus to get back as it was another X-Core. The X-Core leapt out of the Fog revealing itself to appear similar to a raptor animal, quickly dashing at Samus in an attempt to slash and bite her, Samus gets out of the way using the wall behind her to wall jump over the creature, however it proves more agile than Samus predicted, able to Wall Jump as well. Forcing Samus to carefully watch the creature's movements. Samus soon realises that the Ice Beam was able to slow it down, allowing her time to use Missiles to kill it, eventaully the X-Core falls and Samus absorbs it giving her a piece of experimental armour the Galactic Federation had been developing called the Grip Wings, a set of metal plates that protrude from the shoulders allowing Samus to permanently stick to a wall.

Samus continues through the Darkwood Grove, using the Wall Jump technique to reach the access Door for the Jungle Environment. Samus heads in to find a surprinsgly bright environment, Adam explains that the environment was designed to have a combination of natural and artificial light filter in during the day. Adam tells Samus that the Green SA-X has gotten itself held up in the very North-Western end of the Environment and seems to have set three X-Cores to stop Samus. Samus heads towards the indicated area where the Green SA-X is located, however soon comes face to face with the first X-Core that Adam mentioned. The X-Core had fused to form a bipedal, ape-like creature capable of releasing a flurry of Icy blasts from its palms, Samus counters these attacks with the Flamethrower and is able to deal significant damage to the X-Core, however as it reverts back into its Regular Form it flees, forcing Samus to pursue it. She soon is halted by the second X-Core that had fused, creating a Rainbow Bird Like creature with razor sharp wings capable of easily damaging Samus. Samus uses the Ice Beam to cause the creature to crash, allowing her to deal damage to the bare skin on its back, eventually it too reverts to its regular form however, like the first flees before Samus has a chance to finish it off. Samus continues towards the Green SA-X expecting to come across the third X-Core soon, as she does it reveals itself to be in the form of a serpent creature, however just before Samus can attack it, the other two X-Cores fuse with this X-Core and the trio fuse, creating a Serpentine, flying creature capable of expelling powerful blasts of ice. Samus attacks the creature, finding that its weakness is on its back again, however Samus is forced to use the Laser beams to bounce the projectile of the walls to damage the creature. Eventually Samus forces the creature to fall and it splits back into its 3 X-Cores, which Samus defeats this time and absorbs. Each one grants her a new weapon with the first granting her the Solidification Bomb, the second giving her the Polarizing Beam and the third giving her the Super Laser Beam. The Solidification Bombs allow Samus to create an explosion that at the same time creates a temporary platform, hindering enemies chasing her as well as a way to get up wide shaft. The Polarizing Beam, neutralizes enemy ranged attacks, sending them back at the enemy. Lastly the Super Laser Beam upgrades the regular Laser Beam allowing the laser to split into two lasers after bouncing on a wall (the split going in opposite directions).

Samus continues, finally reaching the room where the Green SA-X is located, the room is, as described by Adam, a major Network Access Control Center allowing the Green SA-X to communicate with the Red and Grey SA-X. The Green SA-X lands from a nearby platform and challenges Samus to fight, Adam notes that the Green SA-X appears to have a superiority complex. Samus engages the monster, which proves much more agile and aggressive than its Blue counterpart, and is even capable of creating fake copies of itself to confuse Samus. However Adam de-activates the Artificial lights revealing the transperancy of the fake copies allowing Samus to destroy the SA-X and absorb it. The SA-X also upgrades Samus' Suit to the Venenum Suit which allows her to enter corrosive or acidic environments unharmed as well as move through toxic gases without harm. It also grants Samus the Nocturn Vision Plate, which Adam describes as a piece of equipment allowing Samus to view the darkened areas of the Cavern Environment allowing her to investigate there with relative ease, additionally Samus is given another Experimental Weapon made by the Galactic Federation, the Photon Breaker Beam. A powerful weapon that allows Samus to destroy invisible enemies as well as gaseous and liquid based enemies who are immune to the effects of the other beams (this beam is later used in combination with the Ice Beam to create what has been dubbed the Solidification Beam).

Ada quickly contacts Samus telling Her that the Nuclear Reactor's cooling unit in the Oceanic Environment had been removed, likely by the SA-X and was going to cause the entire facility to explode.Adam tells Samus to immediately head down to the Oceanic Environment and re-attach the Cooling Unit, he tells Samus that he will attempt to get her more time as he has also detected a X-Core guarding the cooling unit, he gives Samus 8 minutes to reach the Cooling Unit and re-attach it. Samus head a down to the Oceanic unit, being told b Adam when she entered the Plains environment that he was able to unlock one of the vents connected to the Temperate Environmen allowing cool air to flow flow in giving Samus 2 more minutes,additionally when Samus reaches the Oceanic Environment itself Adam tells Samus he was able to open a vent connected to the Cold Stoage allowing hot air to vent into that area giving her an additional 2 minutes.

Samus eventually encounters the X-Core Adam mentioned which had fused with a Skultera creating a behemoth fish capable of ramming Samus, however Samus destroys the creature's armour and finishing it off, giving her the Hydro Jets which allow Samus to dash through water, briefly. Using this ability Samus Rams the Cooling Unit back in place, Adam congratulates her on a job well done however reveals that a dozen X-Cores being kept frozen in the Cold Storage area were let loose accidentally by Adam when he vented hot air into the Cold Storage, Adam requests that Samus hunt down the twelve X-Cores as one has a piece of equipment that is vital for Samus to reach the next SA-X.

Chapter 9

(The 12 X-Cores can be defeated in any order, except the last who only appears after the other 11 are defeated. The 11 are encountered in the Reef (2, although the latter can only be encountered after defeating both the first Reef X-Core as well as the Desert X-Core), Oasis, Bushlands, Lake, Plains, Caverns, Forest, Darkwood Grove, Desert, Tundra & Cold Storage Environments and the plot follows this path)

Samus heads back into the Reef Environment where Adam had identified one of the X-Cores, Adam warns Samus that the X-Core was sighted having fused with a Space Pirate. Adam continues, explaining that it appears that the X-Core had been tampering in the Data Room and requests Samus to investigate. Reaching the Data Room of the Reef Environment, Samus sees that the X-Core looks nearly identical to a regular Space Pirate, however it notices her and flees, Samus gives chase eventually cornering it, however just as it is about to prepare to fight, a Namihe bursts through the wall, devouring the X-Core, however immediately after, the creature appears to be shaking and it explodes revealing a leviathan sized monster that the X-Core had created from the fusion of the Space Pirate and the Namihe, it lunges out of the hole and attempts to kill Samus, however the bounty hunter proves her agility and is able to take down and destroy the Leviathan, who rams into the hole it created, however reverts to its X-Core form causing a small cave-in in the hole to allow Samus to quickly finish it off. Samus absorbs the X-Core and recieves the Agility Beam, a faster firing beam for Samus to use in conjunction with other Beams.

As Samus heads back to the Data Room to check, Adam contacts her reporting that he believes something is hidden behind the hole the Namihe appeared from, and suggests that if Samus finds the Power Bombs, she should destroy the cave-in and investigate. Samus continues further towards the surface, soon reaching the Oasis Environment where Adam contacts Samus about the next X-Core, he believes the X-Core is in the Thermal Control Statation for the Oasis Environment as several security cameras for the corridors in that section of the Environment had been destroyed. Samus goes to investigate, finding the corridor Adam mentioned through a small underwater tunnel that required her Hydro Jets. Reaching the Thermal Control Station, proved Adam's theory correct as the X-Core had fused with a canine-esque creature and had been gnawing through the wiring, the creature growls at Samus before attacking. Samus quickly realizes it has also fused with an Arachnus as it is able to let out Fire Breath and can roll up into a ball and Ram Samus. Samus uses her weaponry to destroy the creature, forcing it to turn back into its regular form, allowing Samus to gain its abilities. In doing so Samus gains the Morphball Launcher, a powerful ability that allows Samus, while in her morphball form to charge through enemies in small spaces without taking damage, similar to the Sprinting ability from earlier.

Samus checks on the Thermal Control Station to find small Nanobots were already repairing it. Adam gets Samus' attention by telling her that he was able to locate a facility in the complex that harbours the Nanobots, using them for repairs and transportation. He tells Samus that they will fix the wiring and she should continue her hunt.

Samus leaves the Oasis Environment heading into the Bushlands Environment where Adam had identified another X-Core, Adam mentions that the X-Core had torn through some of the levels of the Bushlands and was currently in another Access Level Room that he couldn't access prior, which contained the Black Access Level Authority which would allow Samus to enter the Nocturnal Forest Area if necessary, Adam also mentions that he suggests Samus stop the creature from destroying the Computer as he doesn't know if there is another Access Computer for the Nocturnal Forest. Samus quickly heads up through the destroyed floors, soon finding the culprit X-Core who had fused with an Ant creature dramatically increasing its size to the point of being taller than Samus from its foot to its shoulder, the creature attempts to spit Acid on Samus, however the bounty hunter uses the room's indents to hold onto the wall to avoid the attacks. Samus counters delivering several heavy blows, until the Ant Monster falls, however just as Samus approaches it, the creature gets back up and sheds its exoskeleton revealing a flying monster within, the creature oozes corrosive acid and attempts to attack Samus directly, however the bounty hunter once again, out manuevers the creature and deals several blows to its back and the creature soon transforms into the X-Core form. Samus finishes the creature off as it lets out one last screech. Samus recieves the Corrosive Missiles which Adam explains are able to penetrate any organic material and should help Samus for enemies with tougher hides as well as plant infestations.

Samus heads over to the Computer for the Black Access Level Authority Clearance and Adam activates the permission, telling Samus that if an X-Core is found in the Nocturnal Forest he'll notify Samus due to the area seemingly absent of X-Parasite activity. Samus heads off to the Lake environment where Adam had identified the next X-Core, upon entering she finds that the place is filled with aquatic creatures, Adam makes not that the X-Parasite seems to have fused the DNA of various species making them aquatic, he tells Samus that the X-Core has likely gone after a species known simply as Genetica, Adam reads its database entry which reveals to Samus that the creature was a semi-liquid creature and was able to manipulate liquids through its core. Adam tells Samus that the creature was being held in a Research Laboratory away from the main body of water as if it was able to access that it would be able to grow to an immense size. Samus quickly finds the Research Laboratory Adam spoke of, navigating through the abandoned areas Samus soon confronts the X-Core, attempting to break open the capsule with the Genetica in it. As soon as it breaks out the capsule, the Genetica attempts to flee however it is quickly rammed by the X-Core, causing its core to burst while the liquid suspending the core falls to the floor, Samus watches as the X-Core begins to shrink as a liquid covers it creating a humanoid monster, the creature glares at Samus and lets out a roar before attacking. Samus quickly realizing the creatures core needed to be pulled out of its chest, Samus utilized the Grapple Beam to tear it out, and eventually destroys the X-Core gifting her the Super Grapple Beam, allowing the Beam to destroy any creature in its path as well as having a longer reach distance.

Samus exits the area to which Adam commends her on denying the X-Core from reaching the water, he notes that there is a Data Room in the Laboratory where Samus can recharge her ammunition and health. Samus heads off to the next X-Core, located in the Plains Environment, the creature is immediately spotted by Samus, however before she can give chase it vanishes, Adam quickly contacts Samus telling her to be very careful as it the X-Core is located in the Holographic Control Room in the Plains Environmnet and that it is likely able to alert X-Parasites of Samus' location through certain cameras. Samus stealthfully navigates through a combination of hidden shafts and vents, sneaking into the Holographic Control Room to confront the X-Core, as she finds it, it changes form revealing its fusion with a Yapping Maw It slides around the room attempting to grab Samus, however in doing so it reveals its weak point, its tail. Using this knowledge, Samus jumps over the creature as it attempts to attack her and destroys the creature from Tail upwards. Eventually the creature gives in and reverts to its X-Core form for Samus to finish off. Upon its defeat Samus absorbs the X-Core and recieves the Remote Bombs, controllable bombs that allow Samus to (while in her Morphball form) destroy certain obstacles in areas to narrow for Samus to move through.

Samus continues to navigate her way around, reaching the next target on her list, the X-Core in the Caverns Environment. Upon entering Adam notifies Samus that the X-Core was last reported in an area of the Environment Samus couldn't previously access without the Nocturn Vision Plate, Adam tells Samus to head to a room called the Nocturnal Observatory, Samus heads down into the dark depths of the Caverns Environments, encountering creatures not found in the other Environments, eventually Samus soon confronts a destroyed Door hatch preventing her from continuing, Adam notifies Samus that the Door Hatch had likely been destroyed by the X-Core Samus was hunting, Adam notifies Samus of a deadlocked access door that she should be able to override nearby allowing her access around. Samus finds the nearby Door Hatch Adam mentions, and activates it allowing Adam to override it, Samus continues through and soon reaches the Nocturnal Observatory where Adam mentions that there is a telescopic view directly into the Nocturnal Forest, Samus is suddenly halted by the X-Core that Adam identified, having taken the form of a Wolf creature, the X-Core growls as it lurks out of the shadows aand reveals its ability to turn itself into a shadow to avoid being hit. Samus carefully watches its movements and quickly realizes that it is unable to detect stationary objects and uses the bombs to defeat the creature, eventually it falls forcing the X-Core out of its body, surprising Samus as the Shadow Wolf flees. Samus finishes off the X-Core and absorbs its abilities giving her the Electro Resistor Suit, a suit upgrade that allows Samus to travel through Electrified Terrain without taking harm.

Samus heads to the next X-Core which Adam tells her, has mutated with one of the plants in the Forest Environment creating several bio-layers to stop Samus reaching its core. Samus enters the Forest Environment, confronting Adam's description, seeing that multiple walls, floors and ceilings had been penetrated by the vines of the X-Core, Adam tells Samus that along the vines are various weak points, guarded by flower buds from the X-Core and that if Samus can break through she should be able to reach the X-Core. Navigating through the maze of vines, Samus soon reaches the center which reveals that the X-Core has also fused with a Bull, allowing it to release highly toxic gases in an attempt to kill Samus, she counters this with the Venenum Suit which she uses throughout the battle. Attacking the creatures innermost vines to force it to open its core to allow Samus to attack, she soon defeats the monster which shrivels up into its X-Core form for Samus to finish off. Once defeated Samus gets the Super Nosferatu Beam, allowing her to lock on and control multiple enemies at a time (3 at most, with larger enemies counting for 2).

Samus continues deeper into the forested region of the facility, navigating into the Darkwood Grove Area where Adam tells Samus that the next X-Core appears to be tampering with the lighting, forcing Samus to use the Nocturn Vision Plate. As Samus searches through the area, she soon begins to stumble upon dead bodies of various creatures that inhabited the area, with their fluids having been completely drained. Samus soon finds the culprit to be a small rodent creature with a probiscis instead of a tongue, the creature screeches as Samus and darts off, Samus continues to wander until she soon reaches the Lighting Room, where she again finds the rodent creature, approaching it carefully, the creature screeches as Samus again, before growing into a nearly 3m tall humanoid rodent, letting out a roar it attempts to strike Samus with its claws. Samus dodges and is forced to fight the creature in the inky darkness of the room. She soon overcomes the creature finding its tail to be its weakpoint, the creature collapses after Samus finishes it off, revealing it to be the X-Core, which violently attempts to charge at Samus, however the bounty hunter kills off the X-Core absorbing its power giving her the Absorb Beam, an experimental Beam made by the Galactic Federation that is able to absorb the health of one creature and transfer it to the user. Adam tells Samus that while the beam is useful it has a long cooldown if overheated, so Samus should avoid using it constantly.

Samus continues on her hunt, leaving the forested region and heading into the Desert Environmnet where Adam had been alerted by the Security Systems that a creature was attempting to break into the Desert DNA Labratory, which contained hundreds of samples of desert dwelling species. Samus quickly heads to the room Adam mentioned and confronts the creature which turns to face Samus, revealing that the X-Core had fused with a small worm, however just as Samus attempts to shoot it, the creature lunges into the lock on one of the DNA rooms, Adam tells Samus to get back, as Samus does, she feels the ground around her shaking as the worm X-Core erupts through the ceiling before disappearing into the floor, then re-appearing from the floor to disappear into the ceiling again, trapping Samus in a small arena, the creature reveals its head, Adam tells Samus that the DNA Room the worm broke into had DNA on the King Worm Samus defeated on Zebes. The creature begins firing a laser beam from its eye, additionally the creature fires its spiked armouring in an attempt to distract Samus, forcing Samus to take cover behind some boulders. The creature attempts to find Samus, allowing her to shoot its eye. The X-Core destroys the boulder Samus is behind, however the bounty hunter is able to successfully destroy the X-Core's King Worm form and finish off its regular form. Samus is given the Super Bombs by the X-Core, leaving the Desert DNA Labratory, Samus asks Adam if there are other Labratories, to which Adam explains that there are 6 DNA Labratories which each hold DNA of creatures adapted for different environments, aside from the Desert DNA Labratory, he explains there is also the; Mountain, Volcanic, Oceanic, Arctic & Jungle DNA Labratories, however it wasn't until the Worm X-Core entered the Desert DNA Labratory's inner chambers that he could access that Labratory's species data, so he is unable to identify what is hidden within the other 5 DNA Labratories.

Adam notifies Samus he had located the location of the missing X-Core in the Reef Environment finding that it was in the Oceanic DNA Labratory that is linked also to the Oceanic Environment. Adam tells Samus that with the Power Bombs she has obtained, she should be able to explore the area that was closed by the other Reef X-Core. Samus heads back to the Reef Environment using the Power Bombs to destroy the wall where the X-Core attempt to flee, traversing inside Adam tells Samus to activate her Nocturn Vision Plate as the circuits to the area haven't been repaired yet. Samus searchs through the depths of the combination of water and small platforms, soon finding the Labratory, as she enters she here's a shreek, following the sound she comes upon one of the scientists, hunched over gripping their torso, Samus points her Arm Cannon at the Scientist awaiting a response, the Scientist gets up, and turns to face Samus revealing its demon like appearance, the X-Core within then suddenly activates as the Scientist's skin is shed revealing a skeletal creature with minute amounts of flesh left attached to its body, the creature lets out a bellowing roar as it prepares to attack Samus, Samus attacks the creature relentlessly, however as the creature begins to show exhaustion, it lets out another roar, electrifying the floor, forcing Samus to user her Electro Resistor Suit. The monster begins lunging through the air, gripping onto the walls, Samus eventually knocks it down, causing it to fall on its back, reverting it back to its X-Core form, allowing Samus to finish it off. Upon it losing its outer shell allowing Samus to absorb it, she recieves the Hydro Beam, allowing Samus to shoot a powerful jet of water that works well against aquatic creatures and can create slippery platforms with the Ice Beam or an explosive Steam cloud with the Flamethrower.

Samus investigates the Labratory to find the creature had not entered the DNA Sample Rooms, Adam tells Samus that it is possible that there are other Scientists within the facility that may still be alive as this scientist must have survived up until the point in which the X-Core attacked them. Adam mentions that he will attempt to locate any life signs of intelligent species that may be within the facility and suggests Samus continue her search for the remaining X-Cores in the mean time. Samus heads off for her next target, the Tundra X-Core, which Adam mentions appears to be held up in a Information Storage Room, which may cause an issue as the Information Storage Room is one of only three in the entire facility that can communicate off of the planet when the power is down. Samus quickly finds the room andthe X-Core within, the X-Core having absorbed some gelatinous creature, had frozen in place, making Adam wonder why it had come to the Tundra Environment at all. He suddenly notices that the X-Core was heating itself up and warns Samus to get back, just as Samus makes her retreat the X-Core bursts from its icy containment, having given up its fusion with the gelatinous creature, instead engaging Samus with its fiery attacks. Samus manuevers her way around the attacks, dealing several heavy blows to the X-Core forcing it to submit, however it takes one last shot at Samus, missing with Samus quickly absorbing it, giving her the Firestorm Missiles, powerful missiles capable of evaporating any liquid as well as melting particular metals.

Samus soon reaches the Cold Storage area where she prepares to confront the next X-Core that escaped, Adam mentions that this X-Core had traversed through many areas, so its appearance could vary wildly. Adam tells Samus that the X-Core is located in the very room they escaped from, Samus traverses the cold, metallic rooms soon reaching the area that Adam described, inside she finds many X-Parasites, frozen within cryogenic tubes, Samus walks through the area, coming across a giant test tube, containing a small DNA sample, unsure of what it was, Samus consults Adam who says that he believes it is something that has been genetically fused with an X-Parasite at the Sub-Atomic Level making it the perfect merge, however it appears to have been abandoned. Just as Samus looks closer, the X-Core that Adam had identified bursts into the room, crashing through many of the surrounding Cryogenic Tubes, causing the X-Parasites within to be freed, Samus then watches as the X-Parasites latch onto the X-Core, fusing together to create a giant, star shaped X-Parasite with spiked limbs, the creature sprouts an eye in its center which is protected by its beak like mouth. Samus fights the creature, dodging its elastic limbs and shooting it while its mouth is open. Soon the creature collapses and the X-Core reverts to its normal form, the creature is soon finished off by Samus and as Samus absorbs it she gets the Magnetic Beam, another experimental beam that causes Samus' attacks to repel metallic or semi-metallic enemies as well as force open some latches and overload certain control panels.

Adam congratulates Samus on killing off the 11th X-Core, mentioning that there is only one left, he was initially unable to locate its whereabouts but has found out, while Samus was searching that it is located in the Nocturnal Forest, giving Samus her next objective to be to hunt down and kill the last X-Core that escaped from the chamber. As Samus looks around the current room she's in she notices the X-Parasite that was perfectly fused had dissapeared during the fight, Adam suggests that Samus be careful as without the specimen in its tube he doesn't know what the creature will end up being. Samus begins to traverse towards the area, soon finding the access door, upon entering Samus realizes that her Nocturn Vision Plate isn't as powerful in this area, Adam explains that there is a special Vision Plate for the Nocturnal Forest, as he is about to begin explaining it to Samus, he mentions that the X-Core has split in two, with one hiding in the Information Storage Room while the other is hiding in a room simply titled, the Black Room. Adam tells Samus that she can't enter the surrounding rooms of the latter as the rooms have interchanging floors to prevent intruders. Samus heads towards her first target, the X-Core in the Information Storage Room. Coming to this Room, Samus sees that the X-Core is nowhere to be seen, however as she walks up to the main computer, the light flashes on, revealing a message from the scientists, reading "Project X Fusion is currently at 65% completion, the project is exceeding expectations and is looking to be a success, Scientists Dead: 25, X-Parasites missing: 182, Additional Missing Specimens: S1, S3, S6 & S15. Investigations continue, prevent any leakage of information to Galactic Federation". As Samus finishes reading, the X-Core bursts through the surrounding wall, revealing its fusion with an Imago in its Larval state attempts to Ram Samus, however the bounty hunter is able to easily dodge the creature and its poisonous explosives, forcing it to change into its pupa form, the creature looking similar to the other Imago Pupa Samus encountered on Zebes, however the X-Core had given it deadly spikes, that it is able to eject from its body or use to climb walls and ceilings. Samus soon defeats this form, the X-Core briefly reverts to its regular form however just before Samus can attack it turns into an Adult Imago, the creature's X-Core fusion allowed it to charge quickly at Samus, as well as release the poisonous explosives from its larval form and additionally breathe fire. However despite the X-Core's efforts, Samus finishes it off, forcing it to revert into its regular form for Samus to finish off. Upon its defeat the X-Core that Samus defeated gives her the Blacklight Deflector Beam, a beam that travels a short distance, damaging anything that gets in its way and stops soon afterwards creating a brief orb of light in even the darkest locations.

Chapter 12

Adam notifies Samus that her next objective will be to obtain the Grey Access Authority Clearance, allowing her to enter the Semi-Mountain and Mountainous Environments. Adam explains to Samus, that aside from being her direct path to the next SA-X they contain Mountain DNA Laboratory which he has realised likely contains specimens that Samus defeated while on Tallon-4 and Aether. He tells Samus that she will need to reach this room to ensure it hasn't been attacked, then find the Main Computer Room for the Environments and unlock the Deadlocked Doors for the Semi-Mountain, Mountain, Volcano & Igneous Caverns. Then her third objective will be to obtain the Red Access Authority Clearance to enter the Volcanic Environment. Adam tells Samus that the Grey Access Authority Clearance Terminal is located in a sealed off section in the Main Research Facility that had re-opened after the alert halted from Samus killing the twelve X-Cores. Samus navigates her way through the various environments, returning to the Main Research Facility, to find it in ruins. Adam tells Samus to quickly find a place to hide as he has identified the Red SA-X's presence in the area and was likely the cause of the destruction. Samus quickly hears the footsteps and hides within one of the nearby ventilation shafts, just as the Red SA-X enters, it sprints through while being chased by various creatures, it suddenly stops and shoots a giant Fireball that ignites the entire room, dowsing it in Lava. Samus quickly escapes before the Lava reaches her, entering a room that seals itself behind her. Samus attempts to contact Adam, however gets no response.

Looking around Samus sees that the area is very quiet and not nearly as technologically advanced as the other parts of the Main Research Facility. She begins looking around, finding files about the area she was in, revealing it to be the original Research Facility, which held only two specimens, however they both escaped, let loose in the abandoned facility (the section of rooms Samus was currently in). Samus continues searching, until she soon encounters an X-Core, the creature phazes in and out of the dimension, before disappearing for a while and re-emerging, revealing itself to have somehow absorbed the DNA of Phantoon. The creature, flies around, launching Fireballs and phazing in and out of reality, forcing Samus to use her Phase Shifter Beam to force the X-Core into her dimension so she could attack it with Missiles. She soon defeats the Phantoon Mimic and as it withers away, Samus obtains the Fusion Shifter Beam, a more powerful variation of the Phase Shifter Beam that allows Samus to force an enemy to stay in Samus' dimension, permanently.

Samus, again attempts to contact Adam, however, again to no avail. She continues to search coming across research documents revealing that a research team had obtained DNA samples of Phantoon from the Bottle Ship were retrieved and kept for further research in dimension jumping. Samus also finds research indicating that the Galactic Federation had secretly been watching over all of Samus' missions and was tactically obtaining samples of various specimens for research. Samus contiued on further, soon coming upon the Main Computer Room, however before she could activate it, she hears footsteps, however much heavier than the SA-X's, the ground begins to tremble, as some small rocks on the ground begin to levitate on their own. Suddenly an X-Core bursts into the room, covered in rocks, it seals itself in Ice revealing its absorption of the Experimental Rock Creature, Thardus. Samus engages the rock giant although this time, Samus utilizes the Flamethrower's melting capabilities and the Magnetic Beam's, force capabilities to temporarily disarm the X-Core of its rocks and then destroy the rocks with the Magnetic Beam. After Samus has destroyed all the boulders, the X-Core exposes itself, attacking Samus head on with Ice based attacks, however the bounty hunter proves too much for the X-Core and it soon is defeated, giving Samus the third Beam Ring, increasing her offensive capabilities even more so than before. Samus then hurries over to the Main Computer, re-activating it and instantly regaining contact with Adam. Adam, shocked to discover Samus' locations tells her that the Red SA-X had gone on a rampage in various Environments while Samus was absent having melted parts of the Plains, Badlands & Bushlands environments, in addition to the damage done to the Main Research Facility. He tells Samus that she is near the aformentioned Grey Access Level Authority Clearance Terminal and should head there immediaetly.

Samus soon comes across the room, Adam mentioned and activates the Terminal allowing Adam to upgrade Samus' Access Authority to the Grey Level. With the Grey Level Access Authority now equipped, Samus heads heads back into the Plains Environment she finds large open wells of Lava spewing out of various walls. Adam contacts her explaining that Lava is leaking from the Badlands into the Plains and the Bushlands and that Samus will be unable to head into the Badlands due to the lack of the Ignis Suit, however Samus would be able to indirectly stop the Lava by flooding the Badlands, Adam explains that he will be able to start an alert evacuation in the Badlands so the animals will be protected once the flood commences, however to initiate the flood Samus will need to drain the Lake Environment to it's second threshold. Adam contiues, stating that the System to drain the Lake is likely located just below the second threshold however can't detect it on his systems.

Samus heads through the heavily damaged Plains Environment towards the Lake Access Tunnel, only to find it has been sealed by Lava, Adam contacts her explaining that she will need to detour through the Storm Grounds & The Oasis Environments to reach the Lake Environment, he warns her however as the Red SA-X is still lurking around the environments and likely can only get back into it's environment through the Bushlands. Samus heads throught the Storm Grounds however is quickly faced with a bizarre issue, several doors are not opening, Samus attempts to Contact Adam, however instead receives a message from Old Bird who reminds that the Power Suit she adorns is ancient Chozo Armour, Samus confused by this, suddenly finds herself on Zebes, surrounded by fire and the screams of the Chozo, she sees Space Pirates marching on the land, Samus finds herself in her Power Suit and none of her weaponry except her Charge Beam, Missiles & Morphball are accessible. Samus begins searching through the landscape for an answer, trying to contact Old Bird and realizing htat her Map isn't working. Samus blasts her way through several groups of Space Pirates before coming up to a large Space Pirate Ship, she enters and finds herself face to fact with Ridley, Ridley lets out a roar and the two engage in battle, however Ridley easily overpowers Samus and nearly has her defeated, before Gray Voice in his own Power Armour attacks Ridley to help Samus, he states that he will move on ahead and believes he knows the cause of the attack. Samus follows, having to detour due to rubble, eventually Samus makes it to a giant Command Room, she sees Gray Voice kneeling in the distance, with Old Bird collapsed behind him, Gray Voice stands up and laughs at Samus telling her that she is incapable of harnessing the true power of the Chozo Armour and will never be able to defeat him, a light suddenly shoots down from behind Gray Voice as Mother Brain is revealed, Samus watches in horro as Gray Voice and Mother Brain fuse together to become a gigantic Bird-Reptile Monstrosity. The hybrid attack Samus who is incapable of dealing any damage to them, however just as Samus is on her last Energy Tank, Old Bird's body is lifted up by an unknown force and floats over to Samus, Old Bird explains that Samus has great potential within her and needs to just look beyond her normal limitations. Old Bird then puts his hand on Samus' helmet and dissipates away.

Samus then gets up, with a complete recovery of her Energy Tanks, and realizes that she has acquired the Hyper Beam, fighting off the Gray Voice/Mother Brain Hybrid, Samus quickly overcomes the Hybrid Monstrosity and suddenly awakens to find herself back in the Storm Grounds Environment with some sort of leech creature, attached to her, the Leech Creature falls off and reverts into an X-Core, the creature attempts multiple times to quickly charge at Samus however the Bounty Hunter destroys the X-Core, receiving the Chameleon Suit. Adam contacts Samus telling her that he'd tried to contact her and that an X-Core had acquired the DNA of a Phazon Leech, a creature the Galactic Federation had been experimenting on to cause enemies of the Federation to go into Comas, however due to the X-Core not being a true Phazon Leech it was incapable of keeping Samus in the coma state. Adam continues explaining that another feature of the Phazon Leech was its ability to camouflage with any surface and was likely attached to Samus soon after she entered the Storm Grounds, the Chameleon Suit Samus acquired allows her to blend in with other surfaces although Adam tells Samus it won't work in Cold, Wet or Hot areas.

Samus continues on progressing through the rest of the Storm Grounds Environment and into the Oasis Environment.

To be continued...


Map Realistic

A Detailed Map of the Facility (Excluding Rooms)

Returning to the 2D Action-Adventure Style, Metroid retains many of its movement styles from previous Metroid games. Samus is capable of movement with high traction, although early on in the game she has a somewhat limited traction due to the lack of gear she has.

Additionally Samus is equipped with her Arm Cannon which has a variety of upgrades which are able to be accessed through the Touch Screen, these include the returning Missiles, Ice Beam & Wave Beam as well as new additions like the Flamethrower. Samus can also curl up into a form called the Morphball, allowing her to reduce her damage area as well as allowing her to move through small shafts and also plant Bombs and Super Bombs.

Like in some other Metroid Games, Samus' beams are individual and require Samus to switch between them, this can be done through the cycling system using the Left and Right D-Pad buttons, alternatively the player can select it from the Touch Screen.

Samus is also capable of several running and jumping techniques. The Sprint is able to envelop Samus in a Static Field that can damage and destroy small enemies. The Space Jump allows Samus to jump very high as well as travel more distance than a regular jump. Samus is also capable of Wall Jumping to help her traverse certain shafts too narrow to easily Screw Attack up through. Finally, Samus' Screw Attack returns enveloping her in excess Electricty which can destroy many enemies as well as allowing her to jump constantly. All these abilities are unlocked through the game.


Samus Aran

Fusion Suit Samus

The main Protagonist, Samus is a Bounty Hunter who works in co-operation with the Galactic Federation, however after several betrayals she has been avoiding contact with them as she believes they are using her for Weapon research. She is a confident Bounty Hunter, determined to complete her goals regardless of whether they're instructions or simple ideals. She also works with the Semi-Organic Computer called Adam who contains the mentality of a colleague of Samus.


Adam Malkovich Contact

A sentient computer, which is partly organic. Usually located within Samus' Gun Ship, Adam is the personification of Samus' old commanding officer. Initially completely obedient to the Galactic Federation even to the point of witholding information from Samus. He breaks the locks set by the Galactic Federation allowing him to freely communicate with Samus. He is heavily restricted in movement due to being a computer, however once integrated into another system he is able to completely control it unless there is a competing AI.

The Four SA-X Units

Blue SA-X

Blue SA-X

Regarded as the weakest of the four, the Blue SA-X traced some of Samus' Childhood memories, hence its passive attitude towards the other SA-X Units. It is the holder of the Hydro Adapter Equipment and the Ice Beam. It is the first of the four SA-X Samus defeats and the only one that doesn't require the Ice Beam, due to its Ice Resistant Armour which causes it to lose its weakness to Cold Climates.

Green SA-X

Green SA-X

The second weakest SA-X unit. The Green SA-X was able to trace Samus' loyalty to others and is sometimes regarded as the Soldier side of Samus. It is often known to undeniably obey the others and moves sternly in a march. It is the holder of the Nocturn Vision Plate as well as the experimental Photon Breaker Beam. Like its stronger units it must be defeated with the Ice Beam and is resistant to toxic environments due to the Green X-Parasite's genetic mutations.

Red SA-X

Red SA-X

The second strongest SA-X unit. The Red SA-X unit was able to gain Samus' aggressive personality and is extremely unpredictable, it is disobedient to the point of threatening the Grey SA-X due to the deaths of the Blue and Green SA-Xs. It is the holder of the Ignis Suit and the Screw Attack's equipment (the Electro Kneecaps). Like the Green and Grey SA-X units it must be defeated by the Ice Beam and is the weakest to it, additionally it is able to survive in the Volcanic Environment through the Ignis Suit.

Grey SA-X

Grey SA-X

The undoubtadley strongest of the four SA-X units, the Grey SA-X was able to access Samus' independence as well as the memories of the Baby Metroid DNA within her and the SA-X DNA within her, making it extremely emotionless as well as ruthless. It commands the other three (although has some difficulty with the Red SA-X) and is extremely dangerous. It is the holder of the Nova Beam as well as a piece of equipment known as the Reality Blade, that attaches to Samus' left arm. It is the only SA-X to have a third form as the others die before they have the chance to change, this form appears between the Samus Replica Form and the X-Core form and is a nod to the monstrous SA-X form from Metroid Fusion.


Within Metroid Fluxuation there has been a great expanse to the types of X-Parasites encountered, the original four colourations return as well as many new ones which vary in effects.

Initial X-Parasites

These X-Parasites appear in their areas as soon as Samus first steps foot, into the Environment, they were part of the initial outbreak.

  • Yellow X-Parasite - Basic X-Parasite, gives small amount of missiles
  • Green X-Parasite - Basic X-Parasite, gives small amount of health
  • Red X-Parasite - Basic X-Parasite, gives a small amount of both missiles and health
  • Cyan X-Parasite - Ice X-Parasite, requires Frigis Suit to absorb, gives medium amount of missiles and small amount of health
  • Navy Blue X-Parasite - Basic X-Parasite, can only be absorbed with the Nocturn Vision Plate, gives medium amount of health
  • Magenta X-Parasite - Fast X-Parasite, quickly moves and regenerates, gives medium amount of health
  • Orange X-Parasite - Bulky X-Parasite, takes more hits to kill fusion form, gives medium amount of missiles
  • Grey X-Parasite - Metal X-Parasite, is easier to catch with Magnetic Beam, gives medium amount of missiles

Second Wave X-Parasites

After Samus' confrontation with the X-Core called Gloxullus, 8 more X-Parasite types were released, they appear in various areas with amplified effects of previous X-Parasites or new effects.

  • Pink X-Parasite - Invasive X-Parasite, will actively group together to attempt to form a more powerful creature, gives medium amounts of health
  • Lime X-Parasite - Fast X-Parasite, extremely difficult to catch, unless in an enclosed area, gives medium amounts of missiles
  • Purple X-Parasite - Bulky X-Parasite, three times as strong as a regular X-Parasite, gives medium amounts of both missiles and health
  • Black X-Parasite - Hidden X-Parasite, will appear in its parasite form before turning into a creature and will hide in the shadows until it engages Samus, gives large amounts of missiles
  • White X-Parasite - Hidden X-Parasite, will appear in its parasite form before turning into a creature, will temporarily blind Samus when transforming, gives large amount of health
  • Turqoise X-Parasite - Aquatic X-Parasite, able to recreate its fused creature in an aquatic form, gives medium amount of health
  • Peach X-Parasite - Basic X-Parasite, gives medium amount of both missiles and health
  • Sea Green X-Parasite - Dividing X-Parasite, may split into two versions when initially defeated, gives a medium amount of missiles


  • X-Core (Main Research Facility)
  • Centrograne (Plains Environment)
  • Blob Launcher (Stormgrounds Environment)
  • Dravexel (Desert Environment)
  • Triple X-Core (Lake Environment)
  • Scalpulius (Oasis Environment)
  • Coradorn (Reef Environment)
  • Croheek (Coastal Environment)
  • Jervent (Desert Environment)
  • Hypoad (Temperate Environment)
  • Blue SA-X (Tundra Environment)
  • Lone X-Core (Stormgrounds Environment)
  • Blasclap (Stormgrounds Environment)
  • Spectox (Stormgrounds Environment)
  • Aquasheel (Lake Environment)
  • Gadronius (Badlands Environment)
  • Crocadon (Badlands Environment)
  • Pranix (Caverns Environment)
  • Arachaloid (Caverns Environment)
  • Zoomepede (Plains Environment)
  • Zoomhoppede (Desert Environment)
  • Dachranoch (Temperate Environment)
  • Hypermander (Tundra Environment)
  • Shades (Arctic Environment)
  • Centroloid (Reef Environment)
  • Regozo (Reef Environment)
  • Drilnare (Oceanic Environment)
  • Sedichill (Cold Storage Area)
  • Plazvoid (Stormgrounds Environment)
  • Armoured X-Core (Oasis Environment)
  • Jellodrane (Badlands Environment)
  • Hypernet (Stormgrounds Environment)
  • Skreedaunt (Stormgrounds Environment)
  • Digitis (Tundra Environment)
  • Rafflater (Forest Environment)
  • B.O.X. Security Robot (Forest Environment)
  • B.O.X. Aerial Electrocutioner (Forest Environment)
  • Raptide (Darkwood Grove Area)
  • Frostill (Jungle Environment)
  • Razacan (Jungle Environment)
  • Trimera (Jungle Environment)
  • Green SA-X (Jungle Environment)
  • Skulgiga (Oceanic Environment)
  • Naminete (Reef Environment)
  • Carachnuz (Oasis Environment)
  • Antiath (Bushlands Area)
  • Genetinox (Lake Environment)
  • Yappadew (Plains Environment)
  • Archound (Caverns Environment)
  • Vinrexwer (Forest Environment)
  • Squailon (Darkwood Grove Area)
  • Mighty Worm (Desert Environment)
  • Raigore (Reef Environment)
  • Fiery Core (Tundra Environment)
  • Gloxullus (Cold Storage Area)
  • Endrago (Nocturnal Forest Area)
  • Phanterra (Abandoned Research Facility)
  • Breezus (Abandoned Research Facility)

More TBA...


Movement Abilities

  • Sprint
  • Static Field Sprint
  • Space Jump
  • Wall Jump
  • Static Charge Field
  • Hydro Jets
  • Screw Attack

Morphball Abilities

  • Morphball
  • Bomb
  • Morphball Jump
  • Morphball Accelerator
  • Morphball Speed Increase
  • Acidic Shield
  • Solidification Bomb
  • Morphball Launcher
  • Remote Bomb
  • Super Bomb


  • Missiles
  • Flashbang Missiles
  • Driller Missiles
  • Thermal Missiles
  • Super Missiles
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Corrosive Missiles
  • Firestorm Missiles


  • Charge Beam
  • Flamethrower
  • Ice Beam
  • Nosferatu Beam
  • Grapple Beam
  • Phase Shifter Beam
  • Wave Beam
  • Laser Beam
  • Trident Beam
  • Polarizing Beam
  • Super Laser Beam (Upgrade to the Laser Beam)
  • Photon Breaker Beam
  • Agility Beam
  • Super Grapple Beam (Upgrade to the Grapple Beam)
  • Super Nosferatu Beam (Upgrade to the Nosferatu Beam)
  • Absorb Beam
  • Hydro Beam
  • Magnetic Beam
  • Blacklight Deflector Beam
  • Fusion Shifter Beam (Upgrade to the Phase Shifter Beam)
  • Nova Beam
  • Hyper Beam


  • Heavily Damaged Varia Suit
  • Frigis Suit
  • Venenum Suit
  • Electro Resistor Suit
  • Chameleon Suit
  • Ignis Suit
  • Reconstructed Varia Suit
  • Fortis Suit


  • Hydro Adapter Equipment
  • X-Inhibitor
  • Acidic Decay Adapter Equipment
  • Essence of the Dachora
  • Phantom Guard
  • Ice Charge Shoulder Attachments
  • Beam Ring 1
  • Beam Ring 2
  • Digital Overload Glove
  • Grip Wings
  • Nocturn Vision Plate
  • Beam Ring 3
  • Electro Field Adapter Equipment
  • Beam Ring 4
  • Reality Blade


  • Each of the four SA-X represent Samus at different stages in her life
    • The Blue SA-X represents her Childhood
    • The Red SA-X represents her Early Bounty Missions
    • The Green SA-X represents her Loyalty with the Galactic Federation
    • The Grey SA-X represents her severing connections with the Galactic Federation
  • A Hidden Boss located deep within the Main Research Facility is the only direct reference to Metroid Fusion with regards to the bosses. Interestingly the boss also appeared in another Metroid game, Other M.
  • Like Metroid Fusion it focuses on a character overcoming a particular boundary in their life
    • In Fusion this was Adam's Personality overcoming its obedience to the Galactic Federation
    • In Fluxuation this was Samus overcoming the trauma of her past
      • Interestingly the Bosses most associated with the four times for Samus represented by the SA-X units appear in this game in one way or another
        • Another Ridley Clone (This time fused with an X-Parasite) represents Samus' fear of Ridley as shown in Other M
        • A nearly perfect clone of Mother Brain (Although fused with the X-Parasite giving it mobility soon after its encounter) represents Samus' original confliction with Mother Brain in the original Metroid and Super Metroid
        • Several X-Cores work together to form several shades that resemble Samus with Blue Visors, drawing parallels to Dark Samus who was the main antagonist during Samus' time with the Galactic Federation in the Prime Series
        • Finally, represented by the Grey SA-X itself, a hybrid of the Omega Metroid and the original SA-X appears representing the final boundary that ultimately had Samus stop working with the Galactic Federation as shown in Metroid Fusion
  • Metroid Fluxuation currently holds the most amount of Bosses on record for a Metroid Game with the current estimates at around 30 due to the expanse and diverse locations encountered on SR-389
  • SR-389 has one Natural Satellite named SR-390, it is said to contain remnants of the Space Debris from SR-388's destruction while the rest formed an Asteroid Belt
  • This is the first time a Dachora is actually battleable, albeit in a mutated state
  • The Six Shades each have a slight differences in their appearance with one looking like Samus in her Power Suit, another in her Fusion Suit, another in her Heavily Damaged Varia Suit, a fourth appearing to be similar to Zero Suit Samus and the other two having Varia-esque Suits, this may be a possible reference to all six 2D Metroid games including Fluxuation itself
  • The Trimera's name is a reference to the the number three, referring to how many X-Cores are involved its fusion while at the same time referring to a mythical creature called the Chimera which was a combination of various animals.
  • The appearance of the Namihe during one of the Reef Environment Bosses has a similar sound effect to the one made by Crocimire's Skeleton in Super Metroid.
  • The X-Core that mimicks the Genetica creature's battle is surprisingly similar to the Morpha Battle in Ocarina of Time, both creatures are semi-liquidous creatures that have a core at the center of their masses that is their weakness, these cores must be pulled out to be damaged, via a grapple device.
  • The King Worm's DNA was kept within the Desert DNA Labratory despite being a cavern dwelling creature in Super Metroid, this likely indicates that the creature's natural habitat is the desert.


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