Metroid: Final Sunset
Developer(s) DF Studios
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U, NX, Visus Sphere
Genre(s) 3D Platformer, First Person Shooter, Sci-Fi
Series Metroid Series
Predecessor Metroid: Other M (released)

Metroid Fusion (Chronologically - 2500 years earlier)

Age Rating(s)
OFLC M rating

Metroid: Final Sunset is a fake-Metroid Game which follows as one of the latest chronologically in the Metroid Series. It makes the final debut of both Samus and Ridley in all forms. The game take place approximately 2,500 years after the events of Metroid: Fusion. It follows Samus as she fights of an attempt at the reconstruction of the Space Pirate's Leviathan and later travels to various planets to halt chaos occuring by different sources.

The game features the return of Mother Brain, Phazon, Metroids, Aether (Planet), SR388(Planet) and X-Parasites.

I made this idea for a Metroid Game a while back and posted it on the Metroid Fanon wiki however I noticed that Fantendo has a severe lack of Metroid Fanon games at least in comparison to the other major franchises. If you wish to see the original copy of this visit the Metroid Fanon Wiki, I will be updating this version of it from now on as there are many formats available on this wiki. Please do not steal any creations from this game without giving credit, please notify if you plan on using any images I may add to this page as I like to know if I've been able to help and please ignore the inconsistency of text size in some areas, I'm not going to fix it because I've tried before and it didn't work so sorry in advance.


Act 1: Aether's Nightmare

Set 2,500 years after Metroid Fusion a group of scientists are forced to use Samus' DNA to create a clone of the Bounty Hunter due to the increasing risk to the Universe due to the return of the Space Pirates. Their first attempt is unsuccessful however after combining Metroid DNA and X-Parasite DNA extracted from the crash site of the Biologic Space Laboratories Research Station (B.S.L.R.S) and the Metroid's discarded Egg Pod both still on SR388 they are successfully able to clone Samus. She retains various memories including her first and second fight with Mother Brain, various encounters with Ridley, Dark Samus and Phantoon as well as the Baby Metroid, Phazon and Adam Malkovich.

After several days recovering and preparing (serving as a tutorial level) the Scientists send Samus to the Space Pirate Hideout on the planet Velcious where Samus has been informed of being able to find information about one of the Space Pirate HQ's. After infiltrating the base and encountering various enemies Samus eventually reaches the main computer however despite the scientists best efforts they could not activate the computer. However upon Samus placing her hand on the control Panel the screen shines an ominous blue glow, she then beings hearing alarms going off however the origin is unknown. Suddenly the screen explodes and Phantoon appears, the scientists are shocked and remind Samus that Phantoon died when she fought it on the Bottle Ship. Never the less Samus is capable of defeating Phantoon and recovers information detailing the Space Pirates bringing materials to the Planet Aether. Samus is informed that by scientists that with the Luminoths having been lost for centuries and they assumed that the Luminoths had moved onto another plane of existence.

Upon arriving on Aether Samus finds that the Temple Grounds and Grand Temple have been protected by a large barrier and appear to have significantly more natural growth in them. Upon reaching ground Samus meets up with a group of military soldiers who explain that the Temple Grounds have been converted into a military camp to protect the Grand Temple from the Space Pirates. The Soldiers further explain that the force field was set up long before the soldiers arrived and it is assumed that it was the Luminoths who made it. Samus is directed the Agon Sector which has returned to its former glory near the temple however as Samus reaches closer and closer to one of the Space Pirate Bases on the planet it begins to look similar to Dark Agon. The scientists tell Samus and inform her that the Space Pirates have been generating Phazon from the remnants of the Leviathan. Eventually Samus storms the base and encounters one of the three Space Pirates guarding the generators to the main Base, named Dydronomma who utilizes the crystals in the generator room to attack. Eventually being defeated and absorbed by the Phazon Dydronomma becomes a corrupted, berserk version of itself which attacks much more aggressively requiring Samus to destroy the crystals that it now can use to heal to properly defeat it. After its defeat Samus is infused with the Phazon particles and the scientists inform Samus that the Bounty Hunter's suit is now equipped to travel into the other bases safely. Samus destroys the generator and moves onto the other two locations.

Next Samus travels to the Torvus sector which has become a giant jungle and similar to the Agon section becomes more like Dark Torvus the closer Samus gets to the base, along the way she encounters Chykka offspring which the scientists inform, are likely resurrected from the original Chykka. Samus eventually reaches the second Base which the Scientists inform Samus is powered by Lava this time and Samus goes around the base changing several large valves to allow water that was being processed to cool the base and directs it into the Power Room. However upon entering the room to the 4th and final valve Samus encounters the second Space Pirate Malagdon whose fireproof armour allows it to hide within the lava and ambush Samus as the room's floor hovers above the actual Lava Pit. Eventually Malagdon is killed and fall into the lava. Unlike Dydronomma Malagdon as told by the scientists lost enough armour to burn up in the lava. Samus activates the final valve which the scientists explain is going to cause the base to overheat and melt in a couple of minutes. Samus quickly uses Malagdon's armour to upgrade her Suit to charge through the weakened walls of the base and breaks out of the base and watches it melt before a huge plume of lava engulfs the entire building and then is quickly solidified by the surrounding water. As Samus returns to the Temple Grounds the scientists note that there is something following Samus however regardless of where Samus is there are no enemies or living organisms seen. However once Samus gets near the temple Grounds she stops and hears a foot step, she turns and sees Malagdon who has been badly burnt and lost large portions of its body regenerating from the Phazon. The creature which once used Lava to protect itself now was able to breathe Ice and Samus needed to utilize the Malagdon Armour to charge at the Phazon infused Space Pirate and defeat it, gaining her the Ice Beam.

Finally Samus travels to the third sector named the Nelcor Sector which was a man-made sector by a mining facility which spent time on the planet digging for minerals. For the most part Samus encounters various subterranean creatures however approaching the underground base Samus begins to see the Phazon transforming the mining shafts which have become distorted and twisted. Large open chasms cause Samus to detour for a large amount of the second half of the Sector. Eventually Samus reaches the Base which has an unknown power supply. Samus reaches the centre and finds a Serpent-like creature named Anralcacor is guarding an artefact which powers the base's energy. The Serpent primarily attacks by charging however will also attack by spitting acid which forms a small pool of acid for a period of time and also is capable of charging a laser from in front of its eyes which it will hit Samus unless Samus shoots a charged shot into its mouth just before it fires the laser. After its apparent defeat Anralcacor begins wriggling and squirming and Samus watches as Anralcacor splits into two slightly smaller versions of itself. Each smaller one lacks one of the original Anralcacor's abilities with the green-tinged one lacking the Laser attack and the blue-tinged one lacking the Acid Pool Attack. After its defeat the Anralcacors are both shot at Point Blank range in the skulls by Samus preventing them from multiplying again. Samus then receives the Laser Beam and Acid Beam from the Anralcacors and takes the artefact out of its pedestal. Samus then receives a vision from a Chozo. The Chozo simply utters "... you must find Prime ...” The scientists ask Samus if she has the artefact to which Samus shows them the artefact. The Scientists decide to have Samus return to the Temple Grounds to have the artefact sent to the Laboratory for inspection.

Samus move onto the fourth and central Base which is in the place of the Sanctuary Fortress. The Sanctuary Sector no longer looks like a great city of ruins but now an overrun factory with Samus being able to see various small factories and pipes leading up to the Base itself. The Base is not attached to the Cliffside however floats across from it. Many of the original bridges from the Fortress have also suffered damage and Samus using the Laser Beam is able to activate platforms to help the Bounty Hunter across. Eventually Samus reaches original entrance to the Fortress which now being no longer connected to anything has fallen into the Cliffside. After getting halfway across Samus will feel a tremor and will a shadow among the clouds below where the Bounty Hunter is. Suddenly a Phazon infused giant Anralcacor appears and by using its expanded skin is capable of gliding around. Samus notes the weak spot it retained from when she killed it previously and after it attempts to defeat Samus by spitting Acid parallel to the bridge it is defeated and Samus watches as it crashes into the side of the cliff heading back to the Temple Grounds. Samus hears it screech then as it falls to its death due to it having many holes in its skin. As Samus continues before reaching the end the other Anralcacor from earlier appears like its counterpart now Phazon infused and gigantic it attempts immediately to kill Samus by using its Laser to destroy the bridge however Samus makes it to the other side avoiding the Anralcacor at the same time. Samus then uses the cliff's indents and small passages to reach the peak to which Samus grabs onto the Anralcacor and works her way up to the head avoiding various other flying enemies. Eventually Samus reaches the head and the creature attempts to use the charging sequence for the Laser to electrocute Samus however by avoiding this Samus is able to defeat the creature which flies very high up and then nose dives.

Samus jumps off the Anralcacor and lands safely on the base as the Anralcacor falls to its death as well. Samus then heads inside and works her way around various puzzles requiring the various abilities the Bounty Hunter gained from the previous three Space Pirates, eventually reaching the central room a large medical looking room with a huge operating table nearly 8 times larger than Samus in height. Samus examines the table and encounters Dark Samus who uses sub-space frequencies to talk in a voice made up of many people's voices. Dark Samus warns Samus that following the path the Bounty Hunter is taking will lead to an untimely demise. The scientists then inform Samus that Dark Samus is not really Dark Samus but is merely the Phazon around Samus attempting to intimidate the Bounty Hunter and keep her from the information that Samus came for. Approaching the console about near the operating table causes Dark Samus to go into a state of insanity and claims that Samus could never have made that choice and no amount of futures could possibly predict this course of action. Dark Samus then engages in battle with Samus utilizing the Phazon Beam to fight however Samus must use correctly timed attacks to overload Dark Samus' Arm Cannon causing the Phazon creature damage. Eventually Dark Samus will fall to its knees and warn Samus that it has just let the primal instinct of the Phazon out as Dark Samus transforms into a hybrid between Dydronomma, Malagdon and Anralcacor creating an armoured Crystal Serpent. It utilizes all threes Phazon generated abilities (Anralcacor's was its ability to fly) and attacks Samus full on destroying most of the room itself. Eventually Samus is able to trick the Phazon creature into flying into various hazards including a refrigeration tank which Samus freezes part of the armour off, several loose wires which electrocute it and prevent it from flying and finally Samus leads it into several crystal spikes which prevent it from healing. Samus is finally able to defeat the creature and it falls with such force that Samus and it land in a lower level of the building. The creature then reverts into Dark Samus which has now got large portions of its body lost. It transforms once more in a final attempt to take Samus' life by transforming into Metroid Prime and continues the fight discarding what remains of Dark Samus now simply the Phazon Suit. By running over to the suit Samus is able to use the Phazon Beam in combination with the Laser Beam to create the Phazon Spark Beam which is used to cripple Metroid Prime's legs and then used to break open its body and destroy the Alpha Phazon within. Upon doing so Samus works her way up to the medical room and finds one computer left with only one file which is titled, Operation: RR. Samus reads over it describing the ability to recreate anything that was once deceased or completely destroyed with a single piece of DNA. It also details planned experimentation for tests on SR388. The scientists go on to explain that this was the same technique the scientists used to resurrect Samus however Space Pirates must have stolen the information and used it to recreate the Phazon. As Samus returns to the Temple Ground she will be informed that the sectors surrounding the Temple Grounds have begun to return to normal as the Alpha Phazon was the only thing keeping the Phazon from disappearing again.

Act 2: Metroid Suffering

Samus then takes her ship to SR388 where upon landing the ship detects movement below however when Samus looks down the bounty hunter doesn't see anything. The ship lands and Samus is informed to investigate the now abandoned Research Laboratories Facility which crashed killing all the X-Parasites. Samus is informed that there is likely to be data in Sector 4 due to it suffering minimal damage on impact. Samus enters and finds the area is crawling with species that had survived the crash. Most of the sector had been flooded however Samus eventually reaches the control point area near the now long dead Serris. She attempts to access the computer however it transforms into a Core-X. Samus fights and defeats the creature with the Ice Beam. After defeating it is absorbed by Samus and gives her the Missiles.

Samus continues searching however when a large bridge Samus is standing on gives way she fall down through the walls and lands in what appears to be Sector 3 and has had its Heating Environment re-activated and due to this some metal has melted. Samus continues through and this time upon reaching a computer is halted by various dead scientists controlled by the X-Parasite. They collate together and form a monstrous blob creature with many eyes. Utilizing the recently obtained Missiles to blind the creature causing it to crash into various obstacles, Samus defeats the creature which turns into a Core-X however is shot through the centre by a security gun. The systems activate and the temperature decreases to regular temperature and the computer's voice activates being a highly distorted version of Adam's voice explaining to Samus that Pirate's visited this sector before and worked their way around and are likely in Sector 5 however Samus would need to get through Sectors 2,1 and 6 to get to them. The computer explains how it is unable to access information about the sector's current dangers due to damage to the circuitry and wishes Samus the best of luck.

Samus continues on and finds a giant hole leading to Sector 2 which had many wires hanging from it. As Samus enters Sector 2 she hears a moan from the distance however it moves away from her. She continues on and eventually finds the next computer which activates and immediately starts firing alarms warning Samus of the danger to which Samus hears creaking sounds looks up and sees three Yakuzas come crashing down with the largest of them crushing the computer, they screech at Samus and then attack. Samus combines the Acid Beam to break their legs and Missiles when their mouths are open. After the smaller two are killed the same moan from earlier in Sector 2 is heard and Gravity suddenly disappears allowing Samus to get under the Yakuza and shoot its weak spot. After killing it the two fell towards the ground as Gravity re-activates, they crash through the ground and Samus finds the Nettori vines and finds a computer where the X-Parasite used to be. Samus activates the computer and Adam's distorted voice activates informing Samus that by activating the computer's the ship was able to re-connect the wiring and could now send Samus to Sector's 3 and 4. Samus is then informed that with the Grapple Beam she got from the largest Yakuza she could climb through the hole in the ceiling and into the vents and get to Sector 5 immediately.

Samus begins heading to Sector 5 however is blocked off by a giant sheet of Ice. Samus then continues into Sector 6 where it has become incredibly dark aside from some emergency lights. Samus continues and eventually finds the power switch however in doing so she activates a security drone called U.D.G. (Underground Drilling Mecha) which promptly burrows underground. Samus then follows its path and eventually is capable of defeating it with well-timed missiles. Samus then receives the Morph Ball upgrade before continuing. Samus finds herself crawling through various tunnels burrowed by subterranean creatures which prove to be quite the pest. After finding and activating the three switches to open a door to let her get into a large underground cavern Samus finds herself face to face with Draygon who simply shrieks and attacks. Utilizing the Morph Ball ability Samus is able to curl into a crevice in the walls and floors where she then launches into Draygon's weak underside. Eventually the beast falls revealing to be another X-Parasite. Samus battles the creature and recovers the space jump from the creature which had apparently ingested it prior to battling Samus. Samus then activates the computer which informs Samus that there are large life forms being detected in both Sectors 1 and 5. Samus is informed that the creature in Sector 5 is attempting to access the computer there and Samus begins heading that way via a group of elevators.

Samus eventually gets into Sector 5 and after travelling around the limited sector due to the Ice layers eventually finds a giant hole that leads underground to which Samus finds a Chozo Statue with a beam. Samus picks up the Beam unlocking the Flamethrower and the Statue activates spurting giant Icy Wings. Equipped with the Flamethrower Samus is able to make the creature lose its ability to stay airborne. Eventually after firing several missiles into the creature Samus defeats it and it crumbles into dust. With the Flamethrower now able to melt Ice Samus makes quick work and finds the room with the Computer which is very dark aside from a single light shining down on the entrance. As Samus walks in she can make out a faint shape near the computer console and the being turns around and raises an arm in the air to which Samus if lifted into the air and hits the ceiling. The bounty hunter continues to approach this still vague creature and along the way the creature activates and de-activates gravity several times until Samus is nearly able to see it and realises it has no legs to which the creature turns around once more and raises both of its arms and the lights in the room begin turning on. Eventually the lights reveal the creature to be Nightmare who has been co-ordinating the Sector 5 weather controls. The creature has recovered from its previous battle and has upgraded itself with a second set of arms, various protective Spikes and protective armour around its Gravity Manipulator. Samus battles the foul beast by fusing its arms to the ground with the Flamethrower, she then climbs onto the creature and uses the Plasma Beam to blast its face off where she discovers the creature's face has not recovered fully and has become cybernetic in several areas. It lets out a bellow and knocks Samus off it and detaches its Arms from its body and begins flying around the room. Samus eventually gets the upper-hand and is able to disable its Gravity Manipulator with the Plasma Beam and the creature crashes down screaming as it explodes covering the room in a green-ooze liquid. Samus activates the computer which has become corrupted due to Nightmare's interference. Adam's voice is even more distorted than before however the computer informs Samus that Sector 1 contains the two creatures in it, one is X-Parasite based the other is robotic. 

Samus heads for Sector 1 however is stopped on the elevator by a rumbling sound and just as the wall crashes in Samus jumps into the open vent and watches as a Zeta Metroid climbs through the wall and continues through the next without stopping. It is then followed by several Gamma Metroids. Samus uses the vents to access Sector 1 where she finds that the area is filled with X-Parasites which have mimicked Metroid life cycles. The X-Metroids retain the weakness to Ice as usual and Samus encounters regular Metroids, Alpha and Gamma Metroids. Eventually making her way into a room filled with X-Parasites clinging to the walls Samus is confronted with 5 Zeta Metroids which attempt to attack her however Samus is able to defeat them by utilizing the Ice Beam. After defeating the Zeta Metroids Samus activates the computer in the room which rewards her with the Super Bombs which allow her to blow open a cracked wall which allows her into the next room where she encounters a cavern with many large holes in it by what appeared to be a Core-X. Samus eventually reaches the Main Deck where an Omega Metroid comes crashing through and fights Samus and though Samus had to use the Morph Ball to get around the creature as well as the Flamethrower to frighten it and the Ice Beam to damage it, eventually the creature is defeated and it morphs into a Core-X and begins attacking. Samus eventually disposes of the creature and hears a huge crashing sound ahead to which she heads along a series of corridors and finds the dock room has been mostly crushed by the impact. Suddenly Samus sees a glowing object among some rubble and steps back as a tremor begins shaking the ground, quickly the metal moves and the Ridley Robot stands up in the room nearly reaches the ceiling. The robot has been given Wings and Legs and its back has shrunk down. Samus battles the metallic-demon and despite being defeated activates the self-destruct of the B.S.L.R.S. Samus then runs through the dock wall however is stopped by the pleading voice of the Adam on the computer and asks she download him into her visor. Samus though reluctant agrees and listens to Adam as he guides her to her ship and takes off as she watches as the building crumbles down and explodes. She then uploads Adam into the computer who informs her that he was able to save the data Ridley Robot and Draygon had taken and estimated that they headed towards an Asteroid named Pritone.

Act 3: Deadly Duo

Samus' ship now controlled by Adam begins heading to Pritone however along the way the ship is attacked and boarded by Space Pirates. Samus fights off the attacking pirates and eventually is able to get Adam to seal off the open holes in Samus' ship. Samus then goes onto the Space Pirate's ship and finds it completely empty, until she reaches the bridge where she finds a computer which is set to self-destruct. Samus runs for the exit to the room however the door is shut tight and won't break open. Samus turns around and turns to find the captain of the ship named Draedorn whose appearance is similar to that of a Giant Squid. The creature uses telepathy to tell Samus that he will kill the bounty hunter and become one of the new commanders of the Space Pirates with Draygon now dead. Draedorn attacks using Ice Blasts, Tentacles an its beak to crush Samus however by having it slam its tentacles into various computer components the squid de-activates the Gravity on the ship and its weak spot underneath the head is revealed. Samus then climbs onto one of Draedorn's tentacles and climbs towards the giant squid's face. Blinding the creature with the Laser Beam, Samus quickly jumps off the creature and shoots it sending it hurtling towards the glass front of the ship. It breaks through and is sucked out into Space along with Samus. However Adam brings Samus' ship along and opens up one of the doors to allow Samus to get in. The ship then grabs Draedorn and Samus and Adam head back to the Science Vessel. Adam extracts a DNA sample from Draedorn which he gives to Samus allowing her to use a longer Grapple Beam which is also able to hold her from one spot and shoot to another, functioning as a Dual-Grapple Beam. Upon arriving Samus discovers the Scientists have prepared a holding cell for Draedorn. Samus then is informed by the Scientists that Adam has suffered severe damage due to the decay of the B.S.L.R.S. and also from the fight with the Space Pirates. The transfer Adam's coding into the scientist's computer and informs Samus they'll keep her informed about their progress in repairing Adam's programming and Samus heads back to Pritone.

Samus eventually reaches the Asteroid to find it has several buildings on it including a Communications Tower which the Scientist's recommend will detect Samus' Ship and fire the asteroid's defences at Samus' Ship and recommend that the bounty hunter fly in there by herself to avoid detection. Samus utilizes the new Dual-Grapple Beam and is able to reach the Communications Tower and de-activates it however after doing this is confronted by Phantoon again who has clearly had Robotic upgrades included and attacks with full-force. Samus uses the Plasma Beam to destroy Phantoon and the beast crashes into the Communications Tower. Upon crashing it bursts into a Blue dust which Samus' suit absorbs unlocking Hyper Mode. Samus continues deeper into the caverns within the Asteroid to look for anything which explains the return of Draygon and Phantoon. Samus eventually finds an underground room with many computers around it however after stepping into the large open area of the room she is confronted by a Robotic-Worm named Zybivell who attacks with various energy blasts as well as physically ramming Samus. Samus dodges the creature and after shooting the un-protected sections of Zybivell's body the creature crashes into the walls and eventually collapses and the head falls off the body breaking open revealing the Electro Beam which Samus uses to overload the keypad opening the security door protecting the computer when Zybivell entered the room. Samus accesses the computer and finds files detailing regeneration by robotic-implants as well as Operation: RR again this time detailing the effects of mixing Metroid and X-Parasite DNA together to form stronger creatures.

Samus continues progressing downwards and after encountering some test subjects of this Metroid-X-Parasite hybridism finds it appears to have failed to whatever the intentions the Pirates had for it. However Samus reaches a large metal door at the end of one of the rooms with test subjects and looks inside to see the room is completely dark except for one light which shines on a small creature which Samus cannot detect nor recognize. Samus then looks around for a bit and finds a computer which gives the bounty hunter the code to unlock the door from before and uses it to go inside. Upon reaching the creature it turns around and to the shock of Samus its Little Birdy. Who snarls at Samus and then runs off at an incredibly fast rate. Samus chases after it and finds it later devouring other test subjects to which it snarls at Samus and attempts to bite her however the bounty hunter shoots the creature and it explodes before biting her. Samus looks around and sees that there was a computer it had chewed and the computer simply said "TEST SUBJECTS RELEASED" to which Samus turned around and saw a rather large Fungus-like creature which let out a roar before attacking. Samus used the Flamethrower to burn the creature's legs until it was unable to move however the creature grew to mushroom shaped arms and began to try to crush Samus. Samus then used the Charge Beam to physically blast apart the fungus creature. However despite this the creature was able to regrow its lost body parts before Samus could destroy it and Samus was forced to use Hyper Mode to shoot down the creature's vital organs and the creature falls down before exploding into a cloud of spores. Samus walks up to the computer and finds the creature is called Phylorix and came from a planet called Relegowth.

The scientists inform Samus that the planet Relegowth has not been touched by sentient creatures in over 50,000 years and was deemed a sentient due to various tribal species existing there. Samus is then recommended to set off the Self-Destruct to avoid the Space Pirates recovering the information on the asteroid. Samus does this and has her ship pick the bounty hunter up and Samus heads off to Relegowth.

Act 4: Pirate's Lair

Samus arrives at Relegowth to find that there is a landed Pirate Ship. Samus boards the ship and finds it is guarded by various Space Pirates and eventually reaches the command room where the Bounty Hunter encounters another Ridley Robot however this one is not fully built similar to the one found in Metroid: Zero Mission. It attempts to get Samus and destroy her with the Lasers and its Arms. Despite this Samus still defeats it and receives the Wave Beam from it and checks the computer which details the pirate's planning to mine some fossils in a nearby underground cavern. The scientists tell Samus that the Fossils are likely dead pirates as Operation: RR has been reviving Pirate Leaders Samus encountered.

Samus heads towards the cave entrance and begins heading down the humid cavern and finds a mixture of natural species and Space Pirates. The bounty hunter however reaches a blockade which has wiring leading to a command room however upon entering she is met by Draedorn again however like Phantoon he has had robotic implants put in him to keep him alive. The creature explains how the scientists and Samus were easily fooled by a doppelgänger and reveals that the one they captured was merely a hologram. Samus battle the Space Pirate again and deals the final blow knocking Draedorn into the computer and through a wall which conveniently was directly above to blockade allowing Samus to continue.

Samus continues to descend and finds a flooded area which is filled with oceanic-life, going deeper the bounty hunter begins to see the environment becoming colder and colder. Eventually Samus reaches a caved-in section and finds the area begins to swarm with Space Pirates. The Bounty Hunter fights the off however the Rocks come to life and quickly capture Samus while her guard is down. Samus loses consciousness and wakes up chained to a wall where she sees her jail guard. The Ice Golem grunts at her and walks up to her and growls. Samus then rips off the chain holding back her Arm Cannon and shoots the golem in the head. The Ice Golem staggers back allowing Samus to free herself from the other chains. The Ice Golem attempts to crush her with its giant hands as well as summoning Ice Spikes to destroy her however Samus defeats the Ice Golem by fusing its feet to the ground and then using Hyper Mode to shoot its head. The creature falls however as Samus begins to exit the room she turns to see the Golem has disappeared and in its place is a Core-X. Samus destroys the Core-X and absorbs it recovering the Ice Missiles. Samus then accesses a computer database in the room and finds the Space Pirates have captured several Core-X and are using them as guards. The computer summarizes there are three other Core-X in the cavern which have copied a Fire Golem, Electric Golem and Wind Golem. Samus then heads further downwards.

Samus begins to exit the Icy region of the tunnels and finds the area opens up to a sort of underground world with vast open spaces, below it is a massive lava ocean and there are small pockets that lead to the surface. Samus has to use the Dual-Grapple Beam to swing across the gaps in the area and works her way towards an abandoned Digger. Upon reaching there she feels a tremor in the ground and turns around to find the Wind Golem charging at her, right before it can crush her Samus uses the Dual-Grapple Beam to hang from a stalactite while the Golem begins floating in the air. During the battle the Golem summons small rocks which are quickly sharpened with air and fires them at Samus at high velocity. Samus avoids these while using the Ice Missiles to knock rocks out from the golem's body. Eventually when only the head remains the creature's wind powers disappear and it falls into the lava screeching while Samus watches it sink. After watching the she sees something swimming in the lava and another tremor activates and Samus quickly makes a run for the Digger and the cave entrance there and then observes as the path she took to get there falls into the lava. Samus continues downwards and the temperature gets hotter and hotter however Samus enters an odd area where ancient ruins are and various drawings depict the four golems being praised by the tribal species on Relegowth. Samus continues her search for the fossils and other golems and eventually runs into the lair of the Fire Golem and the scientists remind her that it is a ruthless Core-X. Samus spends no time wasted using the Hyper Mode in combination with the Ice Beam to Dowse the Golem. Eventually after the Golem lost its fire it fell and the Core-X revealed itself. Similarly to the Ice Golem's Core-X Samus defeats this one thanks to the Missiles and gains the Varia Suit which the Scientists inform Samus is able to resist intense heat, cold and also lightning bolts. Samus then heads deeper and eventually after passing through an intense layer of heat de-void of life Samus reaches the Planet's outer core which has intense magnetic capabilities which prevents Samus' Missiles from working. Samus never the less continues along the various floating bridges and platforms and works her way up to an ominous glowing light which she finds is actually the last of the four golems, the Electric Golem. The creature activates and uses its powers of electricity to shift the platforms and bridges into different settings as well as firing Laser beams from its fingers while Samus has to use the Wave Beam to knock the beast off the edge of the cliff it was on. Once this is done the creature is impaled onto an electrical spike and is electrocuted causing it to revert into its Core-X form to which Samus makes quick work of with close range Missiles. The creature falls and Samus absorbs it and gains the Magnetic Beam which allows her to pull the bridges and platforms in the room to form a path and later is used to create paths over various pits which can't be grappled.

Eventually Samus reaches a Pirate Base and hears a roar come from within. Samus begins to investigate and finds two chunks of rock removed from one of the walls, one being gigantic the other was about 8 times the size of Samus. She continues deeper into the base and eventually finds an operating table which is colossal being nearly as large as a Football field. Samus then reaches the main room in the base and is confronted by a giant door and hears a roar from behind. The door opens and Samus is astonished to see Kraid alive once again and in a more evolutionarily advanced form. He roars and begins attacking by shooting fireballs from his mouth as well as shooting homing spikes from his chest and stomach. After taking significant damage Kraid begins stomping on the ground and several spots in the room begin falling apart revealing several deep pits. Samus then uses the Magnetic Beam to lift the falling rocks and fire them at Kraid puncturing his stomach. After an exceptionally large rock falls from the ceiling Samus lifts it up and fires it at Kraid's head, flattening the giant's head. Samus then climbs up a staircase leading to a control room which had been testing Kraid. Samus then looks over the computer and finds another Operation: RR folder this time revealing that all revived Space Pirate Commanders were fitted with Robotic-Implants which would activate if death occurred and the body remained in-tact. After reading this Samus looks out the window to see Kraid's arm lunging towards her and she jumps out of the control room and begins fighting the mechanized giant. This time the creature is able to move and Samus finds its weak spot is now its back where the robotic implants core is. Samus fires at this with the Wave Beam but to no avail and then is told by the Scientists that Samus should use a similar tactic to before to destroy Meta-Kraid. Samus then goes into Hyper Mode and uses the Magnetic Beam to rip holes in the ground which Kraid gets his legs stuck in. After this Samus runs up Meta-Kraid's back avoiding its arms and pulls down a stalactite into its back. After doing this several times the beast collapses and the spikes tear Meta-Kraid in half. Samus then hears a threatening voice throughout the Base. Mother Brain begins telling the Space Pirates to prepare to fly to the temporal rift. The Scientists contact Samus and give her directions on the exit to the base and explains to her on the way that the Temporal Rift would allow Mother Brain to go back in time and stop Samus from ever stopping Mother Brain on Zebes. 

On her way up an elevator shaft however Samus is halted and one of the walls crumbles revealing a Lava Lake with various platforms. Samus is forced to hop onto one of these platforms due to the lift no longer functioning. Samus then sees the creature that devoured the Wind Golem. It was a Lava Serris and was highly agitated by the presence of Samus and the Space Pirates. Samus fights the creature and by using the Ice Beam is able to creature temporary bridges between the platforms. She identifies the various unarmoured sections and shoots acid into them causing the creature to let out roars of pain. After shooting all the weak spots and then shooting the creature's mouth while it dives at Samus it explodes however it is revealed that the Core-X had been in control and emerged from the dust cloud. Samus then fights the Core and defeats it rewarding her with the Diffusion Missiles. Samus then finds a tunnel most-likely dug by the Lava Serris prior to the battle which leads back up to the wind section of the cavern near the exit to the surface. Samus gets to the surface and then leaves the planet and follows the Space Pirate Ship towards the Temporal Rift.

Act 5: Mother of the End

Samus heads follows the Ship and reaches the Temporal Rift where the scientists transmit Adam to her computer to guide Samus to the Carrier Ship which they explain is holding that it is likely to be carrying the most Space Pirates. Samus heads for the Carrier ship and lands, going inside she fights of waves upon waves of Space Pirates and goes through various biospheres holding various species which attack Samus on sight however it is when Samus gets to a biosphere which is very similar to SR388 she finds horrifically the Space Pirates have cloned Metroids and Samus fights off various life stages of the Metroids including the Larval, Alpha and Gamma. Upon reaching the Command Room Samus finds Draedorn again expressing his rage at his previous two defeats. This time he has been injected with Phazon and had various weapons added to his body. Before fighting Draedorn however a door opens and six Zeta Metroids and three Omega Metroids appear and Samus fights them off while avoiding attacks from Draedorn. Eventually after the last Metroid collapses Draedorn's personal shield disappears and Samus has a chance of fighting him. Once again the Bounty Hunter is able to have Draedorn smash various computers in the command room and after destroying a sufficient amount Gravity de-activates giving Samus a chance to shoot Draedorn's weak underside. Samus watches as the creature after taking several missiles explodes into a cloud of Phazon which quickly disappears in an array of lights.

Samus then heads down to the docking bay believing that the ship would no longer function. However upon getting to the Docking Bay finds her ship is not there, she then receives a message from Adam explaining that there is something in the Docking Bay. Samus turns around to see Draygon with metallic implants who immediately charges at Samus. The creature's weak underbelly was protected by a Metal plate forcing Samus to get around the creature and destroy the implants holding the metal plate in place. Samus then activates Hyper Mode and uses the Magnetic Beam to cut the creature in half with the Metal Plate. The Creature then lets out a screech and Samus' ship picks her up and begins heading towards the Flagship which Adam has identified as the location of Mother Brain. However while travelling towards it the ship detects an object heading towards them at an incredible velocity. Samus turns the ship to face the object and sees Ridley heading straight for them. Samus quickly gets out of the ship as Ridley crashes into the navigational room. Ridley and Samus then fight on top of the ship and utilizing the Flamethrower to burn Ridley's wings and tail off. Ridley attempts to kill Samus by breathing a chain of fire as well as slashing at her and also charging at the Bounty Hunter. Samus then uses the Ice Beam to freeze Ridley and then grabs it absorbing the Screw Attack ability and then pushes Ridley away allowing him to drifting back out into space unable to break free. Samus gets back to the ship and Adam explains how the ship has taken large amounts of damage and will be forced to go back for repairs once it drops Samus at the Flagship. Samus acknowledges this and Adam thanks her for understanding.

Samus is dropped off at the Flagship and fights off the ship's security systems. Samus heads through several corridors and across several areas of the ship requiring her to use the Magnetic Beam and Grapple Beam. Samus then sees the command room from above and doesn't see Mother Brain and shoots a missile into the glass and lands in the Command Room where she hears a rumbling sound and looks out the screen and sees Ridley back again and crashes through the screen again and after an initial loss of air in the ship saving Samus from Ridley who crashes into the ships metal plating which seals the broken glass. Ridley then gets up and Samus watches as Ridley transforms into Meta-Ridley and utilizes his robotic implants to fire lasers and missiles at Samus. Samus this time must use the Magnetic Beam to pull Ridley to the ground and then fire a Diffusion Missile in his mouth while he's charging his Fire Breath. Eventually Ridley is defeated and Samus kicks the creature into a door leading out of the ship and the creature is sucked into the vacuum of space before disappearing. Samus turns around and hears another rumbling sound this time combing from below and a trap door opens to reveal Mother Brain. Mother Brain greets Samus and explains how she intends to go back in time and stop Samus from ever stopping the first Mother Brain and then continues explaining how Ridley would remain in the present as the leader of this time. Mother Brain then detaches from her socket and rises into the air revealing several robotic tentacles. Mother Brain attacks by firing a Laser from her eye and also whipping the tentacles at Samus. Samus counters this by going into Hyper Mode and using the Speed Booster to run up the walls of the ship and shoot Mother Brain from the her weak spot on top of Mother Brain. Eventually after doing this several times Mother Brain removes the Robotic Implants and several doors open revealing several Core-Xs which connect with Mother Brain forming a hybrid between Mother Brain's Super Metroid Second Form, the SA-X and Core-X. Mother Brain roars and Samus begins fighting the giant creature. It proves to be a powerful foe able of shooting lasers, stomping on Samus, breathing fire and acid as well as shooting bombs from its hands. Samus shoots the creature with the with the Diffusion Missiles stunning it then using the Screw Attack to reach the head and damaging it there. Eventually after doing this Mother Brain collapses and de-activates while the Core-X detach themselves from her and begin to attack Samus. After defeating them Mother Brain re-activates and is pulled back to her socket where two pipes connect to Mother Brain both flowing with Phazon. The detach from Mother Brain who rises up and begins to morph growing two pairs of wings and also a mouth filled with teeth. Mother Brain the attempts to devour Samus however the Bounty Hunter uses the Ice Beam while dodging the swooping Space Pirate and freezes the four wings, Samus quickly follows by shooting a Hyper Mode Charged Phazon Beam into Mother Brain's eye. Mother Brain then breaks the ice off her wings and Samus is forced to repeat the process until eventually Mother Brain rises up into the middle of the room and explodes gifting Samus the Hyper Beam although also setting off the Self-Destruct sequence. Samus having nowhere to flee from jumps out the door which Ridley was pushed out. Samus drifts for a bit however soon sees an approaching creature. A Leviathan appears controlled by Omega Ridley and the Leviathan picks up Samus. Samus then gets up and works her way to Omega Ridley who challenges her to battle again and utilizing several attacks from before he and Samus fight however after being hit several times with the Phazon Beam Ridley collapses however the Carrier Ship suddenly appears and pulls Ridley away from Samus and the Leviathan. With no other choice Samus is forced to crash the Leviathan into the Carrier Ship. The beast's natural defences prove to make the collision more difficult however Samus succeeds and crashes into the Ship being able to get inside. Samus works her way up to the command room however finds nothing here and looks on a computer and finds Operation: RR which has a full explanation detailing it to be actually Operation: Ridley Revived. The computer explains how by using Metroid, Phazon, X-Parasite and Ridley's DNA they created the ultimate Bio-Weapon. The computer however does not explain what the bioweapon was. Samus then hears screeching coming from below and heads down to find an operating room where Ridley has fully recovered and angrily snarls at Samus before attacking. Like before Samus defeats Omega Ridley who then flies around the room crashing into the walls ripping the ship apart leaving the room open to space. Samus then walks up to Ridley now lying down exhausted. Samus aims her Arm Cannon at Omega Ridley however Ridley looks away from Samus to a Syringe filled with a Liquid, Samus looks at the name tag on it and it reads RR. Samus is then pushed off by Omega Ridley who grabs the Syringe and injects himself with it before letting out a bellowing roar. Samus watches as Ridley begins morphing taking on attributes of X-Parasite, Metroid, Phazon and improvements on his own body. The new Ultimate Ridley being nearly three times larger than before roars at Samus before attacking with a large array of attacks. Ridley uses his Fire Breath from before as well as an Ice Breath which stuns Samus for a brief period of time, his slashing attack, creating waves of sound which physically push Samus back, lasers from his eyes, firing Missiles and Bombs from the sockets on his hands and charging at Samus. In this form Ridley is defeated by a specific set of attacks, firstly Samus shoots a Diffusion Missile into Ridley's mouth while he charges one of his breaths. While Ridley is stunned Samus runs up to Ridley and performs a Screw Attack on the ribcage armour Ridley has, Ridley collapses and Samus then fires an Ice Beam on both wings to prevent him from fighting back, she then swaps to the Magnetic Beam and impales a Stone into the armour on his back, removing the stone Samus then fires a Flamethrower shot into his back. Ridley however gets up again and Samus is forced to repeat the process until after the fifth time Ridley gets back up Samus has created a giant hole in Ridley forcing him to eventually land. After he lands he roars at Samus who goes into Hyper Mode and charges a Hyper Beam to which she shoots at Ridley and collapses before an explosion encompasses his body and he disappears.

Samus then hears the Self-Destruct sequence occur and runs for where the Leviathan crashed and finds it has been destroyed and to which Samus sees her Ship heading towards the hole and Adam picks Samus up and heads away as the Carrier Ship explodes destroying the Temporal Rift in the process. Adam asked Samus what happened to Ridley however Samus is unsure and unable to answer. The scientists then contact Samus thanking her for saving the past and present from the Space Pirates. Samus then flies back to the Scientist's Station as the credits role. During the credits it shows Samus returning to the Scientist's Station and them greeting her with a small celebration, as the credits finish with the final company logos the screen fades briefly before lighting up to empty space, zooming in on an asteroid where is zooms to the surface and shows a variety of crashed ship parts. There is a large rubble pile near a large metal plate in the ground, suddenly the rubble begins to shift and an arm raises out of the ground and a glowing green eye opens in the rubble, the screen then instantly goes to black.

Bosses & Weapons

As with all previous Metroid Games, Final Sunset features a variety of bosses, some of which are retunring from previous Metroid games however have different attack tactics. The weapons also return with a large amount of the weapons upgrading through various stages of the game, Samus is still capable of using the previous items however with the exception of the Ice and Magnetic Beam each upgrade will inflict more damage (in the suit case they will not be able to changed as each provides better resistance). This lists the bosses in the storyline in the order they are fought as well as where and the Item the unlock

Boss Name Boss Location Item Recieved
Phantoon Lost Pirate Hideout Charge Beam
Dydronomma Crystal Generator Base

Phazon Suit

Crystal Regenerator Beam

Malagdon Geothermal Generator Base

Speed Booster

Ice Beam

Anralcacor Artifact Generator Base

Acid Beam

Laser Beam

Dark Samus Medical Surgery Room -
Phazon Beast Medical Surgery Room Phazon Beam
Metroid Prime Command Room -
Core-X Sector 4 Missile
X-Parasite Blob Sector 3 -

Yakuza x2 and

Red Yakuza

Sector 2 Grapple Beam
U.D.G. Sector 6 Morph Ball
Draygon Sector 6 Space Jump
Ice Chozo Statue Sector 5 Flamethrower
Nightmare Sector 5 -
Zeta Metroid x5 Sector 1 Super Bombs
Omega Metroid Main Deck -
Ridley Robot Dock Bay Adam Scanner
Draedorn Space Pirate Ship Dual-Grapple Beam
Meta-Phantoon Communcations Tower Hyper Mode
Zybivell Underground Computer Base Electro Beam
Phylorix Underground Test Subject Facility -
Ridley-Robot 2 Landed Space Pirate Ship Wave Beam
Meta-Draedorn Upper Cavern Computer Base -
Ice Golem Frozen Cavern Jail Ice Missiles
Wind Golem Open Mantle Ciffs -
Fire Golem Lava Passageway Varia Suit
Electric Golem Magnetic Cavern Passage Magnetic Beam
Kraid Pirate Base Control Room -
Meta-Kraid Pirate Base Control Room -
Fire Serris Underground Lava River Diffusion Missile
Omega Draedorn Carrier Ship Command Room -
Meta-Draygon Carrier Ship Docking Bay -
Ridley Samus' Ship Screw Attack
Meta Ridley Flagship's Command Room -
Mother Brain Flagship's Command Room Hyper Beam
Omega Ridley Pirate's Leviathan -
Leviathan Pirate's Leviathan -
Omega Ridley Carrier Ship Medical Room -
Ultimate Ridley Zebes Enviromental Room -

Weapon Upgrades

Power Beam --> Charge Beam --> Laser Beam --> Wave Beam --> Hyper Beam

Chozo Suit --> Phazon Suit --> Varia Suit

Crystal Regenerator Beam --> Ice Beam

Bomb --> Super Bomb

Missiles --> Ice Missile --> Diffusion Missiles

Electro Beam --> Magnetic Beam



Samus Aran - The playable character of the game and also the heroine of the game. A genetic copy of the original Samus Aran, the fabled bounty hunter of the galaxy and exterminator of the Space Pirates. The Clone Samus Aran was born with most of the original Samus Aran's memories, primarily the highly emotional memories of Space Pirates, Chozo, Samus' Parents, the Baby Metroid and Ridley. Her skills are of equal standard to the legendary bounty hunter and is currently the only genetically related descendant of Samus. Though she is identical in appearance and memories, this Samus displays significantly more remorse for the death of Metroids and other non-Space Pirate creatures most evidenced by having to fight the Fire Serris in the Underground Lava River, oppositely she has a grudge against the long disbanded Galactic Federation which has taken the scientists a long time to convince her the Galatic Federation no longer controls any form of Scientific or Militaristic research.

Genetic Scientists - These genetic scientists were responsible for Samus' clone, after an initial failed attempt due to a lack of compatible DNA they were able to successfully create a clone of the fabled bounty hunter. Their initial clone was incredibly unstable forming into a small gelatinous blob and then dissipating into the air. They initially worked with a larger co-hort however after arguements began about the morality of cloning the original group split into 3 groups, those who opposed cloning, those for cloning and those who couldn't decide. The genetic scientists who cloned Samus are believed to be part of the third group as they deemed it necessary to do so and the reward greatly outweighed the risk. It is also believed that the second group began to rebuild the Space Pirates and are the real heads of the operation despite no mention of them throughout the story.

Adam Malkovich - Adam is a computer interface of the human Adam Malkovich who died during Other M. His persona was used by the Galactic Federation to trick Samus on multiple occasions however after Samus' original ship with Adam's persona was found by the genetic scientists they were able to move it to a temporary holographic form while creating a new ship for Samus. He is portrayed as loving and cautious in the game most likely due to some influence in programming from the genetic scientists and though he believes the mission objectives are the most important part of his existence he has an underlying desire to keep Samus safe. He also has hidden guilt due to his knowledge of the original Samus' death however refuses to speak of such information.


Ridley - The proclaimed King of the pirates, his instinctive desires to eliminate any form of Samus greatly outweigh any duty to the Space Pirates as rage, revenge and frustration have consumed this Ridley. He is arrogant but resourceful and heavily relies on his natural abilities especially his adaptability to new technology and biological enhancements, this Ridley appears towards the end of the game however is hinted throughout various parts of the game.

Mother Brain - A returning character from the original Metroid Trilogy (with th exception of Return of Samus), she is the cunning, persistent and frighteningly grotesque leader of the Space Pirates. Operating from her base in the Pirate ships she relies on technology to keep her alive as well as in command of the sometimes rebellious Space Pirates. Using subliminal messaging and torture she rules with an Iron Fist (if she had one) and purely wants to eliminate any chance of her ultimate plan.

Draedorn - A High-Ranking Space Pirate, though his species is unknown he restarted the Space Pirate War and is considered one of the most dangerous Space Pirates of all. Similar to Ridley he is able to adapt to technological and biological enhancements.  He is bery selfish often using vast amounts of space pirates just to protect himself as well as providing a lack of consideration to the heatlh and care of captive species he experiments on. A theory arose from the genetic Scientists that this monster was once human however through genetic modification was able to customize his DNA and appearance directly.


  • This game is set in the year 5301 making it chronologically one of the latest games in all Video Game History which use real life time indexes. The Metroid series holds this distinction as the only main Nintendo Game Series to feature actual years for the placement of its games unlike Legend of Zelda which used a triple split timeline, Pokemon which goes by versions with year gaps but an unknown Year to begin with, Mario, Kirby and Star Fox which all have no recognized chronological order aside from a few games.
  • This game features an appearance from all previous Ridley forms, Prime only featured Meta Ridley, Corruption did not feature regular Ridley and Other M only featured regular Ridley also Fusion had a mutation of Ridley.
  • This is the first Metroid game to show other bosses capable of going through the same processes as Ridley with Kraid, Phantoon and Draedorn all having Meta forms; in Kraid's case it actually shows the metal implants being fused to his body.
  • This is the first Metroid Game in which Mother Brain does not appear in a stationary form, having a Jellyfish like form and a Mutated form. Super Metroid also holds this distinction of having Mother Brain appear outside of her Stationary form.
  • If the player looks in the sky of Aether after defeating Dydronomma they will see a small star in the distance, zooming in on this star to analyse will give it the reading "Mr. Bright: Mr Bright and Mr. Shine protect Popstar from spacial attacks however often disagree about some things. Mr. Bright has a grudge for a Pink creature" this references Kirby games and repays the appearance by Samus in Kirby's Dreamland 3. It has been assumed that this means that Kirby's Dreamland 3 occured after Final Sunset as it is the first appearance of Popstar, Mr. Shine, Mr. Bright or Kirby in Metroid Games.
  • The boss Draedorn was originally the false name being given to Ridley during production of the game however the developers decided to make a character out of the name which originated from the words Dawn and Dragon, due to Ridley's draconic appearance and that Dawn is the opposite of Sunset.
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