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The city that never leaps.
Greater Location New Donk City
First Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Current Ruler Mayor Pauline
Current Inhabitant(s)
New Donkers, Sherm, Mechawiggler, T-Rex, Urban Stingbies, Bullet Bills, Goombas, Fuzzies, Piranha Plant
Location Type Kingdom
Included Environment(s)
Sky, City
Notable Resident(s)
New Donkers Pauline

The Metro Kingdom is one of the Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey. This location is inspired by New York City and to a greater extent, the original arcade game Donkey Kong. It is the greater location of New Donk City, and is inhabited by New Donkers. The Regional Coins here take the form of coins with the portrait of it's beloved Mayor Pauline. The kingdom is the original location of the events that transpired in Donkey Kong.


Role in Super Mario Odyssey

Mario and Cappy head to this kingdom during their journey to locate Bowser, who is sapping away the city's power supply and has set Mechawiggler onto the city, with Mayor Pauline unable to do anything about it. Mario must defeat Mechawiggler and restore the power in the city, as well as collect enough Power Moons to make it to the next kingdom.

Currency and Crazy Cap Store

There are a total of 100 Metro Kingdom City Coins SMO Art - Regional Coin (Metro) in the kingdom to collect. They can be exchanged at the Crazy Cap store that appears that is operated by two New Donkers near Main Street. This kingdom is actually the original location of the Crazy Cap stores, and has the largest storefront in the game.


New Donk is one of the most vertically inclined kingdoms introduced in Super Mario Odyssey, with it's buildings being very scalable. The power lines running through the Kingdom can offer Mario several vantage points to travel across the Kingdom quickly and efficiently. The entire kingdom appears to be hoisted above the clouds, making the sky scrapers rather literal.

Residents and Enemies

New Donkers are the only residents of the city; there are virtually no enemies in the main level after clearing it from Mechawiggler. There are several disconnected levels that feature Urban Stingbies and Sherms, in addition to Goombas, Bullet Bills, and Piranha Plants. Out of all the enemies, Urban Stingbies appear to be the only naturally occurring enemy here.

One resident here stands among the rest, the ruler of New Donk City herself: Mayor Pauline. She is beloved by the citizens of the city and her portrait can be found on the coins scattered throughout the kingdom. She also sings Jump Up, Super Star!, the first vocal track in the entire Mario franchise.

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  • This kingdom was the first world to be officially revealed in the reveal trailer, although Tostarena was the first world to have footage from the Switch reveal trailer, where the game had not been officially revealed yet.
  • The city has the nickname of "The Big Banana" according to the brochure.
  • The kingdom has several references to Donkey Kong Country, such as Diddy's Mart, K. Rool Avenue, Expresso Espresso, and Tiny's Piroshkis.
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